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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Weeks Satanic Mass At Harvard Sees Results Of Its Labors Today

So this is the results of invoking Satan at that recent Satanic Black Mass!! He and his minions have arrived.

I guess the mass was sort of a metaphysical putting out the welcome mat or priming the area for reception of such energies.

I got the impression that someone was impressed we local rebels didn't take action on this by causing trouble today.

I wasn't even aware until a few hours ago.

Being an NWO freedom fighter is different than  battles against oppression of the past. Protests are soooo 20th century. They do nothing anyway nowadays becuz Big Media doesn't allow such actions to be aired or marketed as important.
The authorities have all kinds of weapons and gadgets now too. We saw this during Bush the younger's administration in war protests.

Resisting and informing on the NWO is a long term commitment. A lifestyle. An activity that we act on daily in our lives not some special event. Being reactionary now is useless. Carrying a permanent attitude of non compliance and continuing exposure, mapping out the plots and schemes to those interested- that is resisting the NWO. The false environment, the altered timeline. The alternate reality they've created.

Bush and Bloomberg showing up at Harvard as honories is incidental. Protesting would only validate Harvard as an important institution that matters to people like me which it does not. Its a place that paradoxically takes part in forming the NWO but also provides a place for its resistors and denouncers.

Its a home base. If an enemy general has political business here its not my affair. We are not guerillas-that stance is for the disinfo agents lol and usually they and that sort of childish opposition  operations don't last very long.

My job is to deliver information to interested parties and salvage other fighters who are tired or beaten or who may not understand they are NWO resistors to begin with.

Its strange that many people involved in this are linked by some bond to the very people we are fighting. Like St George was related to the dragon he slayed.

Besides my greatest joy today was looking at the occasional beautiful piece of clothing (usually on Indian women) and viewing some of the ugliest wealthy people I have ever seen at one time in a public place. Plastic surgery victims were more minimal than a typical day in southern California but the entire thing made me feel better about my losing my looks to age and wear in these years fighting the covert wars. It made it more evident to me that Harvard is now just a marketed corporate name and logo. Gone are the Patrician gorgeous faces of old money-the perfect facial profiles of intergenerational Harvard attendees that were once artwork I could rely on seeing here in the Square every year.

This insular environment has been replaced by new money and YUPpies. Whoever has the necessary diversity and can pay.

That made me feel most validated in my work and continued resistance.

And it also kept the cops from being the overbearing, stalking fascists they've been this year.

I already knew Harvard was sold out to the world and lost to its specialness years ago. What is left of it that remains in its structure that persists to support people like me will always be here but the destructive intrusive forces are overwhelming that now and will continue to.

This place is in ruins now like Athens or ancient Rome. All one can do is to exist among its skeleton that still has some value.

You can't stop the NWO. You can only try to get a percentage of people to see the deception and resist or help resistors along the path.


mej313 said...

Although Havard appears to have "lost" what you see as it's original grandeur, please do not negate the invisible presence of students and some assorted, perhaps odd, faculty who are striving for perfect knowledge, who also outside the realm of the NWO agenda offer alternative viewpoints to the public display of plastic surgery dolls posing to get the grant monies necessary to continue the funding--people can also pursue hidden agendas of resistance inside those Ivory Towers that remain true to the purpose of education for the sake of intellectual freedom from bondage and the new Totalitarian state. This is the contingent that is kept hidden, would not attend such functions, and nevertheless is contained within the marrow of the outwardly decaying structure of Harvard and the educational system in general.

mej313 said...

On a small side-note, if you by chance attempt to look up plot or summary of Jude the Obscure on Wikipedia, the description deviates from many of the salient points about the elitism and ousting of people from other classes in attempting to elevate their level of education, and achieve anything substantial outside the restrictive dogma of their surrounding environments, and the even more restrictive closure of the higher system of education--this is not mentioned, or very briefly in the Wikipedia site, but if you read the book the points come across repeatedly, so it's often dubious and a distortion to even rely on any modern media analysis or representation of these books from the last few centuries where authors truly strove for a view of the restrictions of the institutions that people are taught to believe and follow in blind obedience--which is one of the main hallmarks of the New World Order, absolute obedience to the systems of authority which beset the general population but which are told the gates of entry are forever close to those who seek to belong to the beautiful jet set--which you observed is a mockery of plastic surgery skin stretched thin over a decaying skeleton. These older books, tomes of wisdom, are so often misrepresented in movies, it's part of the brainwashing to prevent people from even venturing the read the books, because the movies dull the points, dull the mind, and provide a false direction of thought so the viewer simply has no interest in reading the book because the movies have weakened any interest at all in the real book, which is much more enlightening and fascinating. And so with these generalized Wikipedia and other popular forms of search engine results for understand any alternative point of view. Wikipedia, for example, was always forbidden as any reliable source to quote for any research. Thomas Hardy wrote of some very tragic themes--and he lived his life in a semi-tragic way, and like so many, abused and possibly caused the death of his first wife and then tortured the second wife to dress like his first wife and remain stagnant. So many of these "enlightened" authors, while writing clearly of the oppression of poorer (white) males in the New World Order (but always called something else) never, ever view their treatment and obliteration of strong female characters in any of their books as belonging to the system of oppression that they, themselves, are attempting to overcome and expose.