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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gloria Steinem-Still The Same 20th Century Rehash In An Era Where ALL Of Humanity Is At Risk


"I loathe Steinem. She was CIA on campus in her youth. Google it. She also worked as a Playboy bunny.

She's a reactionary just like all feminists of this type.
Also if shes so concerned about women then why does she support anti white racism that ensures males from sexist raping cultures hurt women? Especially now in Europe due to mass immigration and the ghettoification of underclass areas in the USA.

They want to due away with Sundown Towns in TX yet every ghetto is a 'sundown town'for whites especially females.

I cannot believe people are still buying into her bullsh*t. People are realizing that there is something wrong with a culture where every single high profile activist or playwright is a Jewess. As horrible as this sounds one has only to look at what she and others are NOT telling us about.

If you look at whats really urgent now its far removed from her trite bs. The military industrial complex, DARPA contractors, privitized prisons (very much fueled by her beloved black culture which became highjacked long ago by COINTELPRO and then turned over to CIA to create gangs to run drugs. It's no surprise those who invest in music industry making rap also invest in privatized prisons.)

If she isnt Mossad I would be surprised. Mostly she doesnt deal with gang stalking, mind control slavery of women,most programmed as children, ritual abuse and the use of microwave and electromagnetic technologies as well as chemtrails etc.

THATS whats going on today. Stuff that's scientifically advanced. Above our world so to speak. Her role is to divert peoples attentions with dated concerns about whats going on in this planet and the messiness of human politics and social/power structures.

If you dont understand by now that the black community and in part the Latino have been commandeered by the powers that be over the past thirty years to act as house slave-like keepers of our society and ensure ANYONE or any movement coming up from the streets is crushed-you ARE living back in the old days.

Ask ANYONE from the black community who has become an activist or been percieved as a future threat to the system. Many African Americans are Targeted Individuals. So are many EuroAmericans.
Doenst anyone notice that Steinems politics and the NWO are not effecting the people who are most responsible for slavery, Native genocide etc but lower classes of people. The NWO serves the elite and their value systems. I see it at Harvard. They are very calculating now to make sure they tow ONE singular wealthy black friend with them in groups when they go out. It changes nothing.

Shes an agent of diversion. Feminism if it were legit should be about females not males of color or any males at all.

My theory isnt that its a Jewish conspiracy thats total. I beleive they are very good at programming people just as other factions of power are, to fulfill whatever need they have for disinfo agents, provocateurs etc.

You cannot now claim to care about women and support the People Of Color movement to take over the world at the same time. Like any war or conflict the armies have changed, the lines on the map have shifted.
Males from certain first world and most third world cultures are brutalizing women as they are flooded into Europe or take over entire cities or underclass areas in the USA.

Everyone is complaining its ruining quality of life for the middle and lower classes who had their own neighborhoods their own music and culture many based on their European ethnic roots.

Her brand of diversion and disinfo and insanity should be thrown out with the twentieth century.

How cute she is trying to be hip and get with the trend of all us TIs especially we Gen Xers coming into power by selling herself as a nomad.

Remember she chose to travel and do activism. The true fighters of the 21st century DONT HAVE A CHOICE. Also we dont get basement apartments or collect treasures from our travels.

We work tirelessly for the freedom of ALL debunking bullshit Divide and Conquet like hers and any other depections that are going to in the end assist the elite to enslave humanity.

Shes got a great, long running act. That's all. And why not?
She's always had the face for it.
I cant say that I will be sorry when those great cheekbones are in the ground."

An interesting page on Steinem:

"She is operating on 16 synchronized cylinders and has charmed the natives....” (C.D. Jackson to Cord Meyer, 7/14/59, with attached Walker diary; Walker to Jackson, 7/31/59, DDE.) In other words, Gloria Steinem was NOT a naive dupe of the CIA, she was a highly motivated agent who took her own initiative to move against fellow students for the CIA. "

Unfortunately for those of us with 'whiz kid' potential who WON'T work for their agendas, their main objective seems to be to dumb us down with brain damage, drugging, psychological terror and keep us caged like veal away from any kind of stimuli, kept in homeless shelters for life, ensuring the world never knows we exist.

2nd comment on first link:
"I do agree with freedom of choice. Men dont have wombs.
But Ive had two myself and pro choice isnt enough either. Our society doesnt respect the primitive magickal world in which reproduction exists in. That's the problem. Theres a whole set of problems after abortion no one tells u about and no one helps u deal with. There's also alot of phases of womanhood and body changes that border on the mystical that lame ass books like 'Our Bodies Ourselves' simply does NOT suffice for information references. As a society we should have evolved beyond this by now. THAT is the real problem.

What society cant admit and both sides deny is that abortion is killing a child. Yet I agree that women should be able to have that power becuz in reality we can always make more. Sometimes having a child with a certain male or at a certain time or situation isnt going to result in the best offspring or isnt the safest for the mother.

This is what society can't deal with. Both sides are wrong and lie to make their point. Neither is whats best for women.

I also credit her and others of her time for helping pry women from my grandmother's plight. I dont think all women her age wanted marriage. My Nana would have bee happier as an artist or managing a business.

But the fact feminism hasnt progressed past daddy litttle girl reactionary whining is shocking.

We need men. At least I do. We ARENT MALES. MEN provide wisdom we don't have. They advise us when perhaps we arent thinking straight. And no woman is going to protect you from predatory males like other males can. Only they know the urges, the depth of depravity of the male psych.

All the cops and agents who've protected her ass and other activists over the years. How many times has someone thought up a plot to shoot her or even abduct her? She might never know becuz there are MEN out there in law enforcement who protect us just as the military does (when its not purely a conflict for profit) without letting the American public or certain people especially women and children, know how much danger they are in at any given time.

Males do have their own brand of magick and wisdom. I personally have been tipped off that there have been planned abductions of me years ago that were prevented.

Equality is the illusion and social construction not race or culture. Masculine and feminine do exist. Sometimes men are more of one or the other or the opposite.

And in Europe they no longer have the right to bare arms nor freedom of speech. Anyone trying to post rape stats on Facebook in desperation is jailed. Becuz of fear of another Hitler...wasnt Hitler funded by the 1% Rothschilds? Hmmmm. Plan in advance huh. Its worked well.

Id rather be here right now with males and all of their nonsense. Actually the problem is there arent enough females keeping males from making the messes we see now. Which is our job.

ITS THE MILITARIZATION OF SOCIETY THAT ENSURES MALECENTRICITY AND THE SILENCING OF FEMALES. That includes gangsta culture and any other form of gang or cult mind control. Even corporate culture. The Masons. Etc.

Has she not noticed that once her beloved African American males came to power all they did was use the pimping of females and the prize being white females to negotiate with the white male power structure?

Females continue to be used as collateral and currency in war. It doesnt get any more malecentric than that"

And btw no one is taking away my porn. Forget it. What do feminists watch? Oprah? Ew.

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