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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Destruction Of The Middle Class Not Possible Without Mass Mind Control

What I always have to live in denial about, knowing the truth about our world now as I do and other TI's and Survivors do, is that all of this wouldnt be possible IF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WERE NOT UNDER MASS MIND CONTROL VIA GANG STALKING. (Chemtrails and other delivery systems of Chemical Influence, Technological Influence via cell phones, microwaves piggybacked on cell towers and other sources of electromagnetic influence as well as other forms of influence via tech and Psychological Operations which consist of a massive network of covert operatives in place across the USA, media, propaganda and social engineering.)  'Gang Stalking' is done to individual Targets as well as its being perpetrated onto every citizen of the USA- mass mind control.

I always feel better in the basement of a solid old tonight I got into a shelter thats in a church basement. And of course after 1 am.

And its getting worse. The radiation fallout from the nuclear facility in Japan damaged by the tsunami called Fukishima seems to have made all of these effects much worse for human life by entering the environment.

People do not know about this system and shockingly, many Americans dont know what Fukishima is or why its important. I no longer visit the mid western USA or anywhere on the west coast due to the effects of radiation I experienced last year in places like southern CA and Portland, OR.

People are getting sick and weaker and things are getting worse it seems, times are darker and no one realizes that humanity is being poisoned to death by these means.

I can tell you first hand as a Target that this is what they have done to me and Ive seen that what Ive written above is what is happening to America. If you cant afford to live here it seems they want you gone...either by leaving the country or by being oppressed or just plain made sick and poor. Its going to get worse.

But always remember that this is all due to INFLUENCES..reality is a base level that exists underneath these influences that create these conditions daily. Life is normal, the way things used to be before 2003..or even 1997 sometimes. The damage this system is doing to people is real. To peoples minds, spirits and reality is quite real. Its just that its all being done as Ive mapped it out. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE AS IT IS.

Its being CREATED by the elite in place and others interested in creating an enslavement of humanity as well as it seems lowering the population eventually.

By understanding this you can adapt and escape or at least find your way out what you can while you can. It seems that thier idea of 'the best' are only allowed to survive. I believe that there are 'elite' among those of us who do not have money to protect us. You will find this blog and this information or someone, somewhere will find you worthy enough to show it to you so you can be deemed worth saving or worthy to survive. You are who I write this blog for.

All these conditions are manufactured- they  are creations. They are not occurring naturally. Reality is being INFLUENCED, unfairly by  forces with far too much of an advantage via advances in sciences that the average person is ignorant about.

Its very strange- its a reality that is not supposed to exist, yet it does. Daily. Yet, if you investigate and experience what is outside of this false time line, the false environments created by these forces nowadays- you will experience that my claims are true. These conditions are not constant as a real 'reality' would be. The conditions as they exist that are so miserable and oppressive only exist in certain time frames, certain locations both geographic and physical. All of these conditions exist only by the rules of what governs technologies, chemicals and covert psychological operations being able to influence our world.
Reality shouldnt shift back to what was before 2003 and the Bush era, simply by it being 12 midnight or a federal holiday. The effects of sadness, despair or mental fogginess or emotional flatness or forgetfulness or self hatred or disorders like intrusive thoughts etc should not be able to cease simply by way of one being located in a solid concrete and steel building or a govt building or a hospital or a basement or the underground subway or geographic locations like places in the middle of nowhere with no cities or cell towers.

You either realize this or do not, you either wish to escape it or you don't. Reality is being manufactured for humans to live in. Knowing this, you are given back control and the opportunity to find out what is actually real- naturally occurring as it should according the Nature and the earth, time and space on this planet, and to re establish your own true reality thus taking any amount of power AWAY from the perpetrators of these war crimes in a more effective fashion than had every single piece of technology that creates the falsehoods daily been smashed to pieces and every chemical influence been stopped being administered and every single sneaky, hidden psy op perp been subdued.

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