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Friday, May 23, 2014

People With Atypical Gang Stalking Perp Identities In Society Caught In Kiddie Porn Rings Recently-(Firemen, EMTs, Etc)

NYPD, Judges &Wall St Execs Caught Molesting Children
New York Prostitution Ring Provided Minors For Wealthy Elitists
Clients included bankers, politicians, lawyers

Pedophile ring spanning the globe busted up, up to 70,000 pervs in 30 countries involved
BY Lukas I. Alpert
Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 11:42 AM

Police chief, rabbi, Boy Scout leader among 70 men, 1 mother busted in child porn probe:
Officials said the voluminous evidence seized in the five-week operation suggests the sexual exploitation of children in the New York City area has hit ‘epidemic proportions.’
(Gee how can that be in a city where former mayor Bloomberg claimed that the NYPD were his "personal army"? I guess banning Bigg Gulps takes presidence over diddling. Perhaps he just wants his local whores to be as fit as possible for business? On Wall Street appearance matters I guess.  Dont kids who are being viewed in lude situations and diddled deserve a treat once in  a while? Wow.)

While the public gets thrown a few expendable pervs like in these busts, the elite commit heinous crimes of a much more severe nature AND WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT.
These are also diversions so that people think that the authorities are cleaning up society of perverts while they exclude thier choice ones in a process that will result in the public not understanding that remaining are the worst offenders of society who cannot be caught.

This is the same thing that was done with organized crime. Throw a Gotti and a Whitey Bulger to the sheeple and they believe organized crime has been cleaned up. Not having the brains or knowledge to understand that many of the families and organizations have gone legit and the decades of money laundering have resulted in international powers that now cannot be fought.

Once again the powers that be keep the public in a twentieth century reality while they protect the elite living in a much more advanced and unbelievably privileged 21st century reality.

If any of this mattered then why aren't the wonderful people at Homeland telling the public about gang stalking or the use of these advanced technologies on TIs as well as in society generally for mass mind control? The totally psycho civilized world we now live in. Every city every town every inch covered by these technologies and chemical influences in the United States and beyond today.
Why are they not validating the accounts of Survivors of programming and mind control projects especially ones involving SRA or other forms of ritual abuse as children?

We Survivors are slaves of the elite. Like slaves the powers protect us as well as exploit us. What happens to us as far as society is concerned, in our lives hidden from the world, captive behind the walls of the rich and powerful, is none of thier affair.

The very fact that the USA and other western countries are such supporters of something like psychiatry which denies the existence of magickal ability as well as psychic phenomena and refuses to look at factors like diet, race, culture and the lifestyles of our recent to far off ancestors should be an indicator that the are more interested in hiding elitist crimes and running a society ruthlessly by trickery, deception, manipulation and profit than getting to the truth, solving crimes or entertaining any concept of justice.

This is all the norm for humans historically but now the deceptions and control is outrageous. Its completely out of control.

To think that for the rest of my life the obnoxious people involved in this system can laugh at me knowing I am innocent while performing psychological warfare to actually get me to a point of insanity and desperation where I actually do commit a crime-utilizing some sort of suspicions about my being a pedophile or looking at anything questionable on any computer at any time-is part of how outrageous this system has become in the modern age.
All this to ruin my life while the real career criminals and others who had crimes to hide like my own mother, my ex Jake and people around me all get to move on in life and have everything they want, while THEY are the guilty ones.

This goes on for years and I now have pics of detectives obviously harassing me and following me yet when I called the FBI just to see what would happen- the bitch answering the phone (probably redirected) claimed "The police aren't stalking you".

As in the links above one of which features the story about the DC Madam who was reported to have committed suicide, even when she made sure she publicly stated that she would never suicide and claimed there was a contract out on her life.

A friend told me about this bust. He said it was firemen, EMT's, nurses etc and people he would have never thought would be involved in doing such things.
It made me think about the public identities of the people who perform organized stalking of Targeted Individuals mostly in cities. Very nasty, evil people who dont care about the needs of others genuinely due to their being ultimately sadistic by nature (reflected in the nature of thier actions). This is the quintessential child molester/rapist/pedophile.

