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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Reactionary Racism Escalating To Ridiculous Levels

I dont know what the hell they are using now in the parameters of metro Boston and Cambridge city limits but its ridiculous. Just like all the other times I go out of the city limits it dissipates. Its definately some kind of influence put forth by the system. Probably tech but with chem trails and the other ways Ive experienced possible delivery systems for chemical influences, who knows.

Years ago I noted that much of the population of the city began looking depressive and zombyish. Now not only is there that still but there are so many assholes on the street and on public transit. It CANNOT be just a generation of total tools who are trained to hate anyone that isnt conformist. It HAS GOT TO BE either gang stalking perps working on Targets (and thier associates and friends) or its a private black ops type set up where they are trying to make the city exactly like they want it which means get rid of everyone who isnt profitable, predictable etc.

This is what happened with totally shady, suspect people coming through liberal areas like Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA and Austin, TX and totally blowing up these places. It reeked of being done on purpose to destroy alternative scenes that were somewhat intelligent or had people like that involved that might at some point flower into something LEGIT, ESTABLISHED and alternative.

After OCCUPY? Dont tell me they did not learn what they needed from that.

My insanity and racism is the results of stress that is incrdicvle in this area right now. Not sure why but increased remote influence and gang stalking that is subtle and class/race based (working on my psychological weaknesses and past expereinces of course) is in use.

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mej313 said...

It's very easy to have a racist bias towards blacks when you have to take public transportation and these are the majority of attackers who do sick and ridiculous things. When I was in Orlando back in July, I had been continuously drugged, and trying to take a city bus into a shopping center meant arduous endless sidewalks to get from one side fo the gigantic, like megaplex shopping center to anything outside this mini- city of corporate shopping conglomerate labryinth area---I ordered food at a restaurant, was drugged up completely by the food, and as I waited for the bus to arrive to get back to this hotel I was staying at, precisely following the bus schedule, they sent a bus going in the wrong direction, as I was completely drugged up from their drugs that I never agreed to take--dumped in my food as usual by their agent who all the waiters agreed to let do whatever she wanted to my food-- as I sat at the back of the bus, black people surrounded me, and one of them grabbed my thigh as he kept harassing and touching me, while another woman with, I swear an evil face filled with sagging evil lines, talking about "God" and not losing my soul and finding Jesus and praying, etc etc, while I was almost incoherent at that point, trying to fight off this nasty black man while the black woman kept telling me to pray to Jesus and go to Church, as she touched me to pray for me ( prey on me or feed off me, if you will). The behavior was swo disgusting, it was cause for a racist reaction. However, when I remember the group of very white suburban teenager boys who surrounded me while I was in a hot tub at yet another very hateful apartment complex, doing almost the same things except not talking about Jesus but instead talking about rape, basically. The behavior is the same, but when you have to live on the edges of the ghetto and you get accosted by them continuously, it appears that these people are the lowest of low, however you can get the same treatment from the whitest of white, just trying to confirm what you are saying, not criticing but its very easy to falsely label blacks as the degenerate parasites who are the worst scum of society, when they are just another group acting like everyone else, but maybe in more overt ways. You're not insane, by the way, in my opinion. Birds of a feather in some sense....