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Monday, October 19, 2015

Brit Bank With US Offices Allowed Money Laundering That Likely Funded Terror

Mexican landscapers? Lol well at least now we know why they are so heavy into gang stalking.

When I was in TX someone pointed at a truck full of workers like that and said "THATS the cartel now".

Interestingly in the gang stalking game the businesses that perps seem to work at also have high turnover maybe so they cant be tracked easily or complaints wont be able to be reviewed properly.

It seems high turnover is purposeful to cause the bank oversight dept to be unavle to function.

Remember gang stalking is both aggressive and passive. All TIs who are targeted heavily have been subjected to the lines that someone dropped the ball or other excuses for negligence or miscommunication.

It seems that gangstas make money but WASPs launder it for them. The elite have had generations to learn to hide. Their front is flawless.
And they are ultimately clever.

Its interesting to try to connect this to changes in the guard of local org crime in places like Providence RI or even Harvard Sq Cambridge.

It really does seem like Mex cartel and South Americans are the new stars of syndicate crime.

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