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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oriental Asians + Starbucks = Temporary Headaches??

I've experienced a few instances now where I have a terrible headache come on that I don't notice really the people around me upon its onset but have noted that when certain Asians (Chinese looking ones) leave sitting beside me that the headache subsides.

I now realize that its when these people sit beside me that the headache begins and it leaves when they get up and leave.

This is very unusual for me becuz when I get a headache of that magnitude it stays with me for the whole day. Never so short of a duration.

These people usually show signs or red flags (no pun intended) of being gang stalkers also but its very subtle. Almost like they are working more on the psychic stalker/harassment front or the system seems to have many blacks working in this capacity. But with these Asians it's more body language and focusing on the TI but without directly looking at the person.

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