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Sunday, October 11, 2015

People In Harvard Sq Area Are Convincing Homeless They Are 'Anarcho Communists' To Further Obamination Agenda

It seems that theres people around Harvard and other places trying to convince uneducated and politically unsavvy homeless that they are Anarcho Communists simply by the way they live.

Let me tell you something. If it wasnt for the money and power especially old money status from Harvard area there wouldn't have ever been a scene to begin with. All these ''anarcho communists' would be starving to death.

Its true that the Harvard street scene had the same principal as the Traveler scene which is that we dont care where you came from but that you are part of the family or scene now.
No one really lives by who had a trust fund or who came from rich parents or even if you had a place to stay other than outside.  We were a group of different individuals but with similar tastes, ways and a almost militant or tribal sense of dress.

Even that was never the whole truth. Ive known for years that Im tolerated in Harvard due to my family's connections, my prior history in the Boston area, my father having  lived there and my dads family  (who ive only met and been involved with briefly 25 years ago) having money and connections.

Also i noticed that if we  hung out in an area say near the bridge to Harvard, it was tolerated. If homebums from crappy areas showed up who were just drunks and werent bohemian, writing, traveling etc and were just gonna make a mess they were thrown out immediately.
When I say 'We' I mean people who have or are from families that had some sort of value in the community.

Perhaps Harvard was allowing kids to experiment with differing political systems by allowing the tribal family we had out there.
As well as letting people who are dissident by nature see there is some place for that in society and a healthy institution thats powerful welcomes such challenges.

Over the past years since about 2010 or so its slowly been eroded by what appears to be a purposeful program of 'make order out of chaos' mostly utilizing dirty tricks and covert activity.

I observed this in other places like Austin TX around the same time.

The natural order of things is that if a city has a shitty homeless scene then theres a good alt one somewhere else around. Usually that means downtown is terrible and defined by a ghettoized mentality of homelessness (institutionalized homelesnesss at this point in the USA is either ghetto culture of poverty or Christianized usually shelters that are part of the industry.)
then wherever the hip artsy area is thats where you'll find the Travelers artists musicians etc.

For a city like Cambridge to no longer have such a genuine alt street scene when historically Harvard had defined that, is unnatural and very suspect.

Someone explained to me in my ignornace rather impatiently a few years ago that mass immigration into EU was to bring people away from socialism.

And it seems the rotten practices of this presidential administration is supposed to do the same thing in the USA.

Agents walking around wearing black and red causing chaos and destroying peaceful alternative areas and causing racism now their latest psychological operation will certainly have its negative effects over time.

Once again vulnerable people are being used as force multipliers. Just as all the fools who want opportunities, reduced sentences or material gain partake in organized harassment.  Due to the fact the oppressive state makes survival unrealistically difficult to begin with.

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