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Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Black Dragon-Symbolism-Telling Dream

Shown in dream last night two black dragons on either side of a center piece on a wall of a smallish, old pub in England. Given idea that I should go there. That I have some sort of power there.

Uh...Britain right now is an even more oppressive police state than America. The security camera system is more extensive and due to the country being so small I cannot imagine what that is like to live under.

In Europe theyve also done away with alot of freedom of expression like free speech and anything against the NWO is considered hate speech. PC has become such a weapon for the NWO that anyone no obeying is considered inhuman.

Whatever is over there or anywhere else in EU is going to have to wait until I at least try to take legal actions here and if that doesnt work for me personally to get justice, at least document and submit what Ive experienced as a last ditch effort to be fair to my country- before leaving it for the remainder of my life.

There is also something else it could be...

The content above is alot more like what gs is connected to.

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