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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Harassment On MBTA Commuter Rail-Tech And Psy Warriors (So Just Move Your Seating!)

Whenever I ride theMBTA commuter rail Im always surrounded by perps but even if its not gang stalking that includes outright gesturing or other harassment thats overt it now seems to include tech or psychic warrior activity. Getting nasty ideations or hypnotic suggestion like the idea Im poor and dont matter so should quit what Im doing becuz no going to listen or that i dont deserve life or i dont matter.

i usually sit in the front seats becuz i need the plug to charge. This is where perps always congregate around me.
Becuz ive recently noticed if i walk to other cars its normal people who seem randomly collected in the seating. So how come I never get random normal people who conversate about normal things?

Im always surrounded by peoplle being silent mostly working on phones or computers and today two of them were wearing "BOSTON STRONG" related clothing. (Boston Strong is a phrase coined and marketed as the cities reaction to The Boston Bombing.)

And the conductor is often a scumbag whos arrogant and will say things before the train starts outside like "I dont want to miss the show". Train employees both Amtrak and commuter rail of the MBTA have been some of the most arrogant power tripping constant gang stalkers throughout the years.

They seem like very sick people and its definitely a boys club type job.

The people surrouning me on the MBTA commuter rail could be sitting down as their are open seats if I walk through other cars.

Today I was stalked by employees as if I was doing something wrong walking through the train back from bathroom looking for other plugs as I got hip to being handled where i was sitting and wanted to move.

Of course I moved and the IDEATIONS CEASED. The feeling of being fried or tormented by tech subsided and I no longer felt physically or sexually intimidated by those around me.

The perps on computer rail always have to intimidate using their bodies physically in the way they surround the Target. Someone always stands right across from me and makes me feel very controlled and dominated even though there are tons of open seats elsewhere on train in multiple cars and its always a man.
(Wearing 'Boston Strong' on his pull over, ever so small almost like a corporate logo. )

No one is crowding me now or focusing on me. I dont have anxiety. I dont feel like Im being harassed. I dont feel handled.

Alot of what seems to be going on lately is pure fear mongering and intimidation. It doesnt even have any other sort of content.

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