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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mick Jagger's Recent Long Time Girlfriend Commits Suicide In NYC

Yeah first thing you think is its suspect with that f*ckin crowd anyway. I recall Marianne Faithfull's creepy  boyfriend at the time  years ago in 2004 when the campaign was just getting underway (and all of Narcotics Anonymous that was rich kids or infiltrated by whatever govt agency pulled this crap under the guise of anti terror etc) saw me out of the corner of his eye in some health food store and it was all very in-the-know that I was in the process of being destroyed by this system. He seemed to have a mix of quietly repressed slight sympathy mixed with a whiff of elitist non concern. (Apparently he likes to abuse 'the help': ..niiiiiice black and red once again. lol)
As usual I didn't give a shit becuz I always have my internal programming to lead me and that strange predictive guidance system to protect me. Outsiders don't matter.
Faithful's reputation in NA meetings was that of a b*tch who would scold people for talking about being molested as children in meetings due to it being off content.
The elite should have their own meetings I guess where their sick social rules can be adhered to.
I learned that the hard way from attending NA trust fund kid meetings in Brookline, Newton and Watertown MA. Not only does one have to deal with getting clean and or sober but you have to then be subjected to their ego trips, exclusionary tactics and sick mind f*cking games..which arent really that great becuz remember- someone handed them money....and every truly successful career criminal ive very known doesnt go to NA meetings, or prison so those meetings were full of people who worked for this system becuz they were in trouble essentially or very stupid. Probably both. Every person who helped me in NA would turn on me or anyone else in a minute and every one who was ever against me was recruited when  my ex Jake got  busted and they finally had some way of getting to me. Years before that I would just ignore them. They were petty, sick nobodies in my world. Only the Bush admin and the lies of 9-11 and Iraq gave the shits in this sect of our sick society any power at all.
The gang stalking system is notorious for utilizing the most insecure fucked up weak people in mobs to do thier dirty work on Targets. NA was a perfect place to find that as well as have thier 20 something ridiculous agents infiltrate the groups as many TIs had to deal with a massive amount of kids doing GS during Bush and the war. (What the hell is this Mary Queen of Scots? Why kids? I still dont understand that. They are so incredibly stupid, arrogant and uncaring about who they harm..oh, wait. I see. Never mind.)

Also a total jerk who owns  a moldy hostel in Tampa, Florida who bases his hostel's theme on bragging about knowing members of the Rolling Stones told me his "friends in St Louis" where I had just come from "warned me you were trouble". This is after I had to cancel my bed there due to the mold damage to my lungs from that apartment years before rendered me unable to breathe in Tampa so I had to spend the last of my money on a bus to the more inland city of Gainseville, FL. I literally felt like I was breathing water.
In their world 'trouble' means I am honest and actually advocate for myself.
(btw I was basically mind controlled into even taking this on a whim trip down to Florida. It was a very bad time during the campaign. It was at the height of the torture and it was when Hayden was in office heading the CIA. The scumbag. He even resembles Aquino and supposedly they are friends.)

Thoughts on her death were: blood sacrifice, knew too much in general, after a breakup she would be a loose end, shakedown from outsiders.
One theory that no one has touched on is that she faked her death to escape debt which is why Jagger gets the Will. So he can dole it out to her in some other part of the world. Wouldn't that be a nice, romantic, lofty ending to such a story.

When are people gong to learn about the elite and the entertainment industry? They are involved in doing dirty work for various powers that be. And they are morons anyways with their 666 finger gestures, one eye of Horus shots and other allusions to Illuminati membership bullsh*t.

Sigh.  Rebellious satanism in music used to be fun. The fact the music sucks now and everyone is actually using music to enslave humanity and keep energy from people instead of emanating it shows there is something very wrong nowadays.

And for a bunch of fashion conscious  people aren't they bored with black and red? Not very creative.

Ugh, just look at this society scene and its people nowadays...geez. A far cry from the days of studio 54 and  Warhol with gorgeous fags, trannies, nobody starlets and fabulous old money heiresses. Its a dead recycled scene. Giuliani made sure that NYC went non creative and dead by cleaning it up..basically corporatizing it. But hey, hip hop culture was already killing any real creativity left in the city anyway. Just like its CIA backers have planned from the beginning probably.

It is so time to go to other countries and find fresh newly forming cities and scenes.

Business as usual nowadays would bore anyone to death in the USA.

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