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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

changing tactics and consistent black pawns

Latest tactics consist of having cops in marked cars drive by a lot.

The biggest one now is having one individual walk into the area of public space or room/store/building I am in and then walk away or out.

People walk by hanging their heads in shame and pity. Or feeling bad for me is constant now and usually in a flow of people walking down street.

They've also taken to doing this in my sleep spot so I see a parade of feel-bad head hangers when I wakeup and try to pack. (Anywhere Harvard i get harassed. Areas I could not figure out why there was so much gangstalking it always turns out that it's affiliated with Harvard somehow.

One guy touched his hand to his chest I ignored it but saw it as he walked awaynand putt his hand down.

Obviously they are tryint to change tactics. Also I am doing things differently and Doing things that make me feel good and gentler so they cannot exactly make me angry anymore.

On the buses they are still using blacks to make me become racist but i notice now  its uppity blacks who purposely look down on what I am wearing or bus drivers messing with me. Of course the passengers doing this are wearing black and red.

And also common in this area is people usually men leaning into my face as they walk past me in the opposite direction. I called one out 2 day in harvard square because I know there are cameras everywhere there.
He looked embarrassed. And even went the wrong way and had to turn around to get to his original destination.
I have seen him before he was a local tradesman. Just another person who is involved in a small business in trades like carpentry etc who is involved in gangstalking.

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