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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Locals Who Only Know Cover Story Heard Discussing My Ignorance About Events In Florida...Which Is BS Compared To What Goes On Near Military Bases Around The USA

"Give the kid a break...she doesnt understand what happened in Florida." Etc and I'm sure the conversation went on and on with this content.


MK Ultra. Project Paperclip. Gang Stalking: psy ops, chemical and technological mind control of the Targeted Individual. MILABs, abductions. Mobbing. Behavior modification. Physical damage to health. Destruction of the spirit, mind and emotional state.

What happened out in the southwest where all those military bases are IS WHATS IMPORTANT not Florida. I went to Florida on a whim in 2008, I was basically mind controlled to go down there also the winters in St Louis were a shock to me as the cold weather is very different from Boston. (No snow for insulation or warmth, an Arctic cold that comes down into the Midwest from the Arctic circle every year. Coastal people think they experience hard winters but we don't compared to others areas of the country.)

I went down there for a few days-first Tampa where I found that due to the mold damage to my lungs in that apartment in Brighton, MA from 2003-2006, the humidity made me feel like I was breathing water so after staying there just hours I spent my last 50 bucks on a ticket to Gainesville a college town, which is more  north and inland.
I got stuck there after poking around some, staying in a hostel and getting mobbed by one of the worst gang stalking groups I've ever experienced- mostly black and male of course.
People in the shelter I went to seemed dismissive and mean to me. It was the only location I've ever taken  Greyhound to where a truck of perps was waiting for me at the bus station!

A Homeland officer stopped the bus and threatened to search luggage and seemed to be amusing himself and having a good ol time doing so. Along the way some black men came into the bus and warned the passengers that luggage could be searched anytime..these seemed to be the faction of African Americans that I got protection and assistance from at one time years ago during all this. Then again they might have been one in the same with the blacks who were doing Gang Stalking, but this was a psych out tactic, to make me feel like nervous, accused and make it seem like - to me and to everyone else that I was running drugs (I realized years later while looking back).  This would be a standard set up of an Mk Ultra experimentee/ritual abuse and programming survivor who they want to get rid of by setting up to become an informant by framing the person up until even the Target doesn't know if they are legitimately in real legal trouble or not.

Too many of the same people who were doing things like this were also involved in the continued experimentation on classified levels. Black helicopters and white vans and MILABs rarely occur when investigating or pursuing a person who authorities simply want to catch transporting drugs. If its not all psych warfare and there are people who actually believe its a legit investigation of a person, the legality of their actions is certainly questionable.
 How does having a Target surrounded by 20 something kids on a city bus in Phoenix AZ asking the person what they think of George Bush as an ending to basically an interrogation session where they asked why I came to AZ (then asked why not Florida instead?) assist an investigation into drug running or anything else for that matter?
One of the kids was wearing a brand new looking Led Zeppelin shirt of the album cover that was the same exact one I was listening to that morning before I went out (Houses of the Holy), and signing along to loudly as my roommate, the house owner, was away at his job of being an airline attendant.

The people I overheard recently discussing me and what went on in Florida that its perceived I am too stupid or naive to understand are local homeless people one of which is a pretty crazy older guy who looks like a typical homeless man and is pretty off sometimes, the other ones are the types who stay in the HSHS on a work contract bed, trying to dress up daily to look like they aren't homeless. It makes me wonder if the guy who talks crazy sometimes is actually crazy or its just an act. It would not be the first time I've experienced this. Then again, many homeless people are pretty in and out and on a bad day, are far out there and its NOT an act. Its hard to tell...perhaps they don't even know anymore either.

Then, this could be just another psyche out to make sure I hear that statement on purpose- a sort of directed conversation. I don't buy it becuz some people locally have mentioned things like Project Blue Bird and put things to me that makes it obvious they are very much aware of my being an experimentee or mind control survivor and all these people are also very suspect when it comes to pedophilia or being into kids or knowing about it or tolerating it. Perverts really.

Its just mind blowing that after what I've seen (that actually isn't supposed to exist officially) and experienced since 2003, people are focused on something as mundane and normal as organized crime, drug running and the like.
Whatever happened in Florida due to that federal investigation of associates of friends of mine, its small time compared to what happened to me in the southwest on that Greyhound bus. And that is just one incident.

