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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, October 12, 2015

Activist Documentary Film About Hollywood Sexual Abuse Of Aspiring Stars-Another Controlled Leak?

Its amazing people are shocked by this. It used to be common knowledge.  And the practices are deeply embedded in the culture and in American culture.

What I wonder is...why is it always the same kinds of activists from the same places?  And someone like me cant even have a place to live and has to struggle for daily survival that interferes with my work.

How is she even able to create such a film to begin with?

I sense that the intelligene apparatus moght create little exposures that reveal a bit but not the true abuses of power. Kind of like TIs dont trust Snowden as its all too easy.

We've seen controlled leaks over the years and always coming from the same cultures and places that can be predicted like clockwork. I could make alot of money wagering on things like thus.

Just as the Targeted Individual community's activism is severely controlled by a population of agents  (many African Americans which points to probable reassigned COINTELPRO agents and Christianity being used to replace legal action or critical thinking) and criminal opportunists creating a holding area for Targets.

Its like when you go to a lawyer whos working to minimize damage for the people you are sueing (my mold lawsuit). I learned that the sex industry is used by more people than you could imagine and effects other industries, professions.

And eventually, it leads to mind control and mc slavery. Nowadays it would lead to the exposure of mass mind control, communications and the military industrial complex and its contractors.

To understand how we live in lies everyday and its all a diversions just observe laws about cigarettes smoke or CVS refusing to now sell cigarettes yet GE can build a nuclear reactor on a small island known as Japan in the Ring Of Fire earthquake zone. I dont see people dealing with Fukushima. I see them focusing on the petty shit they can actually control.

Why do we push Diversity and Equality these brainwash, cult type concepts that are basically unconstitutional and unrealistic (they just trade off who gets treated like shit and discriminated against according to the whim of the elites agenda) when we dont seem to care about drone strikes or the rights of peoples around the world we exploit so we can have the ridiculous and wasteful lifestyle we have?

You are told what to care about. You are told whats important and you are directed to sources of information that are kept small and manage exposure then you are redirected back to the mainstream.

The info that matters. Thats connected to your work and the job that provides you with shelter and food and protection.

The only thing great about America is the remaining right to bare arms and freedom of speech which Europe no longer has as its being destroyed by mass immigration. People cant protect their women from systematic rape in first world countries.
And the current administration seems to want to either succeed in taking these away before they leave office or lay the ground work for that to happen.

In the end what good is freedom of speech if you are targeted so you cannot use it and those abusing power have the ability to use a complex system of deception hidden from the naive citizens who believe an empire can at once be all powerful and a democracy at the same time.

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