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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Harvard Graduation Made For a 'Clear ' Day-System Has Been Supressing Legal Work Lately

Was wondering why I remembered to do tasks clearly, had access to my talents, seemed hopeful about the future and wasn't being haunted by constant interface that consisted of famous people supposedly watching me through surveillance/security cameras or 'eye in the sky' military type capacity surveillance, on a very expensive reality show.

Though other deaths have looked as if Illuminati members were indeed watching. Like Lady Gaga's song writing partner she ripped off her entire style and persona from. Every indication leads to the people who made Gaga famous as being in the Illuminati of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately more African American males in power are involved.

Its like a cancer destroying the world. But only that which they are allowed to have dominion over by much older and omnipotent powers. Powerful blacks hide themselves so only the fools can be seen by the public. The house slaves.
Most truly powerful people are hidden from the public. Those who killed Gaga's partner and handed the dead woman's energies over to her (see conspiracy theory on YouTube) are but worker drones for those truly in charge.
And there will always be people in power who will protect people from the idiots now in charge of enslaving the population, dumbing everyone down and feeding the prison system.

Harvard U is a major abuser of power in our world.

All the lone shootings the system is creatjng is obviously a last ditch effort to take Americas right to bear arms. Freedom of speech has been curbed (example-corporations can bombard us in public spaces covering almost every free space in cities but citizens can't fight back by writing over ads or other forms of alteration as its now considered defacement or you simply can't graffiti in an empty space..tagging is gang crap and shouldn't be allowed anyway.,But this is one example of free speech being blocked in favor of corporate powers).

The USA doesn't even realize what's happened. They don't know they are living in a soft military dictatorship. Totally controlled false environments.

Harvard isn't what it was...and probably never was what I am romanticizing it was.

I also feel like I am being watched by police now not as a TI but as a person who's some sort of threat like possible lone shooter...or something to do with Obamacare which I was afraid of anyway or else some new mental health law or some other bullshit they are cleverly trying to get me on.

The war ending has something to do with all this. Its like they finally want to get rid of me or anyone who has been a problem or used by them over past ten years. They might also be trying to minimize people bringing up war crimes after the war is over. Activists, soldiers etc. Its interesting that much of what they do to soldiers they do to Targets. Like trying to get us to suicide etc.

Something comes up occasionally and advises me to handle the legalities BY SUING THE COMPANIES that make these technologies and the contractors.

Someone out there is trying to prevent any such actions.

Sat down at a local college few days ago to write police report from Nov and document McDonalds incident for laywrr and I've been blocked repeatedly. Mostly by what seems like local police but who are very hooked into the system that has advanced capabilities akin to the 'gang stalking' system.

They want what's happened to me to serve them by making me discredited further and looking irresponsible. They want to block any legal success or victory I may be capable of having.

All along and throughout my experience with this system over the years and across the United States always 'their' goal(s) has been to change time lines by influencing events mostly by manipulating people. I won't let them do that this time.

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