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Monday, May 12, 2014

Called FBI In Washington DC-Was Told Police Weren't Stalking Me..Over Phone Without Investigation

Exactly who do the arrogant pieces of sh*t who take these calls think they are and how stupid do they think we are?

This is why activism is so important. Imagine a US citizen with no street smarts and no prior training getting this response from some bitch over an answer line who ISNT AN INVESTIGATOR.

These call center people serve the same Serberus three headed guard dog of hell function as doctors secretaries.
To an experienced TI this is a joke. To someone who's new to being overtly targeted this could be devastating, deadly especially as HER FUNCTION WAS TO LEAD THE COMPLAINTANT RIGHT TO LOCAL POLICE who in certain cities actually perform stalking and harassment.

This call should be embarrassing to the US govt.

As a person formerly part of a crowd who was 'of interest' in a federal investigation of organized crime WHICH INCLUDED CORRUPT LOCAL POLICE how can the woman answering the phone be sure of her statement at the end of our call: "The police aren't stalking you."

Poor performance really. Becuz its a complete joke for an agency that does investigations to have an employee over the phone claim with all assuredness that there is no crimjnal activity occuring without any investigation nor even knowing my name etc.

What a f*ckin joke.

"Stalking is a local issue....stalking is a local issue", in this nasal voice over and over.

She then asked how I knew police were stalking me after telling her I won't go to police becuz depending on the city the police are part of the multi stalker network IN UNIFORM AND MARKED VEHICLES.
Boston is one of those cities, where police in cruisers have the absolute gall to perform stalking harassment.

After I restated that its police in uniform in marked vehicles she moved on to simply denying there was any police misconduct.

Gee wouldn't it have been more appropriate and sensible to suggest internal affairs? Especially since the last time they pulled that I got photographs (detectives) which I've posted on this blog.

It could be that the phone call got redirected to some area where there job is to bullshit people.

I recall during the federal investigation here I went to contact a Watertown detective and my phone call got directed to a pager line and other instances of my calls being redirected.

They can only keep me down or contained for so long.


Anonymous said...

The FBI is full of their "own", i.e., perps. A lot of government agencies seem more infiltrated with perps than normal. When I did the census in 2010, when I walked into the Census Bureau office that was set up here, I got harassed. The FBI probably does favors for criminals making use of children for their sexual pleasure. So I was going to go to the FBI office lately, but decided the only way to fight this is to research what they are doing and who is all involved.

Anonymous said...

They have to protect their high-level pedophile and drug trafficking networks. And who better to do it than the FBI? Someone needs to come at their throats until they come clean about the industries and criminals they are protecting. And talking to a weak office bitch isn't going to get it done. I'm thinking you need to befriend someone inside the agency itself. I was thinking about getting to know an actual higher-level agent there, to gain a real friendship with the guy or gal, in order to gain some information about what goes on there. You and I both know they are watch dogs for the Elite. And they do actual crime investigations too, but top priority is protecting the power structure.

Lavoy Matthews said...

Hi Rachel I wrote the fbi and they have no file on me. The cia and nsa won't give me my Lavoy

Anonymous said...

...the truth about police: they are not hired for intelligence, they are not the "best and brightest," they are hired for solid "patriarchal authoritarian" upbringing. As the SS used to bellow: "Zu befehl!" - same today. Interesting factoid of my assaulters: the sheer number of German/Austrian last names showing up in "my" life. This thing we're trapped in began the day after WW2.

Anonymous said...

If you do any study of the Third Reich - and you should, we are living in the Fourth Reich, or, Nazi 2.0 updated for modern technology - you will soon discover of all the kraut professions, the medical was heads above THE most easily corrupted, followed by "justice" and "law enforcement." These days in this Quattro Imperium all three horse race to the "benefits for life" tape.
btw, I'm smart, but I do believe you are smarter than I am, that's so very attractive...