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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Crime Of False Reports Of Terrorism/FBI Entrapment And Use Of Informants

Well that explains the behavior of half the city of Providence LOL (immigration violations forgiveness).

Alot of long time people out here have been really creeped out by the sheer numbers of kids mostly who are getting busted left and right for different things and dont seem to get into trouble or stay in for long. I was warned about this by the older people out here but didnt think it would get this ridiculous.

Ive just been ignoring them and going about my business of trying to get survival essentials taken care of and then continue to work on material for my book.

I now have to find out what the legal consequences are to me after this false tip. I may be put on no fly lists or other inconveniences or worse.

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Anonymous said...

Now of course, they'd have to leave their info if they phoned in a tip. There's a huge problem if those tips are anonymous. It's a punishable offence to make a false report on something this serious. They're the FBI. Surely, they could trace their phone call and find out who it was? If they don't, then it's highly suspicious on the part of the FBI if they don't try to fairly investigate.