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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Whats Up With The Village Idiot Who Sleeps In Front Of Somerville Community Baptist Church?

This homeless guy was extremely nasty tonite after I accidentally woke him up.

However whats intriguing is that hes sane enough to have been doing gesturing tactics just like every other gang stalking perp of all classes and backrounds in this area.

Ive seen this before, people who seem mentally ill yet are capable of doing harassemnt though he isnt incoherent like others who have surprised me. He jst seems like a paranoid perhaps anger issues.

He woke up got nasty and accused me of trying to sneak around his spot for some sort of devious reasons.

He said go back to Harvard Square. After I said 'What?' becuz how does he know who I am, he stated huffily as he oulled his dirty sweat shirt over his head, " I have no sympathy at all".

Uh...i am REALLY sick of getting this attitude from people specifically arouns this area.

Its not so much that I am surprised its just that hes basically letting me know that this is the attitude of many people involved in doing gang stalking.

This is what I mean about these common people being involved in harassment. His reaction isnt that of someone who knows about MK Ultra.

I dont know what they tell the public but I cannot imagine they truly grasp what is going on.

I thought the cover story was done with.

I think I know what's happening. They are using the incident with the McDonalds as well as people I was hanging around from Harvard to make me look bad.

What amazes me is that no one by now understands that focusing on the mishaps and compromises made in fighting this system and getting a book written is not what people should be doing.

All this stuff is incidental chaos and unfortunate events or mistakes that iccured within trying to get to a greater more long term goal.

What the hell are they telling these people?

I know most people get paid but what about this guy. Hes obviously a shitty personality and that has bearing on the way hes going to act towards others.

Most pedoohiles, rapists and women beaters dont have sympathy for me in this. But neither does most of this area. This area has alwaya been full of selfish spoiled rotten people of all classes and races who live off rationalizing the kind of thing thats happening to me.

Its a lawless place where the elite and organized crime and institutions have always ruled and pretty much do whatever they want without interference or oversight.

Since when have I ever asked for sympathy? In fact I consider it to be the sort of subject that should be totally disregarded when when in relation to this situation.

My mother told me money has no emotion. Neither does business and psy ops and unethical human experimentation are business.

I was going to make a vid on pity and self pity which are deadly and have no place in dealing with this situation.

The 'head hanging' tactic of many perps as a TI walks past is nothing but manipulative bullshit on their part.

Its psychological warfare and must be disregarded. Its meant to break the person by making them feel like they have already lost. That society perceives them as dead.

None of these perceptions are acceptable.

And feelings are not facts.

Any arrogance I have is born of the outrageous abuse of power and disregard for law by authorities and their citizen cronies with regard to this situation. For myself and all Targets.

And this area seems to take real personal power tripping off of doing something thats supposed to be just business which I resent intensely.

Im being responsible and doing what is right in the face of great odds and personal sacrifice.

No one needs petty know nothing nobodies who act as mere force multilpiers without any real connection to the issues connected to this, gaining personal power minute to minute becuz they live in a manufactured fantasy world of self worth and importance.

If you arent getting paid or other substantial gain from harassing me-you are an idiot, a useful one at that and being used as a pawn by people who rake in billions from war crimes, organized crime and white slavery including the elite pedophile networks. Like the one that abducted Johnny Gosch.

What does sympathy have to do with anything? I fully comprehend the value systems here are totally fucked.

Which is why I just battle through persp everyday, go thru my creative processes no matter how crazy they look and continue on to the goal post, end of the road, mission completion.

Its horrible to deal with the public bringing this down to a level of unimportant things.

Breads and circuses while Rome is burning- as usual.


Anonymous said...

Targets going off is entertainment. It's a business, but these people carrying out the "business" are very sick, and will always get something out of tormenting a target. There is a huge market for "most shocking" videos that were shot candidly, and of course, this has a direct parallel to the surveillance footage of targets. Obviously, it's being used in our "files" that they share with other perps. They may show us doing something to the other potential perps they recruit, and this is a lot like war-time propaganda that a nation does on its enemy to help sway public opinion and drum up support for the war. There has to be a propaganda element where they show various forms of media taken out of context, and it's taken out of context, slanted in such a way as to portray us as being "deserving" of our harassment.

But you have to watch the rage reactions in public. In my case, I went out for a walk where I was blowing off steam, and I was ranting out loud. Very loud. Various people called the cops, and when the one cop showed up, he was very pissed. He was like "IF I GET ANOTHER CALL I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE I'M GONNA SEND YOU A DISORDERLY CONDUCT CITATION IN THE MAIL". It was almost like the cop was having a road-rage incident. So the cop took this thing personal, was very angry, and he tells me he knows where I live? And he is gonna send me a disorderly citation in the mail. A lot of cops are like all angry like this. Maybe he is an abuser type? A lot of types like this become cops. Just look up some footage on youtube of cops abusing women openly while they are being detained. Beating up and slapping defenseless women in handcuffs. I suppose they "have no sympathy" either, eh? It's like the brave perps we encounter. There is the propaganda element that shows us as being a threat or bad people, but then there is the element that knows we are being handcuffed, and they get off on abusing us knowing we are defenseless. They have no sympathy, like the abusive cops I've described.

As for the one cop, wow, getting revenge on me by mailing me a citation. What a badass. It's almost up there on the same level as say Al Capone saying he knows where you live and threatening to come to your house, put concrete blocks around your ankles, and throw you in the ocean full of piranhas.

Anonymous said...

Road rage videos. There are many of them in this series on YouTube.

Dude at 3:00 with a machete or ax. "I don't really want to fuck you up and hack into you with this... I'm I'm just really pissed and want to blow off steam using this machete as a prop."

That's one reason some TI's don't drive. They know how road rage can escalate, and there are many different sources of aggravation coming. So if you're on the road in the driver's seat, you can't afford to be pissed off. Or bad things can happen, just like in these videos.