Gee, did the criminals involved get on the bus with a driver that made sure she let them know that she was a substituting driver who didnt usually drive this route? Then as the bus began its journey, did any of them get gassed out of the air vent above them where air can be let in by the passenger, then did they poke and probe in a sort of virtual brain surgery? Then did they mess with thier programming and altered states forcing them to throw a jacket over thier heads (which is what they do becuz when being programmed, a covering is placed over the head of the ritual abuse victim, as a way of causing sensory deprivation as well as creating an enclosed, private space they can always go to when their minds or senses get overloaded.) then one of the asshole perps in the large perp group that populated this bus exclaims "Wow.." like the total douchebag ignorant nothing that he is, and shouldnt even be allowed to screw with sophisticated equipment LIKE PERSON WITH HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING???


I would love to have such a straight forward, boring life. Its easy. Either you work for the bad guys and make it or end up dead or in prison or you work for the good guys and make it or end up dead..or shunned. Both sides work for the same people at top levels it seems. And at least you can actually prove what happened to you in life becuz prison time and sentencing is documented. Living a life of a hellish existence as a tortured, ritually abused experimentee from a black/classified project that was supposed to be ended officially decades ago is alot harder. No friends, no support system and you cant talk to anyone about it.
All the therapists you could have talked to years ago are now afraid of losing thier licenses thanks to the CIA connected pedophiles in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

I dont understand what happened in Florida...becuz I dont give a sh*t. Im intelligent enough that if I wanted to know I would find out. Duh.

Its not important. The less I know about cover stories the better. Becuz then when I am in court or on the stand I can appear as blissfully ignorant as I am now which makes the real seqeance of events that much more believable.
The local ghetto ass blacks who were in on the harassment in drop ins and shelters thinks its shocking and a big surprise when someone clues them in that I am or was disassociative and .."..the person turns out to be smart. Not just smart but college smart." smart? (so ignorant) Wait until they find out that I had no idea this entire time what the f*ck was going on in thier little petty worlds or that of thier local cops/mafia friends who actually believe this is still the 1970s and Boston/NYC is the center of the universe and you can just do whatever you want.
Not that they are going to believe it becuz house slaves cant shock themselves into true freedom by finally coming to the realization that they are slaves..and that they arent as great or smart as they thought they were. That someone much smarter than them pulls the strings and uses them like useful idiots. Like they would be able to understand or accept MK Ultra anyway.

Just tell them its doing inside the mind what was done to them a few hundred years ago with actual shackles.. they still wont buy it. Becuz they cant buy into the reality that they are still slaves in the USA psychologically. Its easier to disbelieve reality and just keep with thinking you are better than everyone else,white people be stupid, lesser than and you've got ultimate power as long as you work for the man doing his dirty work. That the Target is laughably stupid and when thats disproved, believe they are lying and The Man would never steer you wrong. Especially if you are working for the fed in a continued COINTELPRO capacity. Old vids from the 60s agents showed they were pretty brain washed.

WHO CARES WHAT HAPPENED IN FLORIDA? I am more concerned with what happened in the southwest, St Louis or anywhere around major military bases while traveling or anyWHERE the military has majority like Tucson. I am more concerned with the horrors of false dreams created by whatever these black projects are where they try to get information out of you with obvious bullshit scenarios or do something crazy that only the tech cultists would try to attempt, like pulling out the victim's consciousness and trying to see if it fits inside of a pair of virtual reality glasses. (Probably part of thier sick future visions of trying to live forever by putting people inside of machines. There are elite tech people who are actually obsessed with doing this. Since we are dealing with the tech elite and the military industrial complex, that story of mine isnt so far fetched.)

Either its people actually dumb enough to still believe I AM DUMB enough to not have aced this by now and they believe the cover story or its a fake out to perhaps make me believe that the people around me are on a different level and not aware of this being part of a continued black project. It would isolate me from my surroundings and brainwash me into believing that the cover story is valid. This would keep me trapped or isolated, and cause me to disconnect from the truth of the situation. It buys them time which it seems is what they need most.

As I stay in the Boston area and try to get any and all legal satisfaction and medical issues cleared up before I leave the country, I am daily being behavior modified by the very system I am trying to fight.

If they succeed, I will get some legal work done on this AND will have been broken down and brainwashed into staying here, going to UMass and getting a job, invalidating the seriousness of what Ive experienced over these years and forgetting about it in favor of a 'normal life'.

I dont need to know about Florida. The public needs to know what happened to me in the southwest..or St Louis..etc. They need to know about MK Ultra, mass mind control and the major threat to humanity in the 21st century that is the hidden resources, wealth and advances in science available to the elite.

Do you honestly believe they couldnt find Whitey Bulger? I WAS THERE IN VENICE BEACH SUPPOSEDLY WHEN HE WAS THERE AND THEY WERE STILL LOOKING FOR HIM. The place was totally covered by agents or gang stalkers or whatever you want to refer to them as. The covert people-covert ops. So...they can find ME wherever I go around the USA BUT THEY CANT FIND A MAJOR ORGANIZED CRIME KING PIN? EVEN WITH HIS BEING PROBABLY ASSISTED BY HIS ALLIES, MANY IN THE FBI AND LAW ENFORCEMENT????