I am hounded, shamed and watched for life due to having a kinky role playing relationship with my ex boyfriend who helped frame me up by making it public (so I am told) yet the real sickos have moved onto great lives and will never have to change or pay for thier crimes.
Though my mother isnt directly a pedophile its been subtly revealed to me that she probably involved me in some form of kiddie porn as a child and I do recall weird photos of me running around naked at night. No wonder after this all blew up she hurriedly made moves to destroy all of my childhood photos and baby pics. She actually did destroy every single baby picture in her possession which she had held onto for years. Why did she choose to destroy these decades old images only upon my becoming heavily targeted by this system?
She was also compliant with the system in sacrificing her kid up to it obviously which is why she always got treated well in hospitals, babied by staff while I got outright tortured every single time.

She was complient with this system and could always be controlled especially through intimidation and blackmail. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS in who they decide to favor.

So they want you to think they are so wonderful for busting a bunch of basically expendable nobodies who they use for doing dirty work to keep victim witnesses quiet to how the sex industry works and its connections to mind control projects and the elite, spying etc- yet I have to live on the street still and drift off into nowhere, forgotten about, totally discredited.

This matches up perfectly with my experiences Ive blogged for years and every other TI. Cab drivers, police, EMT, firemen, medical staff in hospitals more so nurses than anyone else but also secretaries. Doctors occasionally but its 50/50 with that demographic. The ones who arent going to be part of this system seem to have the power to do the right thing by virtue of being doctors whereas people in other positions are simply afraid and bow to it.

I f*ckin hope that all of us collectively as victims of this system who have done activism for years are in part responsible for these people being busted. Every post, every video- every sleep deprived, half ass written blog post of what might be happening at the moment or the more coherent, articulate work produced on good days or in good years.

Moreso to blame than the sickos, who are simply sick and probably victimized themselves is society generally. The public go along with sick motherf*ckers if it suites thier purposes to do so or its easier to cower before them.  Regularly, stupid people will mob TIs without realizing the person's status as a Target of such a sinister, nasty, large scale campaign and not realizing thier involvement of perhaps a few people over time or in a short period of time in one area, has the culmative effect of mobbing. '

Forced deprogramming for the Survivors own good is also a form of covering up for the perpetrators. I for example will never remember what I could have revealed by being hypnotized when I first started to remember when programming broke and bits of memories were starting to flash through.

Whatever desire our stupid, sick society has  to form the Targeted Survivor into, whatever its rationale- it remains ultimately the destruction of the victim-witness so that they do not have to deal with the truth. Behavior modification programs or programs that torment Targets into confession or conformity of some kind (to religion or social norms) are only punishing the victims of crimes that are of the most extreme nature to begin with.

Its amazing to me the kinds of people in on this who just have no regard for the Targeted person. The biggest excuse Ive heard is that I make this all up to give my life meaning. The very fact that it is put EXACTLY like that by people here in the USA, as if its a rehearsed, standard answer or statement, shows that its a falsehood covering up the truth.
Another excuse by society and people who simply enjoy keeping someone down as mobbing is human nature. People dont even think about it, they just do it by instinct. The designers of these campaigns know that. They exploit it fully.

So all this fanfare and these busts as nice as they would be if they were really fixing the problem, are simply more diversions and smoke screens. All it does is give cred to my claims and other TIs over the years that yes, its seems that these people were either willingly or blackmailed into silencing a victim witness.  Theyve been busting people of the exact description that TIs claim to harassment over the years specifically the Bush years where such people were what Homeland used as their 'first line of defense' against terrorists.  All these kinds of people were people who were involved in an intense campaign during Bush, post 9-11 and during the federal investigation of people around me involved in organized crime.  They covertly filmed, followed, interrogated and surveilled me as well as harassed me outright on many occasions.
I was never given a subpoena, questioned or asked to provide any information whatsoever to authorities in any official capacity.
The system is so corrupt that the pittance I got from OLNICK for the mold exposure that destroyed me for life mentally and physically was used by the corrupt authorities through their informants to make slanderous claims it was a payoff for being an informant myself.

The authorities dont want anyone who actually knows whats going on to testify nor do they want to solve crimes. The reason I never got sucked into going to cry to authorities is becuz I knew that they knew who was guilty to begin with and their investigations always produced a result that favored keeping who was most useful to them they didnt want busted and those who got in trouble were disgarded as a cleaning house sort of process. People they could afford to get rid of or people they were planning to get rid of anyways.

Ancient Rome never gave up its power. It only reformed itself through the Catholic Church. The Pope is the Emperor. Every person with Italian blood knows this instinctively. We subconsciously preserve the Church on some level becuz we know it preserves Rome. Our greatness and dominance that as far as we are concerned, lives on forever.
Society does the same thing. Criminal organization just seems to shift and be redesigned or shaped depending on what the need is or whatever new social or legal climate arises with time.

