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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Frank Olson's Son Taking CIA To Court Over Father's Murder

The website run by his son, The Frank Olson Project has been down for a year or so now. 
 I thought perhaps he had given up in response to pressure and harassment but it appears that he may be trying to prevent any sort of interference with a lawsuit. I hope that is the case.

Frank Olson is an inspirational character to Survivors like myself. Its due to, early on when you are taking all this in and putting puzzle pieces together that you read this very obvious murder and cover up surrounding MK Ultra projects as well as it was in a major hospital where experimentation took place. The murder was brutal, a blow to the head and dumping the body out a window to appear a suicide.

It brings one back to the reality of what these people are capable of  very quickly.  It validates all the abuse, brutality, cruelty and greed that Survivors who are targeted have to live through.

My mother having been a US military radiation experimentee as an infant at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland the fact that something that obviously sinister and violent occurred at one of the 'MK Ultra hospitals' only makes the entire dark scene more clear and evident.

Often we targeted Survivors and individuals go into denial mode to survive an ignorant world full of people who either know and live to silence us or refuse to believe. We lead double lives. We have to actually live our other, normal lives with normal friends who aren't TIs (that we know of) or we would go completely insane. The US reads about things on the news, it acknowledges that such things occur but for Americans to truly accept a survivor of anything in daily life seems impossible. Especially today in the insular reality that Americans have created for themselves, nothing that is wrong with the rest of the world can penetrate that safe zone. They wont let it and they hold tight to it for dear life.

In this sense many of us feel the USA is destroyed or gone. That its no longer a place truly willing to deal with human rights issues or seek justice for wrongs in the world. People used to care about things. Now, all they seem to care about is are you economically set and are you politically correct. With all that's going on in the world and everything that has passed through the USA's experience in the last decade and a half- this is what has become of our country and culture?

Its obvious that people are now brainwashed and basically done with trying to be human, caring about humanity or doing the right thing. Everyone depends on  having enough money, socially conformist normality and adhering to Diversity etc as standards of what makes people good or acceptable.

No one nowadays especially the young, dare deal with survivors of torture. Their idea of dealing with that is to perhaps accept the person but make it conditional based on the fact that due to the trauma that person now has psychiatric 'disorders' which make dealing with them a specialized affair.

The population especially young people have become Bush's dream youth or NWO youth. Like Hitler youth. This is what people mean when they complain about YUPpies ruining cities. Its worse than just cultural or economic.

These kids and many older people playing along REFUSE to deal with ANYTHING that gets in the way of them or their country surviving the NWO and globalism. This means, that they have had to become, heartless, judgmental, shallow, greedy, snobbish, ignorant, spying, selfish, conformist people. They are evil in the view of someone older who recalls when America was safe fairly so, and we could be Americans, which didn't mean any of these things- if it did it also meant rallying against such ideals.

You see these people operate daily and its as if they have some evil little social code with each other. They've gotten all of us out of the cities or marginalized us. They hate us- they accept only each other. They do not tolerate anyone who is a victim even if its not that person's fault. That would get in the way of their goals.

Its sad becuz they will never ever see the real world for what it is. In this way the USA is a dead country. I now understand why the rest of the world hates us. I HATE US. And I no longer want to be an American after I complete whatever legal action I can get done here in  a short time. Anyone fighting for causes these days against the forces in power and their YUPpie minions are considered a joke and will be crushed by deaf ears and majority rules ...for the good of the country and their iPhones.

Watching the Olympics I was disgusted at one female athlete completing the slalom event and getting a bronze. She looked cheap and common on her skis and her parents, specifically her mother screaming over every other person on that mountain was thoroughly embarrassing to watch. When she won she had no class at all and immediately went into a fit similar to that of a ghetto pro football player doing a ridiculous dance on the field.  All along the slalom route you could hear loud screams for the American competitor. Being a TI all I could think of was they were placed there by some powerful agency or corporation, as a form of psychological warfare, to let everyone else know that America rules.

America has been destroyed by design. Anyone missing the old USA, the real one, the one that's gone missing in the last decade- should leave becuz this generation refuses to understand or acknowledge that most of the USA is now a false environment strictly controlled. That much of what happens here is fixed or a hoax. That deception is used to control reality, how ever artfully. In fact the way that deception is put forth now is even cheap, as if  its part of the dumb down, the insult and the call for many of us REAL Americans from the old, real country to leave asap.