This is how they are keeping the public locked in the last century. With diversions like this. ALL THE REAL ORGANIZED CRIME PEOPLE WHO HAVE POWER STAY HIDDEN OR THIER FAMILIES BY NOW HAVE GONE LEGIT...just like in the God Father movies.
Theyve probably gone legit into military industrial complex contractors or the privatized corporate prison system. Bloodymindedness and f*cking people over to make money and being sinister doesnt change just becuz you go legit.

Florida is a horrible, humid piece of crap with extremely bad energy from all the violence, drugs, dirty money, murders and probably the curses of the indigenous Seminole peoples. And of course the mind control slave factory known as Disney thats left its evil mark on the land down there also. Its also supposedly a part of the Bush crime empire.

All I know about Florida is that they have way too many psychotic black groups doing thier gang stalking for them which is as ususal really disgusting and that it seemed dark, dirty, dangerous, under water practically and everything was way too 'big' with evil energy...the way things in nearby TX seem bigger than elsewhere but in a good and decent way. Florida is simply one of the major openings to Hell that Ive experienced in the USA. Tucson AZ is another. So is East St Louis MO...but they have kindly ghosts of black slaves that comfort you when you sit alone totally freaked out by being dismantlted and destroyed slowly.

The midwest has a quality of redemption to it. The northeast has some sense of justice and putting things right. The soutwest has the power of the Natives and the land thats unconquerable by evil mankind. Cali has its nice qualities and a decency regardless of all its shittyness. There are allies and enemies there. The northwest has the quality of being able to get out of the borders to the USA and experiencing something strange in the northern part of the world. So strange that you get the feeling you are entering another planet almost.... and that there is something up there in the far north. Something alien, something that wants to offer you a way out from overcrowded 'civilization' in the rest of the United States- even the world. You feel as if you are going insane the more far north you go in the northwest. If you finally find that place, you wont be able to come back..which isnt so bad actually considering fuck all thats down here.

The south has its nice quailties, its charm its magick. Florida....there is just nothing about this piece of land that isnt cursed by its very existence. Its more evil than NYC or the land surrounding it as far as upstate after the black mass ritual known as 9-11, which was still eminating into the environment in 2009 when in a truck we drove just through NY outside the city far away. You could still feel the pure blackness coming from that event.
Florida has an entire evil presence all its own and its stained the land like all the blood thats been soaked into that place in order to build it into what it is today. Having Cubans and South Americans come into your cities to start drug cartels, gladly launder thier drug money until its bursting out of the banks, build up the cities with spending that money locally, then when its 'time', getting rid of said peoples by creating drug wars among the cartels and starting to bust drug lords with tax evasion so the same government that allowed this to begin and grow gets go confiscate the property and profits and accounts of the criminals.

That might get you some bad vibes in an area..yep. That and every other sordid, disgusting thing that happens in Florida. How much Mossad is down there anyway or various ethnic mafias, even in retirement?

Florida is used to being home to criminals. Its been a haven for such people for decades..especially the likes of Disney. WHY WOULD THAT CHANGE?

So, no one needs to know what happened or happens in Florida anyway. Everyone can take a guess becuz the same scum thats been retiring there for years probably killed a bunch of useful idiots and convenient people here, had thier media and law enforcement friends lie and cover story up for them (profit sharing right?) fucked everyone over they could or who didnt matter in the long term business plans, then 'retired' aka escaped to this haven for scumbags as its always been...leaving a bloodied mess in MA and anywhere else connected to whatever they pulled off.


What people need to know about is whats going on in Mormon communities a little too close to the military bases out in the southwest. Any area around military bases. Or in places like Wyoming where, without any cell signal at all, the land is targeted by something completely possibly underground bases or in the vast mountains of unusable land where they can hide whatever they are up to from the huddled masses being kept prisoner in cities around the country who think that is actual reality....when in fact its nothing more than a false, man made environment created to keep humans comfortable prisoners while the really interesting and outrageous stuff of hte people in power goes on in remote areas when no one is around.

Florida? Too many people around...doing stupid old fashioned shit like criminal activities. No isolated areas for the elite in the military industrial contractors and technomancers to perform sick, twisted, sadistic futuristic experiments on unwitting victims. Organized crime is for puppets who provide diversions...and generate profit for only a part of thier system in its entirety. Its a way to keep people down so they cant see the true marvels of the future that exists NOW.

F*ck Florida. And stupid cover stories for simpletons.

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