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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 3 (Ann M.Graybiel)

Now the woman in the middle,
Ann M.Graybiel

This is obviously where the close up was taken from:
Good ol' black and red.

This woman is a neuroscientist and neuropsychologist. She's heavy, lots of cred, lots of cloud, lots of awards. When it comes to GS- I need say no more about how suspect someone like this is in black projects, classified etc. Then again they may have just used her image. Fits though. Its not like you can Google 'classified funding for black projects at MIT'. I wish.

Changing behaviors, forming new habits, memories is her interest. Its not that people like this really want to hurt other people they just get so educated, so high up that they begin to feel they know whats best for everyone else. Also they are ambitious just like anyone else and imagine how dangerous a very smart, educated person is when determined to succeed big. As if they wouldnt be ruthless if they had to be.

Also many scientists and doctors dont get alot of socialization in college. This plus they being smart but not attractive or other things lacking giving them permanent inferiority complexes leaves us with human beings who cant be self actualizing but hide behind a career. Ive seen this more than once and Ive experienced professionals being inhuman privately becuz everyone thought they were going to get away with it.

Bottom line is that unattractive women and older women hate on pretty women I dont care how educated or successful they are. Its always a possibility. I am not saying this woman has done anything but the photo IS a psy ops piece of media. Whether the people used for it have anything to do with it...they all fit into the mold anyway. MIT and Harvard are cesspools for corruption with Gang Stalking which is usually connected to vices, power trips or human experimentation projects like MK Ultra continuing.

The more powerful they are the less I trust them. It means no one can touch them if they are guilty of hurting people. And they know it and use this to their advantage.

Now, the reason her pic is part of this mind game is becuz she looks just like my psychiatrist who was with me for years and then either turned on me, was playing along the whole time or was forced to play along and wrote me a final letter warning me- in the form of a math formula- that they were going to come after me as a crazy who's going to snap. Either that or she did it to intimidate me to stay out of MA, which ultimately led me to be a victim to MORE unethical human experimentation like MILABs and organized harassment by groups in the southwest, Midwest etc. Isolated places with lots of empty highway.

She herself is a psychiatrist of sorts anyway so it fits.

My old psychiatrist third from left:

The pic above of Graybeil:

The psychiatrist who turned on me second from left:

(Black and red once again! Of course pics are from the MGH Psychiatry Diversity Committee
That never seems to include lower class poor whites. That 'Diverse' description. Can you say 'class war hidden under PC race relations'? I can. Loudly and frequently.)

In the MIT homepage pic, Graybeil reminds me very much of Dr. Emmerich. Now remember one of my first impressions or thoughts evoked was of all the women who have betrayed me or were torn from my life. The older first woman in the MIT pic, ultimately represented grandmother even my foster mother who was older.
This second image immediately had me recalling my psychiatrist. The original pic the portrait was taken from reminds me very much of what she looked like sitting in her office with me.

Now Ive illustrated the first impression I got. Then it gets more complicated. Dr Emmerich was a bit nasty to me and so was my mother. The slight arrogance in Graybiel's face has me recall my mother a bit.

So now we have Dr Emmerich and my mother being triggered from one photo. Lit, placed and made just a certain way, placed carefully next to two other photos to get a response from me and to produce me to be conditioned as the ultimate goal.

As I was Googling Graybiel's image, this photo caught my eye as the face and expression are very similar to the MIT homepage pic:

The pic of the African American woman is from this website:

Note that the image was posted just one day prior to the MIT homepage photo.

I mentioned my mother's arrogance being triggered by Graybiel's image. The photo of the African American woman, first draws my attention due to the face being so similar then of course the hair is curly and she's in a position of authority and her African coloring makes her a bit darker than Graybiel...and Dr Emmerich. My mother has curly hair like this, it was jet black when she was young and her eyes are a mix of green and brown not blue.

Also I probably perceive blacks as having 'authority' over me for the past few years due to they being frequent handlers and harassers in my GS campaign. They also display severe arrogance and disregard for the Target frequently.
This is also going to make the MIT image push more towards 'reminding' me of my mother, especially as I saw her in her younger years when she had ultimate authority over me. She was also a sucker for First Responder types and liked to hang out with them or have them around as contacts in case of trouble.

Lastly, look at the pics of Dr Emmerich. I have posted those before on this blog talking about Dr Emmerich. Those images were taken from a committee on Diversity and she is surrounded by African Americans.
Graybiel isn't mentioned as being Jewish but she has connection:
"Leading journalists, authors, scientists among eight to receive honorary doctorates at Hebrew University

Prof. Ann M. Graybiel, a leading expert of the large forebrain, is an eminent neuroscientist whose innovative and broad research approach has revolutionized understanding of the functional anatomy and physiology of the brain, of human behavior and of illnesses associated with the basal ganglia region...
...Her findings have been of major significance in understanding neurological diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders."

Another psychiatrist...big surprise. I wonder if she respects the work of Cameron? Neuropsychiatry, that field wouldn't have a lot to lose by people becoming aware of GS and related military grade technologies, now would they? Hell yeah.


Anonymous said...

Wow, check this out. This guy here looks all innocent and boyish, yet look at how brutal the crime was he committed.

Looks CAN be deceiving sometimes. It says his website has rantings on media propaganda.

A manufactured psycho, perhaps?

The guy he murdered looks like Charlie Sheen, at least in this photo.

Probably the victim looking like Sheen is more psy-ops.

They really are working on creating psychos going out with a bang.

Ah, this explains it quite nicely:

Elsewhere online Magnotta claimed to be bi-polar and said he had spent time in a mental institution after he "started hearing voices."

Anonymous said...

I don't think Canada would be a safe place to go, either. Plenty of targets live there, and there was a big shooting spree at Eaton Center in Toronto.

"Our investigation clearly suggests that this was a targeted shooting and not a random act of violence against the members of the general public," Toronto police Det.-Sgt. Brian Borg said.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Eaton Centre shooting was gang-related.

At least that's what they're saying. I've learned never to trust anyone, and investigators and police to a crime could be covering for something far greater.

Rachael O. said...

Yeah I read that alot of gang stalking is coming out of Toronto. So I would avoid that. Some college is there related to MK Ultra or something. Look up gang stalking and Canada. Thats how I found out where TIs shouldnt go. But there isnt anywhere that we CAN go anyway. BUt Ive learned to avoid the real GS worst spots. Like my going to San Antonio was challenging but probably really stupid considering its such a hot spot. But its good for investigation of GS conditions.