Much of this started- this rot from within that is now embraced by people who are actually happy here currently-beginning with things like MK Ultra, the military industrial complex (which Ike warned people about), and it seems much of it had to do with what was found from the Nazis in WW2.

The country now consists of literally- people living in a falsified timeline, under mass mind control and those of us knocked to the side refusing to give in and holding onto what we know is the original time line.
I know I am not supposed to be homeless, sick and suffering. It makes no sense. This is why the perps make you feel bad about whatever they can. So that you forget the real reasons why your life is like this. How it got this way. When I think about the events that have lead me here to where I am today, I get overwhelmed, confused and then I shut down and go into denial mode. Becuz how can I EVEN BELIEVE such a story? That I was abducted in the southwest and experimented on after being driven out of my home state by a federal investigation (used for a cover story)? That Ive been gang stalked and terrorized for years on end, that Ive been harassed by entire bus loads of African Americans who are trained in destroying Targets?  (And people wonder why TIs turn into white supremacist extremists or at least white power advocates? If people knew how much blacks are used in covert ops as cold blooded killers to destroy human beings with psy ops in the USA there would be an all out race war. ANYONE who becomes a lone shooter who is identified first as a racist I suspect has had to deal with the American psy ops system which relies heavily on blacks being destructive, viscious, evil, nasty, cruel, hateful, sexist, racist killers. ENTIRE BUS entire Greyhound bus. An entire group waiting for you when you walk into Gainesville Florida. There are whites involved, Mexicans too. Jews, Asians, Indians, Native Americans. Sure..but to a lesser extent and the Mexicans and Jews in my case always end up being of some assistance in spite of themselves for some reasons I cant explain. Only the blacks seem to take ultimate pride, powertripping and are most evil in these activities.
I would question why anyone becomes paranoid of blacks and Jews- like Mel Gibson. Its brainwashing and they make sure they send the biggest groups of assholes to destroy you.
One of the only reasons I survived was becuz a White Supremacy group stepped in on some level. One woman told me that at least if I stayed with her, that I wouldn't be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers. True enough...and I never told her anything about my experiences.

Is THIS what the YUPPies support in their own country? Domestic terrorism? Destroying innocent people and then being viscous and judgmental to us when we APPEAR to be nothing but 'homeless' people?   Its the 21st century wake up to the existence of sophisticated covert ops and the use of tech. Duh.

Is THIS why the Bush administration as so great? Busloads of blacks to destroy one helpless female MK Ultra victims under the false bullshit pretenses of some cover story like a federal investigation (where if it was any sort of real investigation they would know almost immediately I don't know anything and I am a nobody.)

The YUPpies don't care if they support a bunch of pedophile, woman killing, rapists who are basically violent, sick power tripping male pigs and their female counter parts. All I recall most of all about EVERYONE involved is that they thought it was funny. They always laughed at me. They would ask me, while making fun of me why don't I go back to my grandmother's house (social services worker in Buffalo NY) when I never told them I had a grandmother or where she lived.

The entire nation is infiltrated by these assholes, which is why the YUPpie creeps and upstanding citizens have to carve out their world so small with such rigid rules of acceptability. Becuz theres no room for honesty or for victims rights. Morality or justice. Only what they can get away with and legitimize in order to support war crimes past present and future.

The whole country has turned into a Frank Olson murder.  And no one cares. The YUPpies support the privatized prison complex industry to keep things safe for them is the answer. This is why the entire lower classes have been ghettofied- to ensure the prison occupancy rates.
Thus anyone with a brain who isn't controllable black or white trash or who isn't part of the unions or isn't a YUPpie is a threat.

Being in such an environment is very destructive to anyone trying to get justice for such corruption and wrong doing. You're JUST a homeless woman etc. This of course was all planned and by design. They knew who they had to target into homelessness and that people like me wouldn't make it out in time to avoid the culture and economy the way it is now. So this new America will keep us down and silenced, hopefully into old age. Becuz at this point no one cares supposedly about me, anyone like me or my cause.

Seeing the Frank Olson case brings us back IN TIME. Do you see? To a time where people cared about such things. Where there was govt oversight and the Freedom Of Information. How am I supposed to get Freedom Of Information from a private black ops company or a DARPA contractor who is continuing these experiments? ???

It shows people and reminds us just where this all started. And that there is nothing but deception, cover up and foul play involved int he roots of the NWO. In mass mind control and in the society as it is today. They have shaped the way humanity has evolved and its not been an honest process. Its been manipulated and guided by hidden great powers with it seems endless resources...and a taste for sadism, evil and an absolute hatred of their victims. Making fun of a Target right to their face is a number one pass time of the perps involved in gang stalking connected to black/classified projects and experimentation. 

