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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Temple Of Set Interview I Couldnt Find Years Ago, African American High Priestess Expert In Cult Mind Control Tactics

I had been obsessed at one point a few years ago with the possibility that just becuz the latest leader of the Temple of Set was an African American female that this was the reason that so many blacks were involved in gang stalking and utilizing Satanic symbolism in the music industry and beyond.

Its funny becuz it seems that there was a force that hid this interview from me after I had posted this fact in a blogpost and wanted to post this vid or a pic of her, and couldnt find it again!!

She's very convincing. Her points on Christianity are convincing. I did note that she is astute in a technique of brainwashing and hypnotizing the viewer that she hadnt quite perfected yet as she stammers occasionally and loses her stream of speech. Its when she regains composure, where there is that break you realize just what she is doing- and how effective it is, that it is indeed a technique of mind control that that its..kinda dangerous, lol.
A cult leader in training as later she went on to become the Temple of Set high priestess replacing Michael Aquino.
Now remember that I am not a Christian nor take part in any of the Abrahamic nor eastern religions though I do think they all have some merit, especially to those that may  benefit from them.

She's very good at what she does. And for anyone who is from New England you can appreciate the sublte, dry sarcastic humour with detail as used to be our style (before this area was destroyed by foriengers who wont assimulate, YUPpies and people from other states who werent raised in our special and admittedly insular culture. The priest smoking is the first thing and the expression on his face. His sarcastic questions are great and the accent is just lovely, a real call back to a true New England past. I will miss my little part of the world and the death of our culture for the rest of my life. Its sadder than anything thats happened to me, to lose my home to the  NWO, after losing my place in my New England hometown to gang stalking. Returning has made me realize that the culture here was so delicate, so fragile as we were insulated and separate from the rest of the USA, it will never recover. It took centuries to form unlike California or TX and careless outsiders simply dont understand that or get its nuances. This place could not be expected to survive corporate culture and it did not.
I appreciate this video for a return to my true home lost to time and change more than for its value to my activism.

The very things she mentions- progress, technology, the world becoming interconnected and the powers that be having an eye on everyone and everything has destroyed countless regional cultures across the United States. This is one of the major reasons why the USA sucks and let itself become something so hated around the world- something a man like Bush and co. could manipulate so easily. What Bush lead into Iraq wasnt even America anymore. It was gone even then. You cant have a true republic when everyone is forced not by choice to watch the same things, buy the same things and live the same ways.
When thinking about just how the US has been destroyed first by corporations then by Bush and Obama this vid and the existence of SRA or any underground, hidden stuff seems to be so unimportant in comparison. Its only when I have to realize that the problem is when these two issues have become intertwined.

Without mass mind control, without chem trails, electromagnetic technologies and massive ongoing daily psych warfare via stalking and harassment on the public none of what has happened to destroy the country and other parts of the world would be possible. All of the means to that end I just mentioned are connected to Aquino's MINDWAR, Project MK Ultra etc.

This is whats most difficult in my daily life for even  me to face. I get scolded you know by whatever controllers are here in Cambridge. That I am ordering patches for my jacket (a hobby) online while the world is at an end. I dont see it that way. Its just another phase in man trying to do what he has always tried to do which is dominate other humans especially the people in power.
The only problem in the world right now is that there are people in power who have an unfair advantage over the rest of humanity due to the existence of these technologies and other methods.

Her points are valid but it still remains that TOS and COS have connections to the US military, Hollywood (COS) and the music industry and now Nazi factions overseas and that has to be kept in mind.

What made me stop being amused by the vid is when they start discussing Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors.
Uh, Michelle Remembers is a book that is very if-y in its credibility.
This interview is simplistic but one must remember we are dealing with connections to military grade psy ops as well as Satanic and other ritual abuse being used to anchor in programming into mind controlled slaves. That brings up intel agencies, secret societies. Any one of those Survivors and their accounts could be disinfo from professional agents. People with memories that are put into thier minds by some means and they arent accurate. Some of are and some arent. It would take a careful study, like a criminal investigation of the person's account and of that person itself.

