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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stalking Harassment and 'Reverse' Racism at MacDonald's in Central Sq Cambridge MA

Found out that the McDonalds I get a lot of harassment at in Central Sq Cambridge is owned by a Chin Management. I saw one of the owners one day. A real dragon lady slave driver intimidating her staff.

They now hire racist obnoxious security guards who don't seem trained but are black males who are usually known to the black community locally.

They stalk and intimidate at the register anyone who looks homeless not like me alternative.

I left a message about a problem at this store and they never called me back but the black security guards stopped stalking me at the register and then having local black ghetto pieces of shit mess with me if I had anything to say about it like say they were unprofessional. A reaction which shows I am correct BTW.

Today a Latino male who is always arrogant and somewhat rude whether he is working in Fenway or Central Sq (George Lopez) screwd up my order after being told twice what I ordered . When the wrong sandwich showed up on receipt he had to do a refund. The correct sandwich came back with mayo which I said I did not want the first time.
He then delays taking back the sandwich and has the audacity to say if I have one more problem (third time) with the sandwhicj he cannot service me again. Some broken English bullshit to that effect.

I talked to the weakling female manager who I told not only did I have reciepts but its on camera what he did.

He gave small apology and then seemed to stick with the story that I was changing my mind not that he screwd up.
I told her to tell him he can NOT do that to customers and she kept resisting. She then claimed she was going to have to do it in Spanish so it didn't matter if I was present anyway.

She was totally unsympathetic to how this little mind game was disgusting and upsetting. Then the black security guard came over and due to bring untrained he interrupted me and her and said "are you going to eat here or talk"..

He then hovered over me when I went to the country to get what remained kd my order (cookies becuz they never keep up with stocking them) as I thanked the black girl who was conscientious enough to not forget about them after all that mess.

He then kept looking over at me and being intimidating if I spoke to another customer. (One white guy was leaving in a huff and I said " sucks to be poor and white in here doesn't it dude?" . the black security guard WS basically denying me my freedom of speech.

I understand this area is full of homeless people from 240 Albany St (a horrid enabling wet shelter for drunks and addicts) but the homeless who who I saw in here in the last few weeks didn't look like that and they always bought food.

These two security guards jobs seem to be to psychologically intimidate anyone who the restaurant doesn't like or anyone who doesn't look right to them.

The intimidation ordering at the register is enough to make anyone under pressure get annoyed which is the point obviously.

I cud sue very easily just for what's on camera over the last few weeks but I am not going to waste my time as I am finally smartening up and leaving the country for good.


Anonymous said...

Rachael, you're strong and beautiful. Probably not coincidentally so am I. Exact same thing happening to me. We should get in touch. Scott Anthony

Anonymous said...

btw: - :)

Anonymous said...

Also, I know they make these noises too, and then dash any hopes you may get, one of their m.o.s, they been assaulting me for most my life - seems to be critical to keep us (all) separated

Anonymous said...

Rachael, here's a very valid way to perceive all those around you. In Criminology they teach a rule of thumb called the "10-80-10 rule." In ANY statistical population group of any size from neighborhood to nation, it's estimated 10% will never break the law, 10% will always break the law, and for the other 80% "it depends." I'm sure you know what it depends means. And obviously the 80% completes the spectrum, meaning there's a 50% point where one in this group tends below or above, more or less likely to "it depends." What that means basically is 9 of 10 are corruptible if not already. It's one of their primary manipulating tools. However, I find that simplistic, because in major urban centers such as Vancouver or Boston it's more likely 99/100 or even 999/1000 are corrupt or can be bought. That means you can trust no one around you ever, Rachael, they will be bought if not already, and once bought they are owned by them "for life" just like us. Keep that in mind always. - Scott

Anonymous said...

