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Monday, February 17, 2014

CERD-One Reason To Stay and Still Love The USA (Forcing People To Deny Racial Differences and Free To Be Racialist)

This is definately part of the scam to create a New World Order of compliant slaves. Equality and Diversity are being abused and here is a perfect way to do it.

Force mass immigration onto countries in Europe then dont allow people to freely express or take action against the invasion and destruction of thier cultures.

Most of the USA doesnt know about this. I just found out this was being abused by the NWO mongers.  I was wondering why no one over there seems to be able to express just how abusive Equality and Diversity is and how its destroying entire countries and I also wondered why leaders of White Power, Supremacy or even just self defense groups were in jail. Now I understand.

Interestingly I just read that international law strikes out something as a war crime if its under self defense. My actions concerning race are at this point nothing but in the interest of self defense considering a disproportionate amount of 'gang stalkers' taking part in continued MK Ultra unethical human experimentation, ritual abuse etc (war crimes) are African Americans and Mexicans. Mexicans dont bother me so much becuz thats only in a certain geographical area and some areas not at all mostly down near the border of the USA of Mexico. African Americans have been instrumental in oppressing freedom fighters and victims of war crimes every major city in the United States.

If anyone wants to argue with me, its self defense. And I dont understand why this is being done to people in Europe obviosly also working in self defense even to a greater degree as they seem to not culturally have the toughness we do here against invading cultures.
If a bunch of Muslim gangs decided to start raping 7 yr old girls here in the USA, both cops and criminals would destroy them if not the people themselves.

I finally see the value  of the USA, now sadly looking upon the homeland of my ancestors. No rights to bear arms, no free speech and now no rights to even organize to defend themselves, their women, children, land or  culture.

I understand now why going to EU is not a good idea. That its not the old world I expect to find. And I marvel at the far sightedness  of the forefathers of the USA in setting up the US constitution  the way they did.

I get it now. Make as many Americans as possible disgusted with the USA. Have them help destroy it. Criticize it, want to leave, abondon it. Then one of the only places left on earth that has its structrue inherently contain resistance to this New World enslavement is unable to defend itself or the world from such a plot.

America is far from perfect. In fact, the 'gang stalking' system here makes it impossible to utilize the very freedoms that we have here to defend ourselves. You cant use freedom of speech if you are forgetful, foggy brained and being harassed 24-7. Then again, if you can get through that system that prevents you from functioning- you can utilize your rights.

It is absolutely ridiculous in this day and age with all the corruption, deception and race war divide-and-conquer being used to force people to decry racism. Some people by thier nature are racist. All races, religions etc of people and they should be allowed the freedom to choose for themselves based on thier upbringing, cultural backround and instinct if they want to integrate socially with other kinds of people.

If the world were being honest with its people right now this would be a great idea. Just like if Equality and PC were not being misused they would have remained a good idea also. These things are being horribly abused by special interests who want compliant slaves-not a truly peaceful world.

All around the globe Targeted Individuals are speaking out about a system of control thats covert in nature. Many of us also are aware its being used on the masses internationally. WHEN THOSE IN POWER DECIDE TO BE HONEST WITH THE PUBLIC ABOUT EVERYTHING  GOING ON IN OUR WORLD POLITICALLY then they can demand that mankind  become equal and peaceful by laws.

Until then, any such international rulings are suspect in nature. How can those in power demand that places so small and without the ability to economically carry themselves like Ireland become havens for immigrants from totally foreign cultures? Ireland hasnt been given a moments peace in hundreds of years. Now this?

The way to solve the problem is to demand that the people (most likely THEM) who are exploiting the immigrants' countries of origin stop exploiting those areas and focus on making them livable, peaceful countries and economically strong with a lowered birth rate etc. Africa has a gold mine in solar energy for instance.  Stop making more starving children with Christian organizations and stop giving money to puppet dictators etc. All the corporations that exploit these areas.

It should be illegal to force peaceful, civilized, evolved countries to accept foreigners who are from dangerous, violent environments or are totally different religiously with a religious bias towards their host countries (Muslim extremists) that have proven will cause criminal activity among said immigrants.

This con is so obvious now and I could NOT figure out how they were pulling it off.

You cant FORCE people to accept or like each other. That is what should be illegal. And upon what scientific research are they basing the idea that race doesnt exist? Becuz it does. Like psychiatry much of scientific theory  is just that- theory and most theory nowadays is put forth to fulfull the agenda of the elite. Namely universities, the private sector etc- you know, ALL THE PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT WERE DOCUMENTED TO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA AND OTHER BLACK PROJECTS but continue to be able to hide that from the public..simply by ignoring documented facts from declassified official documents.

