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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Uh. Why Am I Getting These Impressions Or Ideas That The Gov Of The State I'm In Is "Dangerous" And I Should Relocate And Change Residency Immediately

Putting state pension funds of workers into high risk investments.

(But theres a positive article on this as well:

Working for a company backed by Romney's Bain Capital in her youth.

Harvard. Oxford. Yale.

Council On Foriegn Relations member.

And this..
"This addition to section (a) of the law would expand the Governor’s authority to ‘Order the state militia into service’. The current law was enacted in 1956 with NO amendments to this particular section since it’s inception. Therefore, if the law has been sufficient for the past 59 years – what has changed?"

She just doesnt strike me as a bad person or someone whos up to major bullshit the way Romney does or Menino was scary. The way Duval Patrick would piss me off just looking at him. She doesn't strike me as sleazy, mob connected, sociopathic or a Masonic house slave (like Patrick). She doesnt have the weaknesses of male politicians. Yet she also lacks the off balance mode of Hillary or the dangerous stance of Obama's crazy lady in his admin that likes to echo the Bush sentiment of 'if they arent with us they are against us'.

Admittedly I was a bit skeptical that magically all of a sudden RI seems like a good place to relocate to just when new people come into office. It could be that whatever state and city has TIs in residency gets rewards for having us there. Money or favors. Opportunities. Just as the perps get for doing harassment and stalking.

I dont know what to think.

You cant trust anyone anymore and theres no safe places anymore from the stalking and harassment as there was years ago.

Everyplace in the US is miserable now. Which is probably why I was warned to leave the US in 2012 if I wanted to preserve whatever was left of who I really was and my true Self.

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