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Thursday, May 29, 2014

MA Doesn't Mind Corruption-If U Have Loyalties Here U Can Be A Total Piece Of Sh*t Otherwise Decent People Are Totally Expendable

"Salem State University professor Rob Brown put it more bluntly: "He'll be ostracized."

"Chuck Turner and other people, they had already created tremendous loyalty and constituency on a local level," Brown said, referring to the Boston city councilor who received waves of support despite a federal corruption conviction. At 37, Henriquez has been in office just over three years.

"Here is a case of an obscure, a state rep, and ... he was convicted and sentenced," Brown said. "He's pretty dispensable.""

Oh so this is what happened to me right? I was pretty dispensible also right? And that fat c*nt Julie had great loyalties locally (rich Jews, paid off cops and organized crime investors)..and my mother and father's family had great loyalties also? Like what ? Like my uncle working for the mob or the second cousin who's a detective in Waltham where my maternal family is from?


This city doesn't even get it that the Boston Bombing was a wake up call. For all the shit they do to people and continue to do. Doesn't anyone see the correlation between the new police chief being a Marathon lover and runner and the bombing taking place there? I was just reading that he actually demoted cops so he could unfairly promote others SOLEY BASED ON RACE OR GENDER to further some bizarre obsession with Diversity in this new administration.

That must've pissed a lot of people off. Perhaps the false flag operators wanted to get this new guy in some real personal way so that policies they wanted pushed through would go or whatever they wanted.

I now see the corruption of this new administration. They are going to pull an Obama. Which means diverting the public's attention from them further going along with the NWO sgenda-corporations, banks, Diversity being used to block and silence any EuroAmerican cultures which are really the only ones that successfully revolt against the elite historically.

The public are stupid. They don't realize when someone like Whitey Bulger runs Southie its controlled corruption and the neighborhood is protected in many ways. They are naive enough to believe that once the traditional bad guys are gone that crime is cleared up. I have seen that rthe only reason they want to get rid of Irish or Italian organized crime is so they can open up those areas to black gangs or house slaves working and occupying the area covertly, new Russian mafia etc etc. Crime gangs that the public are less familiar with that can hide behind victimization (blacks) or being new immigrants..both of which stupid YUPpies will just see as socio economic disadvantaged and some urban rot or poor 'people of color' moving into the neighborhood. Places like Southie now being taken over by blacks and foreigners buying up the local businesses...all the while the place is flooded with drug cops.

I see now that this is all to feednthe prison system and in the bigger picture it creates two classes-the peasant idiots I just wrote about and the rich like YUPpies and hipsters and elite. Everyone is kept down and enslaved who can't afford to pay for a decent lifestyle. And they still make their money off of drugs and sex industry.

American cities are all like this now. Anyone alternative is homeless usually...or living somewhere sensible that's the last hold outs. Places like NH lol, where whites can still be considered human beings. That place is targeted too. Usually with a mind set that everything is OK in their little world probably so the residents can't rise up against what's going on in the country at large.

The effect of the Bush years was that anyone or anyplace like MA or Boston that was evil to begin with at its core would just explode into full on absolute evil and show its or their true colors.

This must be why people hang their heads instead of do something about what's happened to me. They don't mind corruption as long as it benefits the Bay State.

And they are too stupid to understand its about MK Ultra and mass mind control or war crimes or the military industrial complex and others like pharma or medical taking total ownership of the state. They just think its about one expendable person.

I watch the rich go by a lot nowadays and I always return to the knowledge I possess from these years of experiences with this system compared to what they believe they know and how they live.

I'm much better off. I know what's out there. How it all really works. They are controlled in so many different ways or worse they are total scumbags who know about this system and go along with it which I cannot understand for the life of me.

It truly is time to leave MA becuz the changes being made are only going to get worse.

I now also get why the gs has come to focus on getting me pissed off with racial issues. I am being forced to go up against what this new admin claims to hold dear-Diversity, anti racism etc.

And having more Diversity in the police force by its new chief means that THE OLD GUARD WHICH I SUSPECT WAS ONE OF THE LAST TIGHT KNIT NETWORKS IN THE NORTHEAST AGAINST THE NWO AND ITS REVERSE RACISM is now but jng broken down.

This also explains why they took and removed their people from the homeless industries,shelters etc and stores locally: they got the results they wanted.

I saw this during the presidential elections too. Blacks work in a lot of covert ops in order to help get their desired candidates or people into political positions.

This change in admin must be why no one cares about me anymore and I am being put out to pasture. Becuz no one is left who was part of the ops during Bush so no one has to care anymore.

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