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Friday, May 23, 2014


Yeah smart phones without service with cameras are great aren't they? Especially when u can take pics of off reflections of stuff in the room so flat foot doesn't realize u can see him and catch him.

When are these people going to stop this bullshit? They are never going to win. They think that I wont file that police report for harassment from those detectives in that car in November in Cambridge. Me getting arrested for vandalism only put me further towards my goal as it got me out of isolation in touch with a great lawyer. Which will only lead to more contacts and networking.

I plan to show my lawyer that harassment was part of my stress as well as what was going on in that McDonald's in Central Sq recently. Its all going to come to a head.

One of the volunteers at the Women's Center got attacked and finally they realize its not the frickin' 70s anymore and they are dealing with a 21st century problem: a population of homeless and poor people resulting from the de-institutionalization in the 80s and 90s. We tried to warn them about who is really out here and they kept playing with fire with their Liberal bleeding heart bs and sadly like most humans they only have woken up from ignorance after experiencing violence.

This opens up an opportunity for people like myself who are part of the high functioning houseless demographic to form a niche in the NWO or 21st century by changing the face of homelessness and its resources and services. We CAN get away from the services based population we are forced into dealing with everyday even though the only thing we have in common is homelessness. We CAN have our own culture and identity. Hopefully through legal means we can fight that its been illegal this entire time to have denied us a right to exist to begin with.

The WC has been targeted, monitored and wired for sound I suspect for years now. Its possible that its part of the military dictatorship we all live in now (that's very male-centric) to block and destroy things like The Women's Center. Remember, this entire thing started with NeoCons during the recent Bush administration. Bush's father was with Nixon. Nixon referred to Harvard and Cambridge as "..the Kremlin on The Charles". Other Survivors like Cathy O'Brien have said that elder Bush's NWO plan includes people finding Kennedy era Democrat policies and attitudes to be unrealistic.

Basically I am saying that in theory the WC could be targeted long range not by some party locally even but some far off source who wants it to fail such as just has occurred. They, as always want to cause CHAOS and get these places shut down. Look the prime real estate the WC occupies. Some greedy jerk real estate people could benefit greatly from getting the place shut down then sold. Part of the NWO in all cities I have traveled through in these years seems to be to cause rot in these areas to then have an excuse to gentrify and totally take over areas from common people. CAUSE A PROBLEM/SOLVE A PROBLEM. Order Out Of Chaos.

Ive seen these chaos people around the country in my years as a TI. Ive posted the most extreme examples of thier handywork, utlizing technologies, psych warfare ops and chemical influences that are not supposed to exist officially, but do probably under classified or black projects and budgets.

These are the same people who caused a lone shooting in St Louis in 2008 when I was there, and it was almost me who became that shooter one day before a man who suffered long term harassment by the town and police actually did snap and shot up the city hall including one cop and the mayor. East St Louis was the most violent city in the USA at that time. Its very possible that this is directly caused by the 'gang stalking' system. Targeting individuals and entire populations with classified technologies, chemical influences and psychological operations performed by human forces networks.

I think its a bit over thier heads to bring this up at the WC. If they didnt listen to reason before they wont now. It will suffice to let them know that there needs to be a change in the system for the new model of city they are dealing with. Im shocked that no one had made changes based on this before things got to this point.

After informing On The Rise about the meetings coming up laughably the girl in the office specifically asked me which ones I was going to attend. These people have infiltrated most homeless services nowadays and thier goal seems to be to get these things shut down and to keep down anyone who wants to actually improve conditions for the 21st century. So they actually work with the chaos people in this way.