When you read about what was done to Frank Olson on that balcony, in that MK Ultra hospital, like the one that my mother was used as a radiation experimentee in and obviously, also in a mind control project involving ritual abuse, programming etc-realize that this is really what the people behind the NWO are about.

How can they be all about world piece and equality and curing world hunger and one world order that's great for everyone if this is what they are basing it all on? Mass mind control, wars and murders- torture, greed and hate are not part of a plan that's good for all. Unless you are running off of that ridiculous brainwashing idea of having to create war to gain peace. Wars are created for profit. It seems from all research that anti terrorism is whats kept the CIA alive in a post cold war world. Tenet was part of that...seems he looks like an evil, fat mob boss and thinks just as murderously as one also.

It also inspires me to see someone taking their internet activism to a real world conclusion. Its what Ive been trying to do lately and I hope I succeed at least in getting an attempt documented.

Whats sad is that none of this was ever revealed and then rectified. It only grew and fell into the wrong hands, until it resulted in causing Bush to win an election, then people were murdered in a huge black mass ritual in NYC, then Bush got elected using mind control tech. Then an even larger scale massive ritual sacrifice- the war in Iraq.
None of this is new. None of these behaviors of the elite are strange to history books. What isn't normal is the behavior of the people in an age of education being available and the internet.

What began so many years ago has to be stopped. What killed Olson continues to kill not only individuals or groups but humanity. Its only a matter of time before radiation, pollution and other factors. 

I like in the other MK link above it says that one victim died a "soul death".  Imagine having to live through all of these tortures for 15 years and then have society hate you due to a continued belief in a bullshit cover story and also that you are a homeless person which has been completely vilified nowadays.
What am I supposed to tell people?  Im a second generation MK Ultra experimentee and ritual abuse Survivor. I beat three layers of intense suicide programming right when they were weaving the cover story around me which is why I appeared "stupid" and other mean comments I had to listen to along the way. That I continue to fight to this day to get the word out and tell my story about what a falsehood we live in, so I am targeted.
The first reaction from the majority of people is that I am mentally ill. A few people would understand due to having points of reference. But they probably still wouldn't want to deal with me.  Even people who I tell like social worker types seem to not care- they are probably in on supporting the system.

Olson was murdered not becuz he was going to reveal what was being done to the public becuz obviously, in my experience they don't care or are not powerful enough to make a difference anyway. He was going to reveal what was being done TO OTHER ACADEMICS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. The peers of the people who were indulging in being total mad scientists. Think peer reviewed works. This matters way more than average citizen who, like we've seen, either doesn't understand or will turn his back on corruption- in the interest of his own survival.

This system has become worse over the decades.  It will do to anyone who gets in their way what they did to Olson.

A leader in Sweden was murdered becuz he did not go along with some plot that Bush and friends had going on. Thus I wonder often why Ive received both assistance and con games from the north in the psych warfare campaigns.

There are forces and people that remain that cant be beaten. That will keep fighting. Some incarnate and some simply just people, like TIs who continue to fight. Olson's ghost should haunt all of us who have lived through this. And we should respectfully pull off of the dark energy of his murdered spirit as our own have been murdered.
Every dead soldier, every scape goated dictator, ever hunted and chased Target. Every kid put on Rittlin that will never become the next Amadeus or Elvis or talented artist.

Our entire world is now shaped by what THEY know and what the public does not. If you know, you will end up like Olson..or they will try anyway.
There seems to be forces that are working very hard with us to keep us going to expose whats happening if that be all we can do in our lifetimes.
Its not even about good and evil or religion anymore. Many Christians are total prisoners of the NWO. If a the Mark Of The Beast chip in their bible came out tomorrow you can bet that a great number of people who identify as Christian would take that chip in order to keep on purchasing goods, services and shelter for living. And there would be a number of Satanists who would refuse it.

Its going to be like gang stalking. A cross section of different walks of life are going to go against this and the same with those that seem to support it. What the NWO has made people into isn't 'evil'.  Its zombies or mind controlled slaves. In my mind, Frank Olson is more alive than a lot of these people I see out in public in Boston, totally trained to immediately go to their smartphones when not doing anything else. The blank look in their eyes, the hate, the judgment. I wish they were evil. That I understand.
These people are just stupid and tightly controlled. Prisoners in their own society. People who seem very much incapable of being free.

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