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Friday, October 16, 2015

DD Gano St Providence- The Best Of The Worst (Hey At Least Staff Are Polite)

Dunkin Donuts Gano St. Providence RI. Least obnoxious of all of this heavy gang stalking chain of coffee shops.

(Btw an employee of the one downtown I complained about before is switching to this one becuz even she is sick of how messed up the staff is downtown. And shw confirmed everything I saw going on there. Thst staff mess with customers, think its a game and the type of patrons they have down there are arrogant shithead YUPpie types who like to cause trouble.)

However they have the most tactically elaborate gs set ups. The same cop will come in every day now that I come in late. Yesterday he was in and out. Today he sits right behind me and I can see his suv in front of me. So essentially im surrounded psychologically that's the effect.

When i arrived a while ago there was a wall of 'regular guy' workers sitting around on one side and then UPS workers in the back.

They were all essentially bitching about people on welfare sitting at home making as much as they do working. It sounded suspiciously like a fake set up becuz the complaining was really aggressive and it went on and on and the subject matter did not change.

This is from a city that allowed third world South Americans to flood their city to rhe point where most of Federal Hill and south west Providence moved out and took 'white flight'. So..if u dont like it why did u allow it?

Becuz the mafia needed new blood to deal and run drugs I suspect. Also Prov is worse for human trafficking than MA. Like thats not on purpose either.

Union job types are inveitably connected to organized crime historically we've all seen this especially in the northeast.

And in turn they with their legit jobs provide a front of respectability and social acceptability for their cronies.

Its been documented they basically strong armed Obama into office.

So its the same deceptions and fake outs it always is. The northeast LOVES to tout its respectable fronts to the public.

As touching as the cops buying milk for that family stuck in their house in Watertown during marshal law after the Boston Bombing.

Watertown and Newton are corrupt as f#ck with hidden money and spoilt rotten mob Italians, Armenians and Jews peppered with compliant turn-a-blind-eye WASPs.

Ive lived in these areas too long to be handed bullshit. Its getting a little annoying.

I know what these fucks are doing here in RI.

Trying to cripple me as long as possible until I have to leave for the winter so I cant get anything done.

Over time they are going to let old age yake its toll and i will be too sick or tired to do anything.

Them and their black house slaves all over the north east are convinced and very thankful Im considered too weak and alone without help to do anything about this.

After I made a call and complained about the psudeo political discussion then considered it might be gang stalking the UPS bastards stopped and after the DD turned up the air conditioning (a popular anti homeless tactic nowadays in stores) the little spoilt rotten working class heroes left.

Of course. They never want to be uncomfortable and perps are notoriously lazy assholes who wont even come out when its raining.

I had a foriegn old bastard waiting for mw today who gave me dirty looks and made sure i realized he only drove away after I showed up.

He had a kid in back of his car with him...who he and his family are probably trafficking to whatever connected pervert can afford it.

It amazes me how many common people suport the elite pedo networks or the organized crime organizations locally.

Its an evil society and most people are in denial.

By way of PC bullshit and high profile campaigns to get rid of obvious org crime figures and others thrown to the cameras as sacrifices the powers that be have convinced a naive and terrorized public that our country is cleaned up and changed from what it was thirty plus years ago.

Actually it just seems like the military,corporations and inteligence networks run things in a way the public cant see now.

Thats the only difference.

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