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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ha Ha Ha..Berklee College Of Music Is Bullshit!

I'm sitting at Wendy's across from Berkelee. Getting made fun of by ignorant young people (until they heard me talking on the phone to another human being about getting him into a place to stay.) One actually gave me a dirty look just for simply looking at his face as we crossed paths on my way back from the ladies room and he was just coming in.

I won't soon forget how much gang stalking I've gotten in this area and how a certain Berkelee graduate who my ex helped on one of her projects used my story to write one of her songs...becuz her previous release of a concept album sucked so bad and flopped.

One of the old Jewish bitches from NA Brookline who helped put Scott the handler in my life had a half wit semi retarded son attending Berkelee at the time my life was being destroyed. (She's the one that has her kid on SSI even though the family is loaded. Beyond upper middle. They buy her cars instead of give her cash.)
I guess Berkelee IS that easy.

Part of the NWO is to ensure true geniuses and people with real rare talent are destroyed or kept down so that money can continue to be made by the military industrial-prison-psychiatric-entertainment complex by ensuring a standard of solid mediocrity to just plain boring as the norm.

Truly talented people who are mercurial and threaten the status quo by possibly inventing something new (continuing evolution as it should occur naturally) are variables that cannot be afforded in this tightly controlled false environment we now live in.

All I know is that before they busted Jake and snatched him up newly sober in NA...and then stole his true spirit he used to rank on this school to no end and call the people from it 'soulless'. I trust his opinion..back before the body snatchers got to him.

So much heavy harassment by tech at this place too. Berkelee areabhas been a major problem and hot spot in my gs campaign.
Especially when that hostel was around the corner. It closed down and reopened downtown with decent human beings working there. Not the fat black dude and the Hispanic pimps, who were holding rich white kids working there hostage with marijuana that was running it for years here.

Its amazing how many businesses in this area including shelters have cleaned up their acts SO THEY CANT BE INVESTIGATED.
Specifically post Boston Bombing.

Berkelee kids have always been mean to me as a TI.

One kid once years ago, who had the spirit of a real musician with some daring bravery and open mindedness (as I recall them from childhood) was kind to me in the face of peer pressure.

He probably has an actual real life now in a truly creative environment. Everyone else will live off of Patre's money, their degree from this place and the other elite aholes they establish networks with.

I guess this school has to do what it can to stay in business.

I'm going to go back to watching Kreator live in Berlin 1990.

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Anonymous said...

I always have that experience walking across campus of a certain large university near where I live sometimes. Usually, people who don't seem to notice me, oblivious to my presence is what I see. Typical for universities and their towns. But every so often, I'll hear a couple of morons behind me doing or saying something. Or there'd be a student having a cell phone convo that may be fakes and intended for me to be overheard. I usually just make myself oblivious to those types, much like the "normal" student that doesn't seem to notice my presence because of the high numbers of students walking around at any given time.

One time, a conversation stated clearly "what he doesn't realize is, IT's OVER". I just completely ignored those two, because a lot of what they do is psyching out the victim instead of conveying reality. Most directed conversations are designed to psych you out, I believe, instead of drop you info. Every once in a while, they drop you info, but you have to sift through mostly the psyching you out BS to get to it.

I don't think "it's over", because I may actually get in there. Again, not listening to the perps is the approach I prefer to use. They like to have you believe that they know your destiny, and that you won't beat the system or them. But I can see that a lot of times, trusting my own instinct works best, and that they can be beaten, as well as the system. in fact, that is my job as a TI: to find a way to beat them and their system.