Another illusion of the NWO is that the world will be a safe wonderful place full of law and order. This illusion especially exists in the USA. Yet, Fukashima is still leaking into the Pacific, there are continuing oil spills, Carlsbad, NM nuclear accident etc etc. This safety that the younger generation suffers from is really enslavement.
Mass immigration is making Europe unsafe actually (probably by design to create police states in those Socialist utopias also). 
People think they are safe and criminals are being caught but they dont realize that select criminals are left in place or take the place of those caught.

There is nothing safe in reality about a psycho-civilized society that exists solely to control people and create the perfect consumer, military/police loving sheep.

If humans are not allowed free Will or privacy within thier own minds then the world is ultimately unsafe for human life especially when the effects of psycho civilization create a human being that cannot realize actual dangers that threaten his or her long term survival nor act in self defense. 

Anyone who knows whats going on is discredited and labeled simply hysterical or schizo. The sheep like it becuz they can have materially good quality of life (according to thier mediocre standards) in safety.

The public are the ones who allow these things to happen due to thier ignorance especially in big countries like the US. In Europe where they will actually riot and fight efficiently, they have no freedom of speech or guns as weapons so they cant make thier efforts to resist or fight end in any meaningful victory thus resistors to mass immigration have been labeled racists and jailed.
Americans are so ignorant they still think of Europe along the lines of the Europe of the 1980s. They have no idea what is going on over there.

This system has become like a tsunami. Its too big to stop now. No matter how much evidence you provide or put in front of them they refuse to see the 21st century reality that exists all around them. It is exactly like the book 1984 where the rebels providing information for a hoped resistance are met with mocking and laughing from the public.
I still dont know if that book was written to further the elite agenda and make us give up in futility or if it was meant as a warning for the wisest of us to not waste our time past that point- and perhaps just get on with forming alternative societies and just forget about the old ones we come from and know so well.

Especially annoying is the link above on a recent NYC bust with the claims that exploitation of children is at epidemic levels. More fear mongering. It was at epidemic levels throughout history especially those of us that recall the 70s when it was basically normalized.  No one had big investigations back then though.
And how could such an epidemic occur when Bloomberg, the former mayor claimed that the NYPD were his personal army?
His concerns were more focused on making laws telling New Yorkers they couldn't drink sugary sodas in his city which the Supreme Court made him repeal.

I was in NYC a few times post 9-11. It was full of gang stalkers and heavy technological influence. To a less credible degree, as in I cant prove this and its not a credible claim,  as a Survivor who's hooked into the SRA system as well as has psychic attributes, the fallout energy remaining from the black magick ritual that was 9-11 was so heavy, you could feel it from the highways outside NYC simply driving by in a big rig truck as I often did traveling. Over the years its waned from something magickal to something more mundane- the results of psycho managing technologies and a huge presence of a gang stalking network.
And they had no problem being overt to me as a Target about who they were and thier presence there. They had the audacity to act like I didnt belong in NYC the perps on trains behaving as if shooing me out of town was a necessary nuisance. The guys in military fatigues were laughing at me, while they looked so great to the American public guarding the train entrances.

This is the kind of sh*t that builds up to someone becoming a lone shooter, over time. The perception of the outside world as stressful, hostile a battlefield like environment on a daily basis. Especially when my psychiatrist Dr Ann Emmerich from MGH who had been treating me only for anxiety/depression over the years, wrote a bogus referral note she sent to me claiming I had PTSD when she used to deny it or be vague about it in our sessions. Its a self fulfilling prophecy.
Enough gang stalking especially on a Survivor is going to produce those symptoms. Then the person has to be watched and shunned accordingly which basically is just more gang stalking in our perceptions. This is how lone shooters and terrorists are built! Its how they are formed.

So NYC has enough pervs to serve as perps to do thier dirty can that be in a city where the arrogant Wall Street mayor has the police force (always bragged about in the news as collaborating with the CIA) basically as his private army?  Bloomberg's bragging is useful in seeing the conflicts in the realities of that city. And accepting such conflicting accounts without questioning them with critical thinking is part of the brainwashing of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

I noticed that all over Cambridge and Boston, the worst perps have been removed from homeless services and stores just in the short time before these busts are coming out publicly. The purpose of this I believe also is to make it so seasoned TIs dont have anything to fight against anymore, furthering behavior modification and destroying our identities to form new ones. I cant exactly utilize my experience and now firm resistance, strength and know-how against the enemy in his environment if they remove the enemies and change the environments. Very clever.

