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Sunday, October 11, 2015

RISD Mini Vans And RISD Rides Doing Overt Community Watch Harassment

Here's the deal.

Tell the fat f*cks (all males) who ride around in RISD mini vans that if they are off school property and far from vampus its not their job to do community watch.

If so then WATCH assh*les dont stop and lear or break your necks to harass a single female walking around at night.

Get filmed. Get sued.

I wont forget the way I was treated at RISD when I modeled there or the bitchy way the control freak old hag who made out the hours treated me.

What do u expect from a school that produces the likes of propaganda artist (and plagiarist) Shepard Fairey?

He was amusing back then with those Andre The Giant has a Possee stickers on gas station pumps and random places. Like surrealism meets zine art. But it grew into something so awful...and he obviously worked for some....organization or agency lets say. Becuz theres obvious media psy ops there for TIs and the masses.

There was some good stuff going on back then but I doubt it now and I get enough overt harassment from students to know that its not what it used to be. But what is?

Every campus has been infiltrated with security and anything else necessary to prevent and discourage dissidents or dissent.

Colleges are one of the worst places Ive seen organized stalking and harassment. Why not RISD?

So keep driving. Creeps.

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