Its like the worker at OTR said once that I documented, Benny the one whos going into psychiatry who was outright cruel to me one time concerning my being tortured in my gang stalking campaign. She was overheard talking about "rebuilding society from the ground up". Ive come to realize through experience and reading that Liberal Dems love social engineering. Its what makes them so damn sneaky compared to the outright offensive tactics of NeoCons-people like Bush, Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. I prefer an obnoxious arrogant opponent I can plainly see what they are pulling. The problem with Obama and co is they come offering candy like some pervert with a van and duct tape in the backseat. The kind of people yer mom warned you about in the old days before everyone got told not to go outside at all nowadays, before cameras and before gps tracking. We had to defend ourselves. This is probably why people nowadays dont see whats going on. Things are a little too safe and no one has any real experience with danger.

I can see a fight coming between the kind of people that OTR supports, people who want to take real estate and hand it over to YUPpies and behavior modify all of us instead of actually growing with society's changes and making things better.

It might be a good thing the WC was shut down. It was targeted and I had experienced being fried in there many times which I documented. It was started by a woman from Harvard just as OTR also was started by a Harvard alumni. Ive come to the conclusion that this is most likely why homeless services are never open on Sundays. The women especially, not being targeted on those days, may be sane and at ease enough to not only discuss these changes in conditions but might also be able to organize like reasonable people. Which above all this system does not want us to do.
OCCUPY may very well have been nothing more than a made up reactionary movement that served as an experiment to see if some portion of the homeless and underclass could organize under controlled conditions. To 'smoke out' as it were, the most highly functional, altruistic of the homeless and poor even those considered mentally ill.

Then of course when it was time, the movement was stopped by domestic militant forces. And all along the way police and covert forces (COINTELPRO like infiltrators) made sure that there was chaos and drunk, shitty homeless people to keep the movement down all along. I and others witnessed that first hand. If the feds had COINTELPRO as such a success so many decades ago why would they not be expert at it now?

If people like me dont act right now with this window of opportunity, the homeless culture as it is will be destroyed by these forces shaping society covertly in order to make way for more power for real estate agencies, banks and business associations. Thier preferred populations of YUPpies, hipsters and various house slaves (compliant, eager foreigners from screwed up, sexist third world countries and the old reliable African American former slave populations-your COINTELPRO crowd) will be rewarded with a place and benefits in thier new engineered societies and we, if we do not fight for a place in it, will end up having to take on false identities to survive (see the former) or might as well leave the country.

Which is always an option. Places like Switzerland know whats going on. Note recently that Suisse bankers are now being tried and in trouble for off shore tax evasion. Convenient huh when you are one of the only countries in the world smart enough NOT to join the EU, keep mass immigration down and refuse to let the immigrants that do arrive into idylic small towns as well as have the balls to CHARGE GEORGE W BUSH WITH BEING A WAR CRIMINAL.

Its all worth the price though. Keep it up Switzerland. Other countries are rebelling as well. Who knew the day would come when Russia looked attractive as a place to emigrate to from the USA seeking freedom?


Anonymous said...

I found myself a companion here, and now the focus of the psy-ops is to get me and her fighting. They're using psy-ops to make me jealous of her, causing me to confront her, causing her to retaliate, etc. This has to stop. They don't TI's to have a companion or wife/husband. If they do, the perps who run this thing will have them fighting, using divide-and-conquer BS. But they will reward the bums and disgusting nobodies who go along with this. TI's aren't allowed to start families, to reproduce. They want the far less intelligent or desirable obedient slaves (sheeple) to reproduce, because they know their DNA isn't nearly as high quality. But that's what they want; lots of inferior quality DNA floating around, because it makes for better and obedient slaves.

haze42082 said...

I just wanted to thank you for more great posts. I always enjoy reading your blogs and respect what you do. We got a lot in common, and its refreshing to see another like minded person posting. Im going to start posting blogs also, you inspired me. Im new to the blogger sphere I mainly go on youtube, but they keep changing the formats and youtube has fallen off pretty hard. Anyway keep fighting, and staying real. Remember God loves you. God loves the poor and Jesus even stated its easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for the rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. All over the bible it states blessed are the poor, and shames the rich man. YAH bless sister!!!!!!!