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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Intelligence Services Guarantee That No One Anywhere Can Truly Be Free..Unless They Have Completely Bought Into Deception And Live In Denial

Personal friend of DeNiro?  Arms dealing?

So this is how things are set up. Religions intertwined with organized crime and the same people working in media and connected to politics. Entertainment. Military industrial complex. Banking. Etc.

So if you are in anyone's way or have to be sacrificed for an agenda or someone or group is pissed off at you, you have no life, no recourse and no one will ever know you even existed.

So everything is rotten to the core from the get go.  That's why nothing ever changes and humanity never evolves and if it starts to happen the system just shuts it down and re arranges a new version of the fuedal system or prison for society to live in.

There really is no hope and no way of gaining any sort of true justice in such a world.

Its always going to remain a bullshit patriarchy that rules by might makes right and is completely full of shit no matter how it dresses itself up with disguises like the modern lies of  Political Correctness.

Its always going to be a world being destroyed run by selfish self interested (mostly male) assholes who will never allow true justice or liberation of humanity.

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