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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Friday, May 9, 2014

The New Evil Empire: USA


Anonymous said...

What happened to freedom of speech? Can't say a word about blacks or gays without causing a huge fallout.

I always thought that the intent counted more than the actual words themselves. The NWO relies on superficialities to get people framed up.

Anonymous said...

“...Many scholars of the Holocaust, especially Raul Hilberg, have emphasized the bureaucratic and administrative aspects of the destruction process. This approach emphasizes the degree to which modern bureaucratic life fosters a functional and physical distancing in the same way that war and negative racial stereotyping promote a psychological distancing between perpetrator and victim. Indeed, many of the perpetrators of the Holocaust were so-called desk murderers whose role in the mass extermination was greatly facilitated by the bureaucratic nature of their participation. Their jobs frequently consisted of tiny steps in the overall killing process, and they performed them in routine manner, never seeing the victims their actions affected. Segmented, routinized, and depersonalized, the job of the bureaucrat or specialist – whether it involved confiscating property, scheduling trains, drafting legislation, sending telegrams, or compiling lists – could be performed without confronting the reality of mass murder. Such a luxury, of course, was not enjoyed by the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101, who were quite literally saturated in the blood of victims shot at point-blank range. No one confronted the reality of mass murder more directly than the men in the woods at Jozefow. Segmentation and routinization, the depersonalizing aspects of bureaucratized killing, cannot explain the battalion's initial behaviour there...

Anonymous said...

...To what degree, if any, did the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 represent a process of special selection for the particular task of implementing the Final Solution? According to recent [1992] research by the German historian Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm, considerable time and effort was expended by the personnel department of Reihard Heydrich's Reich Security Main Office to select and assign officers for the Einsatzgruppen. Himmler, anxious to get the right man for the right job, was also careful in his selection of Higher SS and Police Leaders and others in key positions. Hence his insistence on keeping the unsavoury Globocnik in Lublin, despite his past record of corruption and objections to his appointment even within the Nazi Party. In her book Into That Darkness, a classic study of Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka, Gitta Sereny concluded that special care must have been taken to choose just 96 of some 400 people to be transferred from the euthanasia program in Germany to the death camps in Poland. Did any similar policy of selection, the careful choosing of personnel particularly suited for mass murder, determine the makeup of Reserve Police Battalion 101?

Anonymous said...

...Concerning the rank and file, the answer is a qualified no. By most criteria, in fact, just the opposite was the case. By age, geographical origin, and social background, the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 were least likely to be considered apt material out of which to mold future mass killers. On the basis of these criteria, the rank and file – middle-aged, mostly working class, from Hamburg – did not represent special selection or even random selection but for all practical purposes negative selection for the task at hand.

In one respect, however, an earlier and more general form of selection may have taken place. The high percentage (25 percent) of Party members among the battalion's rank and file, particularly disproportionate for those of working class origin, suggests that the initial conscription of reservists – long before their use as killers in the Final Solution was envisaged – was not entirely random. If Himmler at first thought of the reservists as a potential internal security force while large numbers of active police were stationed abroad, it is logical that he would have been leery of conscripting men of dubious political reliability. One solution would have been to draft middle-aged Party members for reserve duty in higher proportions than from the population at large. But the evidence for such a policy is merely a suspicion, for no documents have been found to prove that Party members were deliberately drafted into the reserve units of the Order Police...

Anonymous said...

The "money shot":
......Many studies of Nazi killers have suggested a different kind of selection, namely of self-selection to the Party and SS by unusually violence-prone people. Shortly after the war, Theodor Adorno and others developed the notion of “authoritarian personality.” Feeling that situational or environmental influences had already been studied, they chose to focus on hitherto neglected psychological factors. They began with the hypothesis that certain deep-seated personality traits made “potentially fascistic individuals” particularly susceptible to antidemocratic propaganda. Their investigations led them to compile a list of the crucial traits (tested for by the so-called F-scale) of the “authoritarian personality”:

- rigid adhetrence to conventional values
- submissiveness to authority figures
- aggressiveness toward out-groups
- opposition to introspection, reflection, and creativity
- a tendency to superstition and stereotyping
- preoccupation with power and 'toughness'
- destructiveness and cynicism
- projectivity (the disposition to believe that wild and dangerous things go on in the world; the projection outward of          unconscious emotional impulses)
- an exaggerated concern with sexuality

Anonymous said...

...They concluded that the antidemocratic individual "harbours strong underlying aggressive impulses" and fascist movements allow him to project this aggression through sanctioned violence against ideologically targeted out-groups. Zygmunt Baumann has summed up this approach as follows: “Nazism was cruel because Nazis were cruel; and the Nazis were cruel because cruel people tended to become Nazis.” He is highly critical of the methodology of Adorno and his colleagues, which neglected social influences, and of the implication that ordinary people did not commit fascist atrocities.

Subsequent advocates of a psychological explanation have modified the Adorno approach by more explicitly merging psychological and situational (social, cultural, and institutional) factors. Studying a group of men who had volunteered for the SS, John Steiner concluded that “a self-selection process for brutality appears to exist.” He proposed the notion of the “sleeper” - certain personality characteristics of violence-prone individuals that usually remain latent but can be activated under certain conditions. In the chaos of post World War I Germany, people testing high on the F-scale were attracted in disproportionate numbers to National Socialism as a “sub-culture of violence,” and in particular to the SS, which provided the incentives and support for the full realization of their violent potential...

Anonymous said...

...Ervin Staub accepts the notion that “some people become perpetrators as a result of their personality; they are 'self-selected'.” But he concludes that Steiner's “sleeper” is a very common trait and that under particular circumstances most people have a capacity for extreme violence and the destruction of human life. “Evil that arises out of ordinary thinking and is committed by ordinary people is the norm, not the exception.”

If Staub makes Steiner's “sleeper” unexceptional, Zygmunt Baumann goes so far as to dismiss it as a mere “metaphysical prop.” For Baumann “cruelty is social in its origin much more than it is characterological.” Baumann argues that most people “slip” into the roles society provides for them, and he is very critical of any implication that “faulty personalities” are the cause of human cruelty. For him the exception – the real “sleeper” - is the rare individual who has the capacity to resist authority and assert moral autonomy but who is seldom aware of this hidden strength until put to the test..."

--pg 163-167 - "Ordinary Men" by Christopher R Browning

Anonymous said...

You must get yourself a copy of THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS by RAUL HILBERG and read it from cover to cover. In it you will learn his 5 principles of rationalization and 5 principles of psychological repression which drove the Nazi socio-political engine, 100% valid today: