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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cambridge Finally Drove Me To React, Left The Area, Regained My Sanity

Got out of Boston Cambridge area. Was making me sick. Staying there this winter was a big mistake. Have developed health issues due to being in that location too long.
The city is now polluted with old moldy buildings and the YUPpies and blacks in the area are oppressive to anyone who they percieve as not having power to defend themselves against their collective bullying. Boston has become nothing but an elitist/bullying mob.
The remote influence and whatever chemtrails or other pollution in the air are severe and make it a hostile environment to anyone who isn't young and healthy or wealthy enough to live in decent housing without mold.

The winter wasn't as bad as spring had become. The sun's radiation just adds to the problem.

I found myself sleep deprived in last few months, unable to rest during day and Monday through Fri found myself obsessed with tasks like a mindless worker bee drone. The tech being pumped out is different than in years before. It creates a much more extreme environment. There is something in its design that seems for the purposes of actually killing off undesirables outright.

Ever since the change in those governing Boston and Cambridge these changes have occurred as I've posted.

I found myself in recent weeks sleep deprived, deconditioned and constantly harassed in new ways compared to prior years. I began to deteriorate mentally and was forgetful as well as began talking to myself or mumbling frequently.
I had taken on the responsibility of caring for another homeless woman who has MS who uses a walker. She was staying up all night in Tasty Burger or coffee shops never really sleeping. I put her to sleep in my spot nightly so at least she could sleep at night which began to mean I had to retire at 9pm.
She started to become difficult and acted like I was her paid caregiver and was negative a lot of the time.

I am still glad I did what was right to remedy a situation but it cost me.

Something kept telling me to leave town. But I didn't want to leave her outside by herself.
The entire situation became too stressful and I finally had enough of being harassed at the McDonalds in Central Square Cambridge and one day tagged the side of the building stating exactly what I thought of the reverse racist assholes who work there.

I got arrested for tagging etc if I had known I would be arrested I would have come in the middle of the night with a spray paint can and made it much bigger.
Nowadays writing on a building is considered vandalism. Just another sign of a society who wants to supress dissident voices.

The public cannot write anything they want on an open space yet we have to be subjected daily to being bombarded with corporate advertisement every single place we go with in the cities.

I did what I did but worn out of frustration. Perhaps send somebody would listen because nobody was doing anything about the problem such as the Chin management company who never called me back.

I even told my boy and his wonderful that I could shoot for the stuff going on in there.
Maybe I should make a counter move by suing and claiming the stress from whats going on in that place caused me in my sleep deprived state do what I did. good idea.

The corrupt Cambridge police were more than happy to be able to catch me doing something finally.
The cop who me tried all kinds of mind fucking which I didn't fall for. When the cop who drove the paddy wagon had taken a picture of what I had done they gave a thumbs up to each other-it was hysterical.
True crime huh? With all the crap Cambridge is guilty of over the years as well as what Harvard and MIT have been pulling over the years it's outrageous.

The area has such a controlled environment that they are pretty much lawless corrupt overlords who can do whatever they want to anyone.

And they can deny it to the hilt and simply frame up anyone they dislike. Boston and Cambridge are totally out of control with power. Whoever the assholes at the helm are they are and have been extremely dangerous.

So I've taken to being on the road again to improve health. I finally got decent sleep and have regained my sanity. No matter how much I sleep while residing in Cambridge I am never rested. I always feel fatigued, overeat and begin deteriorating mentally.

Visited a nearby state where I was left alone for the most part but the minute I came back into Massachusetts the police have been riding my ass again. Along with random gang stalkers of course and this isn't even in Boston this is a city that borders another state.

The entire state of Masshole-achussetts is simply a gang stalking hell for anyone targeted.

I am sure they are trying really hard to cause me to get into trouble and they can get me on something before my court so that I will be in violation and they can you put me away for a while not just a night this time.
I can tell that this is doing the campaign recently which is trying to get me into an institution finally. And that means jail or a mental institution either way doesn't matter to them.

This is definitely part of the changes in this area that I have encountered since the new mayor the new police chief and a change in the guard in Cambridge as well.

I believe this is why I was warned to leave the area and go to another state in the last few months, even leave the country.


  1. Do you believe the people telling you to leave the country were actually trying to help you or just part of the games the system plays?

  2. It's much of the same elsewhere; just the demographics are different. Around here, this being a druggie/welfare abuser town, there aren't yuppies or blacks around. Just a lot of ordinary nobodies riding around looking all smug and superior. And you already know how stupid they look. It's a lot like your experience you wrote about in Holidaysburg, PA. Haha, there are a lot of just nothing specials here riding around and on foot doing harassment. In the Westmoreland Mall, some young girl stops, points to my left (she was with her boyfriend), and say's "that's 'dumb' right there". And she repeated the gestures/pointing. This was a 16 yo old I suppose. But the next day, I was walking in this town (not in the mall), and I see and hear some older woman say the word "idiot".