Imagine if someone came out of nowhere with claims to a crime. In this case they are doing just that but its  a crime thats ignored in the society we live in which has become increasingly convinced that technologies and progress are by their nature divine and is the salvation of humanity (thier new god and religion along with money and social status) as well as somehow believing in what little science reveals to them that they cannot accept evil exists in humanity nor in thier own communities. They have allowed evil to be redefined to them by the powers that be with definitions that suite whatever is going on at the moment. The poor and homeless are now evil and so is terrorism. Yet they listen to hip hop with no problems (becuz it has redeemed itself with wealth, success and social standing) and seem to accept any evil as long as it has an iPhone and seems to fit into thier community...and isnt some terror threat or other nuisance that makes them feel unsafe. To Americans unsafe means 'I have to work hard to survive' or 'I have to start thinking for myself and making judgments about my environment and people by actually thinking, feeling and paying attention to reality not the false environment'.

Americans are spoilt brats who live in an insular reality that dont want to have to be bothered to join humanity. Americans are the worst maladjusted loners on the face of the planet. But, due to thier being multiple in number, and ruling the land they live on, no one admits to it.
America is the ultimate dysfunctional family who's dad is molesting them (BUSH), mom is trying to make it better with denial, comfort, being non threatening and freebies (OBAMA) while of course she is simply just as bad as him and is his accomplice.
Everyone is so captured in this house, scared and traumatized that they  just want to be left alone to forget the past and continue to give into whatever the abusers want as long as they get diversions and the illusion of having the best quaility of life in teh world which its easy to believe if you are ISOLATED FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD.
ANY member of the family (me, activists, whistleblowers, Truthers etc) who speaks the truth and tries to rectify the situation with logic, critical thinking, tattling on mom or dad or the system at all gets ignored, punished or outcast. Everyone in this family knows how dad is or how mom is scum also, so why point it out. LIke the typical abusive, fucked up family, the attitude is 'if you dont like it here and dont want to take what is being offered here, leave). Becuz the abusers are in charge end of story.

Modern Americans consider the existence of evil as something scientifically unexplainable (it is but they are fed so much dumb and simple, narrow spectrum science that of course it cant suffice, look at the edge the elite have by superior knowledge on classified levels. An example of keeping the public dumbed down right there.) therefore impossible to exist. Psychiatry has them convinced thier theories are steadfast laws of the planet we live on such as magical thinking etc.
Therefore, ritual and symbol even though it controls their minds daily in commerce, to them, has no such power at all.
In order for them to admit to SRA they would have to forsake every aspect of modern society they themselves are entrapped by.  Its only  a rare few of us who can daily actually think about both the real world around us and partake in the false reality and understand the existence of both.

Im sure that everyone whos part of such conspiracies as gang stalking etc are pleased with this.
The very fact that this woman is using a mind control tactic to sell the TOS should testify to the existence of further mind control tactics.

The joke is that whoever is swept up by this and captured wont realize thats whats happened becuz they dont know what mind control is.They they are now under it.

Trying to break Satanism down so that one can clean it up and sell it off as a by product such as rational self interest is novel. Uh also, lets recall that Seth was a not so great pharaoh and all the rest of the story involving Isis and Osiris.

Light brought to humanity can consist of technological knowledge that can enlighten completely but it can also consist of a darker illumination where just enough is revealed so that man's beastly  nature will utilize technology to destroy humanity. This is whats happening now.

Ive been told to my face by perps that one of the reasons I was being targeted was some connection to Druidic knowledge and that consists of ley lines on the earth, free energy-alot of Tesla's work type stuff. Its there but the dark forces want man to keep on the path to destroying the earth through the way tech is used now. And transhumanism is a ridiculous solution to man destroying his own planet which shouldnt be happening to begin with if the light brought to him is so wonderful and advanced.

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