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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Clear And GS Free Day-Major Snow Storm Here And Up East Coast All Day

Amazing clear day from being targeted today, most likely due to major snowstorm.

Targets experience  things so differently from people with normal lives.
Not becuz we are  crazy but becuz we deal with very different circumstances than most people do daily.

For most of metro Boston this was a crappy day with bad weather.
For me it was a break from near constant daily stress and a chance to heal.

There were no perps out today that I saw. Whatever tech and chemical influences are in use (microwaves, chemtrails etc) are always made pretty much ineffective by snow storms or thunder storms in this area.
This weather seems to also make it more difficult for the system to utilize security and other cameras in public spaces and in my experiences this net surveillance system is very important to the entire operation of controlling individuals and the entire population.

It also might be that less cell phones and gadgets in public spaces along with less people has an effect also.

It always strikes me as so arrogant and conceited that the 'gang stalking' perps won't harass Targets or even come outside simply due to inclimate weather.

These conditions also create a set of circumstances that are chaotic. Out the usual order of things. This makes their brainwashing program for society basically ineffectual.

People who are out bond with each other and seem happier and more sympathetic compared to normal days in this area and culture usually.

People walk in the streets instead of sidewalks, people have to use their brains and senses to negotiate puddles and snow piles and ice-the normal activities man is supposed to be using his body and mind for in NATURE every day.

This completely screws up their false environment that's been created using city scapes.
The man made cities and structures are now cloaked with a net of sorts consisting of  electromagnetic fields, chemical influences and psychological operations from human forces on the ground.

Humanity is being imprisoned using these structures. What people percieve as convenient and safety from nature and the dangers of the wild are now being used as prisons where they are being mind controlled or brainwashed daily.

Its amazing just how different rare days like this are compared to the norm specifically in a heavily targeted or psycho managed area like metro Boston and Cambridge, MA.

Its times like this I marvel at the damages I've sustained from the years of being targeted and how I've aged.
I also am able to acknowledge my losses, my damage and marvel at my accomplishments.

It always confuses me as to why I cannot be honest with people about what I have been through and just calmly move forward with legal actions over time and building my book.

The gs system keeps me in denial, defensive, completely stressed out and compartmentalized.
Its like an extension of the ritual abuse and torture I received as an infant to create compartmentalization and programming to begin with.

Its scary what's out there now. They basically keep u in denial about pain, injury, being tired and aging in order to keep you pumped and going almost 24-7 so that u simply destroy yourself and wear yourself out basically for norhing. Your marginalized from society and everyone you used to know.

They keep you wrapped up in this ideal of being a hero etc so u will just keep up the pace the perps set for u by keeping u in high stress mode with constant harassment and burn yourself out.

And they never give u a moments peace or leave you alone so all u have left is this grande, hero's death.

Only on days where Nature interferes with this hell man has created on earth in the 21st century can u even remember there exists the normal world as it once was just decades ago.

This CAN be stopped. All people have to do is demand that this system that creates this horrible false reality cease to function. If not then find out how it works and resist or work around it.

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