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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Could Olympics In London 2012 Trigger Martial Law In US??

I thought about why I keep getting strong ideations to get out of America and at least flee to one of the borders. I realized that a major factor might be the Olympic games in London. That is very near now so it might be why there is a push to get me to leave the US. I DONT like that part of this push to get me to leave was to go to Europe. That is probably the last place one would want to go with such a situation brewing.

I would never go to Britain anyway. Its a worse version of Boston. Then again its not America is it and for all I know it might suit me better. However its become quite a police state with cameras and lots of overbearing police. With so many Muslims there causing just seems like a mess made on purpose. They also accept alot of foreign immigrants from certain countries into thier families without any of them considering this might be part of the elite's oppression of them long term. I notice its always the poor Caucasian folk, just like here in Boston and Cali.

To me its a very scary place right now and I wouldnt make it part of my escaping to Europe at all.

What is strange is that I keep getting this idea that whatever is going to happen is going to effect here in the USA moreso. Like an excuse to create a more oppressive police state or system. How would that work, I dont get it. Perhaps its just Romney coming in or Obama staying and getting more insane with policies and power.

Whats so hard to figure out is that if its put forth by false means such as technology, then it might be a fake out by the system to begin with.

I was going to leave the other day. Just go without any consideration for my health issues. I dont want to leave right now as I am waiting a month or less to at least find out whats wrong with me so I can take that with me when I leave. Before I made a break for it, I was in Harvard Sq in the back of it. The area that is so saturated with history and Revolutionary battles that no electromag influence could ever erase those memories or thier influence on humans (which is what they are trying to do with electromag and tech. MIT did it when they put a tv screen into the main hallway of the long hallway for years. I could no longer get any old energies to register and recieved no signal once that HD screen was up. Then I noted they took it down ONLY after they washed the walls down in that specific area. Now there is hardly any energy left and I get no signals. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THESE TECHNOLOGIES. They are literally interfereing with the spirit worlds, the ones that throughout history has inspired man, given him prophetic or advisory dreams or nightmares of warning, guided him, comforted him.
I once posted on my ONMC blog that I was shown this plan of thiers, to create a sort of Hell on earth, a dimension, with electromagnetic energies using tech. The ultimate false environment created by man. Part of this is to cut us off from any outside influences that before we were in contact with such as energies from the past that linger in certain locations. There are many such energy centers here in Cambridge and Boston.

Even though my ancestors were not around in the USA before 1900 or so these energies have influenced me off and on as a resident here. This is one reason why it has been so instrumental that they remove many traces of Revolutionary and colonial culture and symbolism and replace this with corporate symbols or disturb such symbolism and disrespect the dead (still living on through symbol) with corporate warfare. Here is one such example of utter disrespect and disregard for history: I wil find the pic later if I can but its an ad for a seafood restaraunt here in Boston and it has a bib with thier corporate logo on it hanging off a statue of one of the forefathers. Funny as it seems its not at all. This sort of deconstructing of authority is what my generation did (gen x) that used the Surrealists art style of taking apart authorities symbols and making something new out of them to represent our point of view.
The corporations of course hijacked this as they do ever creative thing every generation comes out with to counter them and is using it to woo Gen Xers to consume. Yet its meaning is much bigger in the larger context of things going on world wide right now.

Corporate logos are your new gods. With whats happened, you can depend on Starbucks to serve you not oppress you, only if you have the money to pay, unlike the seal of the United States which many people feel is uncontrollable, not for the people etc right now. TO BUY IS TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST. The gods approve of you.
That is the presidend that is being put up.

Anyway, I wandered through the back of Harvard which they havent destroyed yet due to the inhabitants still having money and old status to prevent this. I was guided by a university's sun symbol which made up a window at the top of a building. It guided me down a road nearby in promise of something compelling to be found there. I ended up realizing there was nothing TO be found.
I got the idea the lesson was not to fall for illusions. Deceptions. And it kept me here to tend to my health instead of go running off to Europe or a US border to who knows what fate- still getting sicker from my condition with no health care.

Whoever is behind this wants me to run off out of here, sick, without taking care of my health. What am I supposed to do get health care abroad? How is that going to work??

EVERY FRICKIN DAY this is being pushed this 'leave the country' feeling and its really obnoxious at this point. Its the first time I can say I am tired of something trying to push me like this. Its...becoming just tiresome. Becuz the results of it dont make any sense.

