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Monday, May 12, 2014

Dealing With A lot Of Oppression From My Own Street People..and Increased GS

 Dealing with alot of street people lately who seem to know about my GS campaign and are arrogant assholes about it.

All that's left in Harvard Sq now are people who have no problem being privy to these activities.

This one Native kid who used to be cool when he first came out here at 17 is now in his twenties and after  a short stint being housed and having a kid is now homeless again and a total douche to me especially arrogant about my gs campaign.

He even had the audacity to get me talking about  it overtly then intimated like all perps do, that its  false claims I make 'to give my life meaning'.

He's not the first asshole who's said that. That's a line that all people use who are covering for this system specifically mafia connected people.

Also dealing with an elderly woman with MS I tried to help by taking to my sleep spot every night now as she was just passing out in restaurants all night long never really sleeping.
She's way to friendly with cops and her negativity is breaking me down. She always used to try to get me to hang out with her a while ago at this park at night and I sensed there was something predatory about her approach.
Claims she had been living with a guy who got caught with kiddie porn.

She slips though. She either brings up or mirrors me with info she shouldn't know (abut me or someone else she's pretending to question about).

Its sad really. I cannot believe the amount of dishonest fuck ups ive met in local street scenes (not Travelers so much) during my entire time homeless in the USA nowadays. No wonder theres no dissidents or organized uprising or even alternative scenes. The streets in cities are now populated by nothing but fucking informants and other people connected to drugs gangs or kiddie porn etc.

The cities are dead in essence becuz of this supression of genuine street scenes and truly alt groups. Its disgusting.

Also it seems that the gs has increased and its nature has changed.

Its really heavily geared towards making me either react, make some kind of legal or desperate move contacting authorities or ultimately to get me to leave town.

I keep getting this impression that I have no allies anymore in this area, that no one is interested or listening anymore and that I am abandoned. That leaving the country is the only choice left.

This loss of allies is connected to the change in administrations and people in office in Cambridge and Boston.it seems.

I'm being urged to leave even to without my healthcare appts. That I can do that someplace else. That I shud leave soon no matter what I have to do to get out.

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  1. The reason the perps are so arrogant is because they are getting paid off for basically going out and doing their assigned "duties". Their "duties" consist of messing with targets, like those two idiots I saw this afternoon. Both were doing harassment. The amount of cash flowing to make this happen is amazing. It seems like half of the cars I see have perps in them. The other half look kind of astonished, as though they don't know what is going on, and I imagine those are the ones not engaging in harassment.

    The system is like a welfare system for stupid, lazy, sadists: they get paid to go on assignment. And you have to wonder why the economy appears to be so bad. There has to be a balance somewhere, right? There has to be money unaccounted for, and billions of dollars are going into paying people to go along with this. They know they can be lazy and not do anything yet make money. And even if they're NOT getting paid, they still get rewards by feeding off of the target's soul. Those are the "feeders", the zombies like in Walking Dead. They feed off of the "living" in order to keep themselves "alive" yet still unthinking and controlled/controllable by the system controlling them.