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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Someone Called FBI And Said I Had Been Paid To Shoot Up Harvard And I Had A Gun!

The cop that was outside met with other cops and searched my stuff saying there was a complaint about my making threats and having a firearm.

After being searched and politely speaking with police they told me the info came down from the FBI originally and that it was a few days ago. That they had been looking for me for a few days and were surprised to see me sittif in Dunkins having coffee.

I talked about being an activist and that theres always the risk of retaliation as there's been false reports of my being drunk before and everyone knows I can't drink due to health issues. That kind of thing hasnt happened in a while.
Part of my activism is on homelessness as Obama's admin has an actual policy that attempts to end homelessness by 2020 and this project.
Harvard cop asked if i was against HarvArd and I said that sometimes it does involve Harvard but it also might mention MIT or MGH or other schools or institutions.

At least no one did anything while they were investigating and talking to me.

The Harvard police had to tresspass me off of all Harvard property due to the threat.

I told them that I was born here, my parents met here and Ive had a family member living here before so its my area.

They tried to make some gang relation out of that but I told them I meant it as this is where my heart is.

They were quite reasonable. The Cambridge cops moreso I think as it seemed like two of the Harvard cops were trying to let me know this is Harvard's way of getting me out of here.

I think they either want me gone or are trying to force me into action.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'd try contacting the local FBI and seeing if there was a legit complaint. Surely, they have to know a lot of these anonymous tips are false. Look at how many fake bomb threats there are. I guess they have to treat any "tips" as legit, as they must be careful.

I have an informed hunch that perps working for the system did this as part of a frame-up to put you away. Seems like your activism is really scaring some people involved in this system. And it happened so shortly after those tech-influenced suggestions that nobody is going to take your book seriously. The ironic part is, if they manage to put you away, you might be safer in prison than being around all those dangerous violent people. The people we encounter are very vicious, probably as bad as a lot of prisoners.

I can't believe a lot of prison shows. A lot of those exchanges between prisoners and guards are scripted to produce drama and tension. Most reality shows are fake as hell.

The more you resist their harassment, the more the dangerous liars are going to be contacting local authorities and the FBI. There is something wrong with a legal system when people are allowed to destroy a person's life, and then turn around and make fake informant calls to the FBI and the FBI treats them as legit.

Meanwhile, you complained about being stalked, and the bitch on the phone kept saying you weren't being stalked. But one of their worthless a-holes calls, and they treat it as though the entire country were in peril.

It proves the people working for the FBI are either dumb or in on your destruction.