    The implication is that those dimwits doing the harassment are smarter than the TI. And it's funny, because they are so stupid, hivelike, and obviously carrying out orders anyways.

    The bottom line is that I get harassment with the accompanying notion that the "group" (as in perp groups or sheep) is better than the individuals. They don't like individuals, and it seems that is what the NWO leaders do not like. That's what that perp meant when she said they hating the smart ones. I believe they don't like individuals doing their own thing. They actually think that being a sheep is better than being a smart individual. Since they deny everything, and their hive mentality excludes sound logical thinking, it's easy to see how using their simplistic thinking, the TI is "dumb" or an "idiot".

    The implication is that the group is always right, especially when they are a hive of nobodies who can't seem to grasp logical thinking. And they look so dumb, too, doing their riding around looking smug, sticking arms out car windows.

    The sheep don't care, and think they are STILL smart despite doing these group tactics. :) And there are all age groups, too. Around here, older people are very into this, and I wonder why? Maybe because they are vulnerable, and are afraid to not become a member of the hive? They know they will get hit with DEWS or harassment if they don't go along with this. Or, is it simply jealousy, that they are middle aged and older, and I am still fairly young or at least I am young for my age because I exercise regularly (I don't ride around in a car all day harassing people like an idiot) and abstain from drugs, alcohol, smoking, or anything related to the NWO.:) Their jealousy and hate is so amazing. They insinuate that an individual is stupid or a pedo simply because they aren't riding around in cars acting smug when they're nobodies. And the ironic thing is, they are very stupid and probably half of them are pedos. I see a lot of older people giving me lewd stares, like they see an young, hot, helpless victim, and they are a lot like the pedo eying up their victims because they see someone helpless and under their control.

    This is another corrupt state (PA). Look at the douche that runs this state: Corbett. The guy is an old-school crook and con-man. This state is losing money, and Corbett probably made deals with the crooked republicans to allow this bullshit to happen. I know this guy has protected certain pedos. He is a slime. And that's why PA has so much gangstalking here.

    And they hate us, and think we're dumb, because, they let the controlling factions do their thinking for them. They don't have a will of their own, and so they take out their aggression on TI's.

  3. Oh, the graffiti? Funny, because had a stupid gangstalking twit done this, chances are good he would have been left alone. I've see that time and again here. Any vandalism or harassment gets overlooked here, as long as it's part of the scripted harassment routine to help bring a TI under control. But a TI can never do anything of the sort that perps get away with. That's why perps are do smug: they know they are being protected. That's why this entire system needs exposed and brought to its knees. The problem is, there has always been mind control and manipulation of the public for many decades here in the US. It's just that it wasn't until recently that they starting herding people against TI with pinpoint accuracy. Getting the public herded into sheeple conformists who hate us (like Jonestown) is just part of the mind control that's always been here. It's just that now, they have more control and more stupid sheep.

  4. They want us to give up, to give in. I gave an example of the R. Dean Taylor song, where at the end, the last lyrics you hear sum up what the song is really about: "Red lights are flashin' around me/yeah love it looks like they found me". And songs are worded so they have multiple meanings in parallel. So "red lights flashing" could be the lights on surveillance cameras. Hence, you have been "found". And it's so odd that after that lyric comes the cop with the bullhorn: "this is the police" (metaphor for the police state the NWO wants); "you are surrounded" (meaning: you are boxed in by perps etc.). And finally, "give yourself up". Translation: it's futile to fight, you can never beat us or the system, so just give in and accept your fate. It fits in with the quote from the perp: "they are mad because you aren't accepting your situation".

    He has the original lyrics posted on:


    However, I like Taylor and his songs. But I suspect that he just did what the big machine wanted, and wrote a song that described what would happen to TI's. And funny how this song made it to #1. I suspect also that the machine involved Payolas that were so scandalous and were exposed (supposedly) but never went away. So you do this for us, we make sure your song makes it to #1. They do it via payolas, giving extra money under the table to radio stations. And they can't say they exposed this and stopped it in 1960, because the system has always operated on the premise of being sneaky and massive denial.

    Sure, they stopped Payolas in 1960. LOOOOL. And they've stopped MKULTRA too. Another big laugh. I'd like to think songwriters like Taylor were helping TI's in the future out with their situations by warning them of the police state that would like them to give up by surrounding them. That's what that cop with the bullhorn symbolizes.