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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is Satanism Being Used As Diversion Away From Project Paperclip/Nazi Rooted Subject Matter?
"At the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biophysics in 1940, biologist Boris Rajewsky raised concerns about increased experimentation with artificial radiation and called for a project to research the effects of radiation. A 3 million volt device was built for Rajewsky's research whose existence remains obscure."

Then Project Paperclip is created to get Nazi scientists here then radiation experimentation is done on citizens.

Notice all the Nordics, Swiss and Germans. I am beginning to think that they have thier own little society then and still do. That much of the Satanic content out there is simply propaganda-the ultimate psych operation. (I posted this link a while ago, concerning Aryan looking twins in Brazil. I didn't really catch the black white and red or the sinister content right away.)
I found it strange that this article on twins in Brazil which deals with the suspicion of the Nazis retreating there and continuing thier experiments
would purposely feature Aryan looking twins wearing black and red as well as their collars up-like vampires or akin to the way Satanist and military psy ops officer Michael Aquino has sported a dracula look in photos years ago.

Yes the above link has alot of silly bs on it but its got some interesting observations like his influence on 60's tv which I have never dared to do a post on as its too...silly but actually its not.

Note the girls on the bottom video in the National Geographic post on twins one has black white and red outfit and the other has black and white stripes with number 13. Black and white are inferences of Masonic content and black white and red can be anything from gang colors to a part of the Templars to black and red being Luciferian or Satanists' colors. Its the fact they are being used in propaganda and disinformation campaigns like this thats important.

It was intimated along the way years ago that I was partially in trouble for some of the same reasons Tesla was in trouble- the discovery of ley lines and something to do with it connecting to original Druidic energy lines etc. Basically trying to do the ancient thing of taking science to magick. I cant help it if I am naturally sensitive to structures like the earth under our feet or buildings. Its part of my psychic talents and boy do they want it ripped out and no longer functioning.

If you look at alot of what seems to have existed in Nazi Germany we are dealing with an elite that have these things as advantages over the normal populations. Like I said thier 21st century is far beyond ours. All they have to do is complete the enslavement of humanity and deceiving people-wont it just be a perfect world for them.

Its not The Nazis as mythical, historical figures nor Satanists like in movies. Its Satanic attitudes like you and yours first who cares about anyone else, along those lