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Friday, May 9, 2014

NSA Provides Intelligence To CIA To Track Drone Targets-Much Like We Have Been Tracked For Years

This is why I hate the United States and want to leave.

To protect the nations interests? Which means an innocent person like myself serves as a human sacrifice to the sick rich fucks in the massive secret society that now runs this country and I have to have my life ruined and be kept down like a terrorist becuz of THEIR INTERESTS?

The public are insane and completely stupid. The powers that run things are so corrupt and these programs are being run not to protect innocent America and its interests but to strong arm the world into making sure we get our way when we exploit, destroy or whatever else illegal or exploitative to preserve our ridiculous wasteful unhealthy lifestyles.

The USA are the terrorists. I hate this country for what its done to me and want to leave. Fuck the United States.

The Middle East is correct: we are the great Satan.
And everyone is brainwashed and stupid, arrogant and evil.

Freedom of speech is useless when no one will listen or people are controlled by covert methods so they can't speak out at all anyway.

I'm sick of living with this massive pain and suffering theyve left me with and carrying it around everyday having to conceal it. Everyday I have to carry around a 40 lb backpack and then also lift and transport the heavy burden inside ox me. They won't let me write my book and I can't get lawyers or even write a simple police report.

Fuck Massachusetts and the entire country. When I get out of here I am going to tell the whole world they are right about this massive murderous piece of total shit the United States.

Is this why they want me to leave the country so that like that target they killed they can tag shit on me to make excuses for further actions against me?

Why not? The scum in this country already tried to get me to go postal and commit suicide both two different outcomes as well as get me into the jail system.

The country sucks. Its full of oblivious people who act like nothing happened over the last ten years.

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Anonymous said...

Your story is almost exactly the same as min, Rachael. In my case however my two brothers, one older, one younger, also targeted for their "human ecology"..."experiment." One died under suspicious circumstances in 2008, the other disappeared from the face of the earth at exact same period...and no one has lifted a finger to look for him, ergo he is dead too. We really need to get to know one another I think! Please send contact info, I will contact you I promise - Scott