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Monday, June 4, 2012

Wow!! Do I Have A Media Psy Ops Example For YOU Pt 4 (summary)

Jane Luu

The last woman on the end of the photograph seemed strike me as resembling myself actually. I have recently written two posts on two separate blogs (differing emails and blog sites) concerning indigenous peoples and how many EuroAmericans as well as certain Europeans in countries with indigenous populations leave behind the presence of such DNA in thier heritage. I also added that of all the northern hemispheres indigenous peoples DNA tests have shown they are Asiatic in descent and that such similar DNA has been found in Lithuania therefore I was pondering if that has anything to do with my feeling a kinship with Native peoples, me being Lithuanian in part.

Also, Asians have a tendency to keep to themselves, be independent and focused on goals etc here in the states and not flaunt how smart they are. I am sure that this is supposed to reflect me in the symbolism of the picture.

Jane Luu is a character that unlike the others I can relate to and would find non threatening and even attractive enough to emulate or want to achieve to be like.
Discovering things out in space, astronomy, languages and a musician with a lovely astronomer husband. She also does charity work which matches up with my side ambition of cleaning up the homeless industry or at least starting an alternative.
"Harvard journey has taken her from war-ravaged Vietnam to the outer reaches of the solar system".

Sounds a lot like a TI who's fought to survive and then become something worthy and positive doesn't it? Someone I can relate to in more ways than one. In looks, character and biographically.

So again one picture represents at least two things if not more when the Target views it.

It seems the effect of this psy op was to trigger my sense of loss over the women in my life, as my life has all female authority figures not males. BTW ripping those from me and other things the perps have said and done over time has been to get me to respond more to male authority. Thus the importance of the musician involved is significant. I cant reveal right now his importance in my campaign but trust that the old woman, representing to me perhaps with all the other females present, all triggers for females in my life including myself, the old woman 'transforms' practically into a younger version of him which I posted in part 1.

One of the things this picture is supposed to accomplish is to get me to succeed- not at what I have been successful at but at what the people manipulating the campaign think I should succeed at. Going back to school is pushed constantly. Its no wonder these women are examples of scholastic and academic achievement.

The fact that these trigger a sort of emotional missing of my female relatives, along with the displaying arrogance of the first two representing my grandmother, my mother and my psychiatrist- its a sort of challenge at getting revenge on them-for being jealous, for betrayals and also to get close to them again. As if my succeeding will somehow bond me to them again.

This male who's been represented as having so much power is a successful, talented, mercurial guitar player.
My female betrayers being represented in these images and the eldest with authority sort of morphing into him, is presenting a way to get free of the illusion of control they've created over the years concerning this male.
So there are rewards being promoted in this psy op. I can get revenge on the women who were trusted authority figures in my life. I can symbolically have them with me again as we were emotionally bonded as females. I can get revenge on or get out from under the control of this male they've used for so many years. I can succeed academically.If only I go back to school, work and learn. I can win awards too. I can achieve. ITS THE ONLY WAY OUT, its the only way home.

Remember these people bugged my home and most likely had video as well. I believe I saw a camera once in the top window of Porter Belly's Pub, the attic up there. I was just too mind controlled and traumatized to accept it. I highly doubt the heavies in this would use a big, cumbersome camera like that for intelligence ops so those were probably some local hate group who got thier asses handed to them by the REAL big boys (so I was told. Someone sat next to me one day and said out of nowhere "You know, the government doing this is alot different from local groups" or something like that. I know that some people who were doing stupid amateur shit to me who were local stopped wanting anything to do with me once the white vans and black helicopters showed up. They were doing stuff like getting me to model at bogus gigs for say a portrait and having me sit under hot lights so I would fight to stay awake. Really dumb shit like that. THAT guy canceled further gigs real quick once the white vans came around. Hehehe.)

My point was that all the information anyone would need, specifically if they were psychologists and especially ones working on Survivors with an understanding of what they were dealing with, could have been gotten by putting in surveillance into my apartment at 335 Washington, Brighton, MA.One of the things I kept saying while deprogramming was crying saying I wanted to go home. Probably something from childhood but also that Ive never really been allowed to have a home for very long. The main point of the psy ops is that I can 'go home' to my lost life, female family members and other authority and defeat this male whos been represented as authority for years on end. (It involved a Greyhound bus ride and I am NOT getting into it here. Yes, RA goes on just as they do MILABs so here's another Targeted Survivor who can connect thier human experimentation with programming to RA. Simply the RA is used to program the person. Most Survivors have this same experience.)

If I study hard, achieve and go back to school.Of course these are illusions. Fantasies provided to a weary, sad, lone Target fighting the system for years on end. And it almost worked. I thought, felt and responded to all these things just as Ive told you here. But I caught on becuz the entire thing was so insulting, so personal and so manipulative it wasnt even bearable.

They will never give up until you do things thier way. Which is to shut about what goes on with this shadow governing system and pretend you are as normal and ignorant as you were before they blew your mind. Again, just like what they take from you in the beginning they are asking a lot. Which they always do. Its your job to not give them what they want and validate thier false created reality. Becuz you are still the person you were years ago. You could have been someone much greater than you are today. Your quality of life could have been wonderful.Most of all there is no guarantee just becuz they promise you a happy ending that they are going to stick to thier end of the bargain. It might be a set up. Where you snap one day after appearing to have settled down into a new life. You commit suicide or finally snap. Why? Becuz of all that harsh, hardcore shit you went through that they are asking you to bury and forget about. Its a guaranteed FAIL.

Just like this psy ops attempt.

It may seem like an attempt to help a Survivor but anything that utilizes brain washing any further is only injuring the person and further trying to control them thus infringes on thier civil and human rights.

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