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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, October 12, 2015

Whats most annoying lately is the learing stupid smiles of self satisfactions the horrid common people have on their faces especially males.

Shop keep women will intimate things like I need to get over myself. Wtf is this?

How did so many idiots get involved in something that used to be classified? It certainly is serving its purpose becuz do you know how demoralizing it ia to have average people take energy from you every few minutes by them smiling about something they AREN'T EVEN SMART ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND?

Yet their job isnt to comprehend their purpose is to do what they do best-act as a mindless mob and get satisfaction out of the behavior most common to dumb animals.

Get these stupid people OUT of the covert warfare games. Its absolutely disgusting.

The public arent even sane anymore from what Ive seen. They exist under cult mind control indoctrination through years of truama and intimidation and are now at a level of dumb rabid animals who will do anything The Cult tells them to in order to acquire what used to be basic necessities.

One thing is consistent and thats that they are mostly idiots...but that doesn't matter becuz they are in a mob. Thats where their sense of purpose and power is coming from.

Whoever came up with the idea of giving spy equipment to the public must have known it would end in disaster...or planned this all so they could be utilized as they are now.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Your post was published at 938PM, and at 1142PM, a female co-worker asked me point-blank if I "had rabies". I didn't see your post until I got home. So they're getting her involved in their games, pointing the finger back at me with the "rabies" remark, when I'm not even one of them. How cruel and heartless is that?

Don't worry; they're the ones who are full of themselves, and they are pointing the blame at you. They are washing their hands of their crimes against us by casually dismissing us as being what they actually are.

And I am getting pounded with repetive "burial insurance" messages. I can see what they are getting at. I had another co-worker saying things like pleading the "Grim Reaper" not to "get him". I know these are all tied together, and they are giving me "suicide" insinuations again.

And just look at the sinful multitudes of idiots as well as the insane asshole types running this pitiful show. And they want me to commit suicide, but all they are are a bunch of cowards hiding and playing GOD. After all we've been through, why would we want to take an easy way out and commit suicide? I have an idea: why don't they commit suicide, and fuck off and back off of us, and get a life.

It's not like we don't know how they are doing it, right? They are using "force multipliers", like the perp co-workers pointing the finger back at me (another psych. warfare tactic, as they know I've been in the right to not become one of their rabid idiots. And asking me point blank if I have "rabies" is one tactic to get me ticked off.) And they had one perp leave dog turds all the sidewalk corner where I walk. Very pathetic petty people. Very cowardly, too. We know how they are doing it: they are using hypnosis via tech to give us suggestions, and we know they are doing it, so we can fight it. So another reason not to commit suicide.

Like I said, they can commit suicide by fucking off and leaving me alone so they can get caught and prosecuted. And the perp co-workers (mostly females) can fuck off, too. I suspect they have issues in their lives, like one might be a sexually promiscous type, and another may be struggling with homosexual issues, and this is their "relief". harassing a target by getting them pissed off is their release of negative energy and guilt, because they can't face their inner demons, and they need a scapegoat. The only problem is, if one can't face her demons, then surely he or she will keep looking for victims after I move on from this job?

I really think I need to move on from this job. As a TI, you can't stay in one place for very long. I've been there for almost a year. I surprised it hasn't been worse than it was.

So it's very common for sheep and their controlled operatives (perps) to point the finger back at you, the TI. They are full of themselves, so they are wiping their souls of this very sin and throwing it all on you instead. So now you are the one who is full of herself instead of the guilty party (them).

Don't worry too much about it. It's a common psych. warfare tactic to get the person pissed. It's to also get the victim stressed out, to help weaken the person, making him or her easier to brainwash or control.