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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Attempts To Get Me Jailed/ Scary Overbearing Cop Activity This Year Locally

I've realized the cops and gang stalkers are out in full force again like during Bush except not in such high numbers and not just to discredit but to get me put in jail.

During Bush it was alot of force towards pushing for suicide or to coax me into a situation that would get me killed.

Now its crafted towards heavy discreditation or jail.

There's been more lone shootings and of course this is most likely part of the Obama agenda for gun control. The war is ending and security services want work. Thus they need once again to create problems to provide necessary solutions.

The cops are really out and I never recall seeing detectives even during Bush in on harassment.

Tonight that little jackass George Lopez trespassed me from the Kenmore McDonalds just for walking in there becuz he was one of the racist jerks messing with me at the Central Sq location.

He actually called the police so I counter called and then left my lawyer a message. He thought the police hadn't arrested me for writing on the McDonalds in Central sq. He was just harassing me and playing sick mjnd games the way he did that day I got upset enough to write whstni did that day in Cambridge.

The guy is really abusive. That McDonalds has been the scene of harassment of homeless people whites and in years past gang stalking.
The company must be loving this becuz they are such major perpetrators of gang stalking nationwide (along with other major chains many TIs mention).

There's specific stores I get harassment from in Cambridge specifically Central Sq.

Its always usually males who are abusive and have the profile of what sex offenders or abusers act like when they find a victim they feel is isolated.

I say that finally I realize that these people must be part of a pedophile or kiddie ring or some abusive of womenike trafficking. This guy fits the profile as do many of the sickos I've had to deal with in Central Sq Cambridge. Its black gang land specifically the Bloods. Don't  tell me they aren't running girls and laundering money.

I can tell by how sneaky this guy is when he tries to victimize a person. He's been doing it long enough so he knows how to cover his ass.

He tried to claim to the cops that showed up in Kenmore sq Boston McDonalds that I wrote on that wall also and they just ignored him.

The lady officer knew it was bs.....she got me my cookies (I paid) becuz he wouldn't serve me.

Who takes something like that as personally as he is taking it. Its not his building etc.

Its becuz he knows that he and the staff there harass people regularly and screw up orders and are incompetent. They talk about you in Spanish and think they are smart. Mynred headed friend actually speaks fluently and he told me months ago.

They know that black neighborhood guy doing security in there now harasses people. They know assholes come in there and gang up on people.

The cops are protecting the place becuz the cop who arrested me asked me why didn't I just go to the McDonalds in east Cambridge instead.
(The area where the detectives in the black sedan harassed me that I have photos of. Firstly I don't want to get harassed again. Secondly why shud I go out of my way like that?)

What r they afraid of? Why is this system coming after me again like during Bush.

There's a new police chief and commissioner both of whom are scary. And the new mayor. As well as changes in Cambridge both mayor and city director. Look them all up. Look at their faces and last names.
Makes me want to leave town as soon as this is all cleared up.

The old guard is gone. Today was clear of course its a federal holiday. Lately during week it feels like being targeted to finish me off or worse..the good ol' cancer ending as used to get rid of so many other activists and whistleblowers.

Whoever protected me  before is gone. Its very dangerous to stay here or now.


Anonymous said...

You'll find a lot of that stuff if you're a TI: particularly, the cops being all "playful" and "messing around" with you if you're walking around. It's a false-flag designed to mess with you. It's designed to send the TI the message, "oh, we're human too, and you're walking around, so we'll just screw with you (as normal citizens working in an official capacity)". But I think the actual intent is the convey the subliminal message that the cops and FBI or whomever you contact are under the Perps' control, and will not help you... only play mind games with you. of course, they are puppets for the larger system, and are working for them. Of course, the FBI and any agency you contact will deny they are harassing you. That's why they disguise everything as just two nincompoops not taking their jobs seriously and messing with you. But it's really a very serious plot the system is playing with you. It's designed to tell you that you will not be getting any help in an official capacity.

I have observed cops doing this a lot over the years. As soon as Bush took office, one hot May day in 2000, I got harassed and humiliated so severely by perps, and the local cops came in and were discrediting me by further messing with me in the same manner the vicious perps were.

Looks like they are back to their old tricks again: same humiliation and intense harassment like in early summer 2006. It's just that the sheep are larger in number now.

Anonymous said...

I was followed home again today. Everyday. Its a dirty click. Get's frk'n old. I live crossborder to mass., they are running vehicles from dealerships. Have the cops involved too. They are all dirty females. Fking dirty!