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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Even Cops Are Soulless NWO Brats Nowadays

I sat near a group of cops this morning at a coffee shop in Harvard Square. I thought I heard something about everyone being in place or to the effect of being in on the campaign. Then as they were discussing it one cop commented that it was huge. Like the gang stalking network which would be true.

Younger cops. I was listening to their conversation as my music server was screwing up and was trying to get it running.
The content was so mundane they didn't sound like cops used to. They sound like coddled spoiled kids.

Why is it that when it comes to a Targeted Individual people don't have any common decency or humanity?

I felt oppressed the whole time they were there then when they left free again and my determination to complete this project and get justice for myself returned.

Wtf is wrong with younger people nowadays? They are completely screwed up? Their world is so easy so much safer than it used to be. And its made generations of weak, insecure, heartless soulless people here in the USA.

The shit they deal with is piddly crap compared to the old days. And they were approximately 25- early 30s and already overweight. I understand the stress but damn.

Its probably just psych warfare which consists of convincing the enemy they've lost already when that's not true.

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Anonymous said...

very astute observation. the younger cops are awful. in PA one can go to the local community college for the act 120 certification and magically in like 4 months ur licensed to be a cop in PA, without having do go to a real police academy. the standards are so low here that I see tons of 22 yo kids that are just hateful scrawny losers graduating from these programs and then throwing the book at people, towing cars when they don't need to, etc. Its a different generation now where law enforcement is revenge of the nerds.. at least around here. Even the older cops ready to retire will tell u that the young ones today are there to harass citizens and have insane superiority complexes