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Sunday, February 23, 2014

MK Ultra Book

This isn't history. These programs continue today. They are under the guise of everything from anti-terror to community watch, frame up s for criminal investigations, mobbing, vigilante justice etc.

Probably by private military contractors so there's no oversight or public transparency.


Lavoy Matthews said...

Hi Rachel I think the proceeds of drug running pay for the black ops that are subcontracted out to criminals. I think even Hillary Clinton saidthey wwon't stop drug running because there is so much money in it. Xxx lavoy

JCDoria Pros said...

As of 25 February 2014, this 240 page paperback book, MKULTRA: The CIA's Top Secret Program in Human Experimentation and Behavior Modification, published February 1, 2001 and written by George Andrews, is selling for $344.17 USED! There is more than one way to ban a book. This is not a rare book; I assume there was only one printing and there are but a few copies around. According to the database of the county I'm in, the book is not even registered. At any rate, there is plenty of accessible literature that irrefutably demonstrates that indeed, these programs continue today. These soul destroying projects are now remote-digital, viral, and mainstream.