I know I am a lucky traveler but not that damn lucky. In a whole new culture in a foriegn country I am just going to stop upon quality health care??? And where am I going to stay etc etc???

Its getting really ridiculous. And life threatening. Whatever is wrong with my liver and my intestines is no joke. Having to switch to not eating solid foods for the most part means there is something wrong with your body. And I intend to find out what it is.

I dont know what could possibly go on over there that could effect us over here but these games and deceptions themselves are getting deadly. I swear sometimes its not even the NWO they are concerned with its some sort of amusement. Like seeing what the people will do if they do certain things. It always feels like its a game, like its not being done for truly serious reasons. Which considering my health is becoming life threatening, I dont appreciate that at all.


Anonymous said...

As far as whomever is behind this, I believe back in 2006, someone was dropping hints to me about who "it" was, the people, the organization. It was hinted that it had to do with the government, surveillance, and terrorists. The info was told to me, because I was going on rampages blaming some Free Mason for all of it. I was told it is not strictly masons. That's about it.

And then, of course, there are the sites about MKULTRA and COINTELPRO I saw. So it makes perfect sense that "they" are a shadow group working out of the government somewhere with a black budget.

This would make sense, because how else could it go on for so many years? I was looking at possible motives, like jealousy and revenge. But over time, those things tend to weaken, yet my campaign has not. So it has to be officially mandated somewhere.

The only other explanation is that there is a strong core group shadow organization that does these things. Secretly funded, but by whom? I saw international bankers mentioned, Bilderbergers, some financial big timers like Rockerfeller.

In this video, he says the Federal Reserve is the "largest criminal enterprise ever devised".

He says the Bilderberg Group has been an advocate of a One World Government for some time now. They also see themselves as the "elite saviors of mankind". At 2:27 he says they were looking for an Umbrella cause that could harness their interests.

Oh yeah, and if you looked at Gates' Twitter, you'd see that he was very into social causes as well, like feeding the hungry. So it makes sense he'd be into population control. Gates is one powerful person to watch out for. He seems to get his way, and Microsoft has been very dominant in controlling the market as well as people's lives.

More on the Bilderbergers:

Romney and Gates supposedly at a "secret meeting":

Anonymous said...

t's pretty obvious that we are in an era ruled by these elite. It seems like there will be a heavy push to get Romney in. I don't think you will see a huge change, though, when Romeny gets in. That's a big "if", but right now, it seems that he will be in. I believe he will be there strictly to carry out the Elite's agenda.

Personally, Bush's era, his second term, was a mixed bag for me. It was horrible, for sure, but at least I knew I was a target. And I was doing OK financially until Obama got in. That's when the roof collapsed.

I believe Romney will be in, and he will be their puppet. He seems like a rich puppet for even richer and more powerful people. He will be in there to do their bidding (IMO). The upside is that if Romney gets in, assuming he is more adept at carrying out the agenda of the Elite, we could get a break if the Elite are going to spare us. Maybe we are suffering more because Obama isn't carring out "their" wills as accurately as possible. So it could be better for us if Romney gets in. Remember, it's not about him; it's about the secret group of billionaires and their agenda.

Romney can't do anything without "their" approval. And if he does, well, he could be disposed of like any other powerful leader.

That's just the way I see it. He is important in their plans, yet he is still a puppet for them. A channel. He seems powerful, yet very compliant to the wishes of certain "others" who are more powerful than he.

Anonymous said...

Jason Bermas on exposing the Elite secret power structure.

Makes some good points.

Mark Dice rallies against the power structure (with a megaphone):

Anonymous said...

Here is a youtube video that talks about a so-called "Club of Rome".

More talk of the environment and population control. Founded by Rockefeller. It is billed as an "Elite Think-Tank".

Some TI's feel that a lot of environmental "scares" were sponsored by the shadow government. Like, the whole deal with Global Warming was a red flag to one TI. Environmental agendas sometimes are sometimes sponsored by the Think Tank, the power structure.

It's been a hypothesis that a lot of "movements" (such as the late 60's hippie movement) were engineered by the power structure. There's something about it, that the underlying foundation was drug-fueled, which led to loving one another, etc.

A lot of these engineered movements do have the CIA involved. But ultimately, it is the power structure doing all of this.