Are you going to trust theories from a level of people who are obviously involved in something sinister and will do anything to keep it from the public? 

What they need to do is tell the public about chemical influences, technologies that influence human behaviors and the presence and effects of massive psychological operations.  IF THEY ARE NOT TELLING THE PU8BLIC ABOUT THAT, IF THEY DONT HAVE A SPECIFIC CONVENTION FOR THAT AS THEY DO FOR RACISM AS SEEN HERE, THERE IS SOMETHING THAT WE SHOULD BE SUSPICIOUS OF.
Namely that the whole world is being engineered to give up its identity, its will and its ability to defend itself as the elite gain more power that remains unseen and unfathomed by the masses.

You are going to target people and kill them which under international law is a crime but no one is going anything about it using that convention yet you jail people trying to speak out or organize to defend thier homes and families?

Now I see fullly how the NWO is becoming. How the elite are lying to everyone making it appear as if its in the interest of a globally peaceful world.

It cant be very realistic if what I have seen of the evil, sadism, cruelty, abusiveness and greed exists still among peoples. And that is ALL I have experienced for most of my life but intensely and overtly since 2003.

Humans are not yet evolved enough nor mature enough to be able to nor to demand such a utopian society. People are hiding behind this that are the same animalistic , greedy violent ape like creatures as our missing link ancestor or any predatory mammalian creature.
If this were genuine and honest then they woudlnt have to use mass immigration and people woudlnt be threatened nor unhappy. It woudl happen naturally through free association. And more focus would be put upon reparing and improving these people's countrires of orignin.

How can you demand perfect behavior from people when you dont demand it of yourself (as the elite or in world power)? In other words why are you invonveniencing people to take on the impovershed of the world to only destroy those countries and lessne that qualit of life instead of improving the quality of life for those who already life in the worst areas?

Because the honest truth is that man is not ready for that yet.  Racism is most evident in the actions of governments as well as corporate greed. They get away with this all the time and these laws dont stop them Nothing does.

Part of this con is to make the world's citizens believe that the world is becoming a peaceful, wonderful place with a great future. Food for everyone, internet for everyone, improved conditions for everyone- Equality for everyone.

If that were true then the people who are putting these things forth and arresting those who are only trying to defend themselves (the common people) would demand it of themselves.

The elite have cards they arent showing you and these good ideas are cover ups for much more sinister actions and plans for humanities future.

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Anonymous said...

That's probably why they are creating more lone shooters---so they can have an excuse for controlling the sale of guns to ordinary citizens. So they can cripple the US citizens' rights to bear arms, which means more power to the State and City police. I think the making people go postal tactic is another trick to usher in their Police State.

They want dumb people who can't think for themselves. I have people around here who are supposed to be my friends, yet they are jealous of my high intelligence, and they also seem to know I am a TI. Such "friends" I suspect are getting phone calls from somewhere coaching them on what to do next with me. So these friends are being used as handlers. And these friends have actually mocked my high intelligence in skits, and turned it against me. What, are they jealous because they have to take orders from some higher power on what to do next with me, and here I am standing strong and thinking independent of the system. They also like to revisit tactics some asshole perps did during Bush to me. More jealous idiots doing skits, and being arrogant about it.

Lately, they have this big girl as a girlfriend of mine, and she is pretty arrogant. She claims to be 5'11", but I am 5'11" and I am slightly taller than she. Anyhow, she is extremely arrogant when she is in handler mode against me. It's like, she's big, so she thinks she can push around an equally sized male. And I heard things being thrown around like "easily abused" and insinuating that the only reason I sit in the Subway is to intimidate the dumb workers there. I know they are doing it because they are failures, and can't stop having kids, or they have some weakness. Like their whole families are sooo dysfunctional, and brag openly about smoking dope. I stay away from that shit. But the system wants weak people posing as hardasses who give in to smoking pot and cigarettes and aren't interested in bettering themselves and see hopping around in dive bars as a fun night out.

It's like in that show on AMC called Walking Dead. In this one scene, it's so funny, because there is a bus load of zombies sticking their arms out and making their growling noises. Funny how they are able to wreak such havoc and kill normal living people, yet they can't seem to figure out how to open up the door to let themselves out. Another stupid show for idiots.