Every perp that I had become expert in dealing with or had observed over the years as being guilty of outrageously illegal behavior and stockpiled memories in the years past has been fired, quit or moved on to some other job or location.
This resembles what I saw traveling over the years-I was confused and in awe when I saw faces I recognized as gang stalkers in Los Angeles that had been part of harassment campaigns in cities clear across the country! And they were still arrogant, never fearing being caught though thier harassment of me was slight and sort of out of reaction to my showing up in this new location as opposed to the more heavy and thorugh acting they performed in a well orchestrated play of events formerly in a completely different location.

Doubles, actors, changing locations but same faces. The public littered with people out to get you it seems everywhere you go...this is what destroys the sanity of Targets until they either suicide or become homicidal/suicidal.
 I now understand how certain activists who are especially effective and informative end up robbing banks when its so out of character: its either doubles doing it and a frame up or their minds were twisted to the point or acting out like driven animals. This system is capable of such a transformation.
I was warned in 2008 that it was attempted to frame me up for robbing a bank which I just took in stride considering how hateful, over the top and ridiculous the people in Boston were at that time in thier treatment of me or the people in power at that time generally.  Just like I was told that a bunch of local lawyers gathered in a room and didnt do anything for justice or do thier jobs like they were supposed to but according to info revealed to me "lawyers are supposed to do thier jobs not get together in a room and plot against you". To this day I would be very curious to know exactly who these royal assh*les were. Am I that important? I'm flattered.

The problem is that I am now being treated like I was never important at all. My no longer being a threat sort of pisses me off as well as the fact that society is acting like everything is fine and the Bush era never happened. Actually whats occurred is that everyone is fully brainwashed under mass mind control and Ive been made old, sickly and left with nothing so that no one cares anymore or anything I say doesnt matter at this point.

I get the distinct impression that if I leave the USA that will not be the case. Only in the US am I so devalued and left behind.
All of these busts and this justice-for-show are just slaps in the face to me.  I'm supposed to be relieved becuz it somehow validates my claims about the social identities of gang stalkers? What else would rapists or child molesters do but make someone feel that thier trust of mostly male authority figures was betrayed and that no one would believe them? Its what they do.
A person can survive after dealing with that from a family or just one person but to deal with it for over a decade from a large percentage of their nation of origin is going to destroy the person. A good portion of the actions of this system is to destroy any female they deem as an actual threat to the male system here in the USA. I never had any real male authority in my upbringing. This is why it was so important to rip all my female influences away from me and make me deal with males, then ensure that I had no power in the situation and I was betrayed by authority figures.
My experience in the adult entertainment industry over the years as well as my never have to bow down to male authority as a child had to be countered. I had to learn that men destroy and I need to be afraid.
This is your wonderful society of the future. This is the great NWO that is going to spread equality to everyone, feed everyone and deliver wifi to mudhuts in Africa. This is the workings of your madmen. And you too as a species are slowly drifting into madness, which is why you are more and more comfortable with thier presence. Pollution, false environments and a system of mass mind control specifically technologies  and chemical influences is killing you and you dont even see it.
Historically madness of this kind only set itself upon a certain sector of the world at once. There was always somewhere to hide or run to. When it envelopes the entire globe, its the destruction of a species not just one culture or location.

Let me warn you other TIs about the intention of these kinds of news stories and thier timing. Its to further behavior modification. Its to continue to try to convert you to Christianity or one of the Abrahamic religions. Most of all this system has sought to bind TIs as citizens to the State. The police, the authorities.   I've documented that much of the sexual targeting in years past, electronic rape as it were, consisted of being delivered with content meant to bind me to the state. The authorities the police. Again these tactics can be seen in use in military campaigns from the richest to the smallest armies. Systematic rape is a common practice in war and also in prison camps of war and cults to force people to submit and bond to the authority of that cult.
Enough of doing this to someone like me as well as wearing me down with time, brain damage and ill health begining to come into play- primes me for the next phase which is now it seems to make it look as if I am getting some justice. As if THE AUTHORITIES care about our cause or they are rescuing us. The ordeal is finally over. We are being freed from the camps. Someone is listening and doing something. Our efforts are paying off...but notice that its in a very socially acceptable way.

Its a compromise. 

