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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Harassed By Large GS Group In Malden Area Near Malden MBTA Station And In Dunkin Donuts

Heavily mobbed in Malden after leaving a friends house stayed over with my companion last night.

Harassed by African American female employee of Stop & Shop as I was near Malden station making my way there. Of course I made a racist comment as that is what I do nowadays.

Then I got harassed crossing the station to get to Dunkin Donuts next to Malden. Guy had on a watch with a big face with Jesus on it.
This might be a trick due to my posted vid on this blog as of last night. At the end of the vid McKinney says that most perps are of a certain religion but she won't say which one.
This being an unanswered question the perps want to misguide the TI with psych manipulation.
So I'm supposed to now believe that these are Christians.
The psrps never do anything by accident. They've appeared as Satanists, Christians etc. They have perps in homeless shelters that appear insane but suddenly very coherent as they focus on and harass a Target.

Never believe anything they appear to be especially certain religious affiliations, gang memberships, economic status etc.
Its all just brainwashing and psychological warfare.

In ,the DD of course the Arab male had to be controlling and suspect becuz I have my female organs intact and am not covering my hair arms and ankles. Having a clitoris is a major threat to these guys it seems. Being a woman who hasnt had her dick cut off and other genital mutilation means Im primitive and aggressive. As females of reproductive age shud be..especially at 40 even more so.
Large number of blacks hanging out in the coffeeshop. Arabs running it.

Though not ghetto like in the city there was of course plenty of dominating the physical space with deep south derived accents and obnoxious hearty laughter.
Of course one young skinny punk in black and red at the table by the door living the delusion of grandeur through his smart phone.

As I sat down at the end chair at the window people took turns standing behind me and one of them was a guy in scrubs who when I got up I saw was reading his fb in Arabic.

The black kid wearing black and red went outside with a fat blonde also in scrubs and from the window he told her "look at that girl" and making fun of me.

The blacks in the corner were talking about me and focusing on me but I ignored it . they got me to the point where I commented on racial points of course becuz this helps discredit me and motivate anyone who might do gs under the excuse of harassing someone who's against the Liberal and PC agenda or just racist.

I saw alot of Muslims around outside so it must be a strong demographic in the area.

All of this harassment waned when I started filming of course.
A black dude who was going to be the next person to stand behind my chair immediately saw the camera and ducked out of position. The other perps left slowly after that.

Most of the mob consisted of Arabs, blacks and people in scrubs like medical workers, most of them White women, many obese.

After my friend showed up the foreign speaking staff were very hateful and gloating about what had occurred. They kept looking over and talking among them selves.

Just now they had some discussion with the boss who's older and it was like he made some decision to leave me alone finally. As I was staring right through him when he was talking to them looking over at me.

I wud say that this coffee shop is a problem in this area for against whites racism, gang stalking or even connected to foreign terrorism.

Perhaps they are doing what they have to to make it in the US.

This is the danger of people like African Americans and foreigners from poor countries coming into communities under the guise of Diversity.

They will more easily sell out American cirizens to programs like this in order to gain success in business and the community.

This could even be what Obama meant by his Civilian Security Forces. People basically in psy ops being used to support black supremacy and the agenda of Diversity to destroy the USA as it is.

Of course on the higher levels these people are being used to support an elitist agenda that will hurt everyone but they feel it will secure a position of power for them in the new order.

In the end a black girl with black and red hair sat down next to me when there was plenty of space next to me, didn't order anything and spent her time being a nuisance by looking out the window as if she was waiting for someone but mostly she just spied on our conversations.

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