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Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Much Of Society's Time Is Wasted On Infighting Now, Instead Of Properly Taking Care Of Each OTher

What pisses me off most about this campaign and mass mind control the most is in cities like this that have become centers for the biggest complete and total assholes who are selish, self righteous and self absorbed. Granted mostly a lot of younger people and that's the way young people are. Yet, its gotten to a level of being uncivilized.

The sheep are now very warlike, as if they are being denied something (like food or shelter- like we the heroes in all this and the bold.), like so many trampling citizens in a mob looting stores after food shortages are announced.

What IS the frickin problem? Does this new generation of horrid, brutal YUPpies feel that if they are assholes enough to everyone around them who isn't them (except for the types who driver their buses, trains and cabs and clean for them...who might be related to the ghetto types of this kind who will obviously kick their asses and accuse them of racism which despite their classist inclinations and hating everything non conformist- still seems like a taboo subject for them. We don't want to piss off the Liberal Elitists that run the city now do we?)that somehow that will improve life for them in some distant far off future where the YUPpie promised land lies?

This bunch of kids seem particularly sick, insane and totally afraid of everything, everyone and they also use the act of appearing afraid as part of their creepy classism and hatred of ANYONE who is their houseless, a Traveler or dares to not look rich or conformist.

They are sneaky, scary and very very unsatisfied. This is not what moving to the city to go to college is supposed to be about. Then again, going to college isn't supposed to be about drudging through long enough to JUST get a job or rack up loans. You are supposed to learn how to think, write, study and think a certain way so you can communicate and network for a lifetime with other educated people, even if you end up homeless, a marginalized activist or some other adventurous misfortune in life.

It is also supposed to make you well rounded which doesn't mean buying the right phone, handbag and boots and looking pulled together- but drearily unfashionable (as they dress nowadays).

Its like all the common kids I saw back in the 80s daring to not dress up, have class or style or be original..or outgoing with fashion choices..are all around again now but they got cell phones which they are incessantly addicted to.

Is it that this batch of kids are just royal assholes this time around or is this some sort of pathetic reaction or anti terror bullshit in response to the false flag hoax...I mean the Boston (Marathon) Bombing?

What getting rid of TIs, people like me who know enough to actually make a reasonable claim it was a FFop or just anyone with a backpack? That's anti terror?

When is the public going to see that the entire thing has gotten completely out of control? They truly are clueless about what has evolved over the last ten years.

All this assholedom is depressing and stressful. I see, sometimes, actual elderly people or the handicapped who haven't been scared off or intimidated by generation militant YUPpie assh*le and dares to venture out into the city (which these little bastards greedily believe belong to them ONLY...or should) and they truly are a lone sight to be seen. They are out of time and place in the crowd. Most of all they are ignored with a determination that is nothing short of iron willed, emanating with hate and insecure, weak self loathing from Generation Militant YUPPie Asshole(s).

I don't know what has formed these kids but they actually believe somehow they are badass..or want to be, by steeling themselves against life's Scary Awful Bad Things they see daily and being part of a collective mob that is basically mobbing society by either taking part in whats destructive or not doing anything about it. Maybe if they were genuine tough human beings not raised like veal in cages to keep them weak and dependent, they would have a small amount of humanity along with being able to tough it out.
The concept of actually reaching out and fixing something or putting things on order around them when chaos comes up totally escapes these kids. They seem to embrace chaos and evil yet one can tell by looking at them their upbringing hasn't given them any real armor against it. They deal with chaos by first being bratty about it as if its inconvenient to them and they should never have to had to deal with such things to begin with then side step it in their own self interest. It appears as if they lack basic simple social skills or normal socialization that humans are supposed to have.

I can understand Gen X becuz we were all one drugs. Partly due to being raised in the 60s and 70s and partly becuz the system as well as daddy Bush was marketing depression to us and ensuring heroin culture so that only a fraction of us would become tree huggers or protest political issues. And they succeeded.

What is these kids excuse? They only seem fucked up as people, totally, not fucked up on anything.

I see these people that are in need, the old, the blind etc that any of us even me could be assisting with their lives instead of wasting time fighting with each other all day long in public spaces. This is I believe by design.


Anonymous said...

AMEN to that, wow you got insight and warm hearted

Lavoy Matthews said...

Clad in the panoply of love, human hatred cannot reach you. Mary Baker Eddy.

Anonymous said...

I am a TI and like you I traveled the US and stayed in homeless shelters. I just want to add that I think you are a very determined and brave person.