The desired result is that TIs in behavior modification finally give in to slowly falling into a place thats normal and acceptable in American society. Like falling down into the ocean after giving up trying to stay above water, falling to the bottom, through the slightly dirty water, seeing what light is left leaving as it gets dark all around and cold. You are comfortable...becuz you are finally dead. After a long fight, giving up to death is the biggest relief.
All to sacrifice oneself for society. So society can get back to normal and forget about you. You the individual were never as important as the collective.  All was done for the good of all and you needed to be sacrificed. Everything you could have been must be forgotten in order to preserve peace in society.

What an absolutely horrible end. And now that the doctors I am dealing with since Oregon and here now are basically just letting my health go on purpose, the feeling of letting things be is even more pronounced. Its a temptation, put before a very tired, alone fighter.
What bothers me most is that people are so selfish they expect to be handed this as if it was owed to them all along. As if its thiers.

Whatever happened to me in Oregon, whatever they did to me in OHSU or whatever I was exposed to in that area when I was there has made me very slow, sick, stupid and tired. Its changed me and unlike times before I cant regain my strength.
This system is depending on that to end this I can tell.

These sorts of little crumbs thrown to Targets instead of disclosing the whole truth and giving us justice in full is nothing short of insulting. Its meant to make you feel like the authorities are on your side. Like there is some meeting middle ground to be settled onto by both parties and life can go on as normal.

With me being basically borderline retarded at this point with health problems that are going to become serious in short years to come right? And it will all end so neatly, so gently I will fall. Into obscurity, into my grave.  Into being sealed into being a permanent have not now that all of my potential is gone.

Even if my potential has been totally destroyed the worst decision I could make is to continue to reside in the country that took it from me over so many years with an unpresidented brutality...that I am supposed to just forget about and go quietly.

Go fuck yourselves. I will CRAWL out of the United States and fuck all whatever I find in other countries. I dont care. The US has and always will have nothing to offer me but my own demise.

You should see the cops lately so cleverly going along with this little production. It took me a while to start remembering again that many of these same faces Im starting to want to cooperate with in relation to homeless issues within my city were known to me before as at least being aware of my being a Targeted Individual. The whole f*cking community knew and knows.

Part of this little game has also been to remove police that were familiar to us in Harvard Sq for years with new people who we dont know and arent familiar with us. I see now that this is the same con job as pulling thier people out of the homeless services locally.

If you change the environment the original enemies that perpetratred the crimes against people are no longer there. Its like a behavior modification program where the former identity is destroyed to create a clean slate. Its unfair and its sneaky.

Its the system's way of cleaning house to move on without having to answer for what they've been doing to both Targets and homeless people for a decade now. And thats typical for the assholes who are behind this system. I leave without being able to confront and destroy my enemies and others cant pin any illegal actions on any workers or depend on cops they were familiar with in forming any sort of case becuz the whole place has been changed around.
You see how this is exactly like using perps in one location then moving them to another.

THIS IS HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS. Its all actors, deception and having people commit crimes against humanity then removing them when its time, destroying the environment it happened in and destroying any evidence documenting its existence.

I and other Targets like me are the greatest evidence they want to dispose of.

And hopefully unlike the sheeple of the American public I cant be placated by a number of expendables being sacrificed before me as some sort of peace offering from the real offenders. 


haze42082 said...

Keep up the good fight, your genuine, got heart, and your articulate, which is inspiring. Me and the others who read your posts get strength and hope from them. YAH bless!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's why there is an emphasis on TI's who are over 40 as being "old". It's "old" according to pedophile standards, especially when you consider our self-righteous pedo society cares only about young bodies, and not about substance and wisdom. That's one reason why they strip away the maturity from TI's and make them regress to a child-like state: that way, the system stalking us basically have aged children to toy with. And it makes us easier to control, and do their bidding, which is to have children forever for them to fuck around with.

Most TI's react aggressively at some point, even those with very mild demeanors. When you figure a "normal", free society wouldn't have assholes everywhere posted in every corner you can think of engaging the target to make him or her aware that they are being watched.

And there is always talk of whether or not I can be "bi". There is this obsession of stalkers over whether or not I am "bi". Who cares? They obviously don't see they are part of a large closeted society with a big emphasis on gay rights. And seeing as to how the society nowadays is geared towards rewarding and placating sheep, it must follow that the sheep must also be gay and bi, too.

Ever notice how many people are gay now? It's like a control tactic to help lower the world's population. And they are arrogant enough to point at me and call me stupid right in front of my face. Who cares if it's not even remotely true, right? Because enough of them are in collective denial, that this thing called the "truth" is whatever a bunch of average fucks think it is. They actually do this to make themselves feel better about cowering before the system's feel.