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Monday, February 17, 2014

This may be one reason why they gang stalking system works so hard to turn people into racists by using the most arrogant assholes available. It seems the up and coming laws and regulations are based on race. This is why Obama was a perfect cover story of a president. A perfect pick for this time and place. America's cover story- an African and American president (not African-American).  I could not figure out why having  a black president was working right now after Bush and all those war crimes.

It now makes sense. These laws along with using mass mind control are going to be used to break humanities Will through a loss of identity especially. This is also why I think so many of the gang stalkers focus on racism from a TI- to incite the person to racism then after forcing the person to act out racially ( naturally in self defense) making a huge deal of it.

Once they get outside the borders of the USA into EU and other countries promoting this farce, the person can be totally obliterated with getting them on hate speech etc.

THATS why its so important now to keep getting me to be pissed off with racial issues and keeping me so aggravated that I daily spew out racism as a form of self defense. Its the latest form of terrorism and war crime thats being focused on. Thats why so many lone shooters have to be racists. Thats why its important to make it appear as if blacks are saving the day from such attacks (when plainly TIs of all races have seen that would be simply part of a Create-A-Problem, Solve-A-Problem cause and effect.)

Liberals in Cambridge have talked about the last ten years of getting rid of all the dictators in various countries as if its part of some grand plan for ultimate world peace. "Cut off the heads of the snake and the others will die" or some such simpleton nonsensical, childish view of a much  more complex world. They scare the living sh*t out of me becuz they dont seem to realize that what was started during Bush- in earnest is whats going on now, that is whats dangerous. Not some 20th century or historical norm such as humans abusing power in obvious ways. 

I realize now more than ever that they have no idea whats really out here. What the new 21st century threats to our lives and liberties are really about. Deceptions, faking everything from documents to human faces to bombings to events to whatever you want to create that appears real- THAT is what is the threat. What should it be called- reality terrorism? Deception terrorism?  Then making you forcibly believe loads of endless horsesh*t becuz you are under mass mind control from chemtrails, technologies and endless psych ops in public spaces..and all thanks in part to surveillance (which is supposed to be designed to keep you safe. Its being abused by people who are keeping you very UNsafe.)

THATS why people hate me, dont like me and cannot stand anyone who is rebelling or shares the same anti-NWO sentiment I do. THEY DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS REALLY GOING ON.

Its hard for me to understand how they actually believe that what they are being shown and told is the truth. That they wouldnt suspect something is amiss. That world peace does not come that easily and historically  never has. That good intentioned people would not FORCE with laws any such things such as denying people thier ability to express themselves about their environment or quality of life or fear for safety of their communities and children.

I understand now and will take that into consideration when I continue on this path to do what I am doing. Becuz I cannot stop or abandon my post or my mission. Once you have seen the capacities and resources they have in the 21st century, once you experience their murderous arrogance and rationalized unbridled greed you will understand how INCAPABLE they are of true peace among humanity.

Anyone who goes postal or becomes a terrorist is doing so in an act of final desperation and self defense. What they arent showing you or explaining is the covert operations that went into making that person so pushed to the edge to begin with. THEY HAVE THAT CAPACITY.

In this new century things are not so simple anymore. What you dont know is going to get you dumbed down, enslaved and perhaps made obsolete by technomancers obsessions with turning every human task over to robots and other tech. They want to be creators and live forever. They are nothing but criminally insane geniuses and mad scientists run totally amok in this century. If you want to believe they are going to create world piece then do so at the expense of no longer being truly human.

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