Another thing I know to be true is the scientologists have been party to these crimes from the beginning, it is after all nothing but a criminal syndicate for effete and entitled trust fund babies, the "leet" level of our entire civil services including justice and law enforcement, and very many major and minor players in the entertainment industry. It is bankrolled with stolen taxpayer funds - did you know that in 1986 something like 10% of the entire US budget simply "disappeared - and kajillionaires, probably all of them, in other words the change they lose in their $20000 sofas would solve poverty in NA. Google Richard Grosvenor, 3rd Duke of Westminster, a case where a picture speaks a thousand words. What's his name Prince, who inherited billions and "created" Blackwater security. Such as they are our modern day 4-some of de Sade's account. Seriously, our only hope would be to somehow get to the tiniest and most remote south Pacific atoll where one could personally know every single resident on it, I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Read this, Rachael:
“...In the mid-1950s Dr. Wolff also directed one of the most ambitious arms of the CIA's behavior-control and mind-control programs By then, he was boasting that he could provide the keys to 'how a man can be made to think, feel, and behave according to the wishes of other men, and, conversely, how a man can avoid being influenced in this manner.' Dizzy with possibilities, Wolff, trained in Pavlov's behaviorism and its American successors, gained unparalleled research opportunities scarcely dreamed of, much less acted upon, in more temperate times.

These opportunities first arose in late 1953 when Allen Dulle's twenty-three-year-old son sustained a serious head wound while fighting in Korea and Dr. Wolff's expertise was sought. Difficulties in the patient's convalescence and recovery made the relationship between father and doctor unusually close, and the two became good friends. With the trust they had established and the brainwashing furor in full flower, Dulles asked Wolff to conduct for his agency a comprehensive study of Soviet and Chinese methods of brainwashing – known in more pedestrian language as 'coercive persuasion' or 'forceful indoctrination.' Dulles gave Wolff full access to all the information the CIA had on this topic, including classified files and access to former KGB and Chinese Communist interrogators as well as the names of former prisoners. A group of twenty psychological warfare experts helped with the study as well, while a White House aide assured Cornell's administration that Wolff's work was as weighty and hush-hush as he had imputed. 'It was done with great secrecy,' recalled Wolff's partner in the study, Dr. Lawrence Hinkle, some years later. 'We went through a great deal of hoop-de-do and signed secrecy agreements, which everyone took very seriously.' The resulting study became a classic in the field. When an unclassified version called 'Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of “Enemies of State”' was published in 1956, it was the most influential of all the studies commissioned by the CIA and the military.

The published version strongly suggests that Wolff and Hinkle were given license to conduct their own brainwashing experiments. The set-up was along the lines of the old rat-in-a-maze but used human beings. A person was placed in an untenable position – a 'situation of frustration,' the authors called it. Details are few, but any effort on the part of the test subject to escape or reduce discomfort was clearly fruitless. At first the subject diligently attempted to find a way of relieving the pressures placed upon him. However, 'if one arranges the experimental situation so that the man cannot find a satisfactory solution by his exploratory activities,' the authors wrote, a change could be observed:

Anonymous said...

While carrying out this research, Wolff seems to have believed in its importance for an enhanced science of human behavior. The tools of the interrogator, he felt, could be used in a strategic as well as a therapeutic manner. On the one hand – within a laboratory environment of extreme manipulation and controlled stimuli – to change their habitual thought patterns. On the other hand, the nation itself could benefit from the skilled application of such techniques to enemy agents, Communists, and subversives. Wolff proposed setting up a closet-CIA organization called the Human Ecology Society that would be authorized to do secret untoward experiments, with himself as president (a position he assumed in 1955). He created a new field he called 'human ecology' that combined the disciplines of sociology, medicine, psychiatry, and anthropology. Since these fields had different views of the social and individual processes by which human beings became what they are, their combined knowledge, Wolff promised, would give the CIA the tools to control human beings. As Dulles had said of Communist brainwashing capabilities in his 1953 Princeton address, 'We in the West are somewhat handicapped in getting all the details. There are few survivors, and we have no guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques.' Soon that situation was rectified. Social scientists like Wolff and West – and scores more via the Human Ecology Society (later the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology), MK-ULTRA, and other directives – would provide guinea pigs, human and otherwise.”

pg 205-207


Anonymous said...

...then go to the library and get THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL by Nicholas A Bryant. In it note the relationship with BUSH41 WH. Then google JAMES GUCKART/JEFF GANNON, you will note same initials as JOHNNY GOTSCH, one of the first milk carton missing children. You will also see "untoward" relationships with Bush 43 WH. (this would scoot along a lot quicker if we would email) - Scott