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Monday, October 19, 2015

File Under 'Why They (GS Perps) Do It' : Diluted Diabolism (COS Article)

"Satanism lite"

This has been a huge problem with every demographic from hipsters to black culture hip hop gangsta kids where a so called 'Illuminati' has been used to cukt mind control fans and a large portion of the black community complete with symbols imitated by fans en masse at shows. Its scary but no one is admitting to the true nature of what we are dealing with.

In fact rapper Illuminati seems more a mixture of voodoo much of Africa's ancient pagan belief system, Masonry, cult mind control and pan Africanism or Afrocentrism which perpetuates the falsehood that Africans mixed with European and Native DNA from western slave populations originated in ancient Egypt and have some connection to Pharaohs and Egyptian dynasties in NORTH EAST Africa. (Which would work best dealing in Templars or Masonry systems..if you were desperate).

Its possible the most effective of these artists get some power connect thats genuine from European DNA or even some such connect to Egypt but that percentage would be very small.

Its never made sense to me that African peoples could be Satanic as Europeans becuz black culture utilized the Christian church for freedom and comfort from enslavement. Its empowered them.
Europeans are the ones who have been enslaved by foriegn Abrahamic religious systems which destroyed our ethnic and pagan routes.
Africans never lived through the Black Death brought on by Christian ignorance about health practices rejected due to their association with ancient Rome or black cats serving the function of killing rats or diseases born of international travel and trade. They werent broken down by 1000 years of The Inquisition.

Black gangs and blacks being tribal as they are and conformist and collective are being elevated to power by those in power through the domain of 'Satanism' or their messy concept of Illuminati.

What they are really rebelling against and trying to destroy is Euro-American middle class and lower classes who have stayed connected to ethnic routes.

Laughably they serve the same purpose ad the original Judeo Christian break doEuropean peoples and our original pagan ancient belief systems.

If I can add to what the author is saying more deeply what we are seeing is simply the next logical step to a power structure that used Jonestown as an experiment for future cult mind control particularly of African Americans.

These powers that be dont care if its Satanism, Masonry, video games, psychiatry or Christianity even corporate culture as collective identity or a gang or the military life.
They just want society controlled so that everyone is in a 'gang' or group thats controlling and controlled. From Hipsters to Juggalos as long as individuality is crushed and society becomes an easy to manage bee hive of varying clusters.

I think the article explains well why we are easily annoyed by those who dont seem to have suffered Ritual Abuse or Satanic content being part of their childhoods even family bloodlines the way Survivors have especially those of us now targeted. Its logical becuz it takes like 100 or more a day across the US to chip away at the power of just one genuine Survivor.

Many are young people which is even more infuriating to those of us raised as genuine latch key kids.

Its disgusting to see one of them act out a dance move in a rap song or to use a symbol and that empowers them as an individual yet they are really relaying the power of the mob not their own.

You know damn well without personal technologies and spy equipment so common to the commoners nowadays they wpuld be a grain of sand up against the power of one single burning sun.

Mobs have always existed but the article says these people now more resemble the old angry mob of self righteous Christians than anything else due to the allure of the collective.

I dont even think youngsters today comprehend true solitude or what it's like to be alone. They can't possibly at least not in first world countries in which they are born native to technology.

It appears that powers are marketing Satanism for cult mind control of the masses not for individualists.

Just becuz you are a shit from a group of shitty people doesnt mean you're a Satanist. Though I suppose as a mob they accomplish evil destructive deeds.

Yes basically by annoying people to death. Not really the fire breathing dragons of yore.

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Anonymous said...

Always figured there was something "dark" about Will Smith. He had this squeaky-clean "fun" image, but a lot of times that's a front.