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Friday, May 23, 2014

Jails Are Using These Technologies For Behavior Modification Of Prisoners

When I was arrested for telling that McDonalds exactly what I thought of their harassing, reverse racist staff in writing no one I knew  had bail money.

I spend the night in jail, whatever becuz I regret nothing. With all the lone shootings as far as I am concerned staff harassing anyone in a place like a McDonalds nowadys is totally irresponsible and puts the entire community at risk. It adds unecessary stressors. I will include that in my lawsuit against McDonalds.

As I got booked and went into the cell I noted that it was unusually quiet. An imposed quiet, an artificial state of mind that was induced not of its own accord. Ive been dealing long enough with this system in many different locations. I know when the natural, normal inner machinations of my own mind are being altered or disturbed by outside, intrusive, unatural forces such as the technologies now in use on classified levels by the powers that be.
Remember, many TIs know from their introductions into activism that Reagan openly advocated the use of these technologies and behavior modoficiation methods in prisons,  in mental health facilities and in public spaces. After public outcry against such policies, obviously these systems and methods were implemented covertly and probably put under classified levels or with private companies to avoid public scrutiny.'

In one activist video I saw early on, one that they dont want the public to see since the late 90s probably,

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  1. I'm gay ok? My boyfriend Danny is a TI. He was exposing some corrupt part time cops in our city. Well, they basically framed him up with a perp. He was babysitting and this girl told him to take the baby with him for a ride, next thing you know he gets pulled over and arrested ON THE WAY back to the girl's house and was charged with kidnapping... the cop said we got ya we're gonna make u kill yourself ur done fuckin with us faggot. Now they put him in a jail cell and 2 days after he was there they turned off the ventilation to his room and ALL THE OTHER PRISONERS have ventilation. It's so bad that water is running down the sides of the cell. So he put requests in about this and the maintenance man checked it out and said wow thats weird the belt was off the fan to your cell. Two hours later they took the belt back off his cell again and now the maintenance man isnt responding again so he still has no ventilation. Also the guards have told everyone there that hes gay and wink wink nudge nudged to them that they'll look the other way on his harassment. They also put him in one of the only cells with a camera that watches 24 / 7. Can u please advise us how to respond? His bail is set astronomically high even though we have tons of proof he didnt kidnap the child