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Sunday, February 23, 2014

HSHS Is Difficult Again, ANother Reason To Leave USA and NEver Return-Ive had enough

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter is not organized this year. It was ok for my last visit but this time around its alot of new people and something about it is NOT the usual peaceful, together place it usually is.

I have to sleep on a cot instead of a bed due to my legs and back. Every night the staff lets these same two guys stay up and chat until 2 or 3 am and one of them falls asleep at the table. When its just two of them fine.
However, when the brother of one of them comes over his stuff is everywhere and it gets louder. Now the staff are slacking, the structure of the place is lacking and they are letting in trouble makers as well as tonight it was people coming over to the table to sit down so there was four males sitting at the table where the two guys usually sit rather quietly one of them staff.

Staff is supposed to sit where the computers are every night after the guard leaves. They havent been doing this consistently. Staff sitting behind the computers at night creates an anchor. Its consistency for the guests and they know where to find staff if they need anything. They certainly shouldnt be joining guests at a table next to sleeping people.

The kitchen staff tonight brought out all this new food which is also unusual, as if it was dinner time which of course caused noise. Usually if someone is hungry just go to the door and they will make you somehting.

I find it interesting that it seems there was a lot of bitchy women in the ladies bed area, this little room with 5 beds, when I was going to start staying here but I avoided this potentially hazardous situation by having to sleep on a mat or cot instead due to my bersitis. Funny how, after that isnt a problem (or, didnt work depending on if its gang stalking or not), now the noise at that table near the people sleeping on cots gets ridiculous as well as the guy they let in tonight was a complete asshole. Some older guy who security should have thrown out at the door after arguing with them for 20 minutes when he arrived.

More and more is happening thats making me feel isolated and just wanting to leave town which I am sure is everyone'g goal in Cambridge and the area generallly.

Also I had a nice conversation with one of the guys who sits up at night regularly, Aleister who is from Scotland. We talked about traveling etc. Then after two days I could have sworn I overheard him talking shit about me or he and that group of males speaking negatively. Its so typical that someone just HAS to sabotage anyone new I talk to with slanderous bullshit so that I am continuously isolated and cant branch out and meet new people.
I just wonder who said what is all. Not that I care what street people think of me but it does affect me if they are told to hate me then mobbing begins and they are not aware at all of whats really going on- that I am not this person who deserves mobbing but being victimized by organized stalking and harassment in  long, ongoing campaign of psychological warfare.

Many people talk about this shelter having preferencial treatment for males. Cambridge generally doesnt have a women's shelter. We are supposed to go to Somerville, to St Patricks at Catholic Charties where you have to be in by 3 pm and its all black mold in the bathrooms upstairs and I get sick there after two days. NO ONE should be staying in that uninhabitable building. I got pics of the black mold also, so dont even try  to disbelieve me.
I once asked why there are so many more male beds than female and they always say its becuz there is more demand for that demographic. Yes, but females are a more in need demographic due to being vulnerable to assualt, robbery, stealing and the cold sleeping out at night.
Its true that alot of the women who are in here are horrible to deal with. Shelter rats suck generally and these are women who simply have not attached themselves to any shelter long term becuz they like this place when they can get in and Cambridge/Waltham moreso than Boston. They are usually people with a higher intelligence than other homeless who want something better in the lives they are stuck with out here or had better in thier old lives and still have standards that come naturally to them.
For that, all of us are thankful for this shelter being here.

But there should be a shelter that keeps out the idiots from other areas in this part of town if you will, open all year. No Central Sq drunks from 240 Albany street, no Boston homeless. No bullshit. Just people who want peace, quiet, intellectual pursuits and a staff who hold themselves up to a standard of behavior thus the guests follow suit. Its CIVILIZED..and thats all anyone who likes this place wants really.

There should be a women's shelter. One that doesnt take any bullshit. No Jerry Springer blasting while some piece of sh*t sits around mouthing off waiting for her housing to come in (while she probably has a place to stay but plays the shelter game to get from the system). No neurotic crap either which there seems to be alot of with homeless women who frequent shelters more than they sleep outside. Travelers usually do just that in the winter so arent in here or in this area.

OCCUPY showed society that there are a population of high funtioning homeless who can and will organize and take part in something meaningful as long as a structure is in place and its peacable. In order to screw that up, the powers that be had to send the shitty homeless to OCCUPY camps or they showed up and the kids didnt know how to get rid of them or keep them out. Then of course they had infiltrators, sabateurs and other agents- which anyone with any experience should expect at any political protest. (COINTELPRO remember?)

What is this country so afraid of that we cant organize? We have no representation from without our communities or populations. We always end up being babysat. And its impossible to weed out who is sane and genuine from who the crazies are. WE know but staff and our keepers remain  in the opinion that we are all mentally ill or unable to function..due to not being able to be housed or work of course.

Its the greatest trap for inconvenient people in a country like America they could have ever come up with. It works and its never going to change.

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  1. Please note, I don't mean to disparage thi guy from Scottland--but I am used to the duplicity of these Europeans--they smile warmly in your face, they appear so friendly--once they have gained your trust, that's it, they can backstab you even if it's to ridicule you while you're listening--with the surveillance they know what you are doing. Europeans are very practiced in the art of deception and false smiles---I mistook it for genuine friendliness until I finally lived around them for a few years and understood gang stalking---if he had been friendly to you and then suddenly "turned", he was against you from the beginning and before your first conversation. It seems appealing to want to believe the friendly, warm and polite demeanor of these people, but they have a long history of rampage and torture and genocide, that's why they use such polite diplomatic fronts in their dealings.

    It's my experience, I do not mean to diminish what you experienced and what you feel and know. I was so tricked for so long by these warm people, they have large pupils and look you in the eye and are warm and engaging, and will destroy you once they have your trust. I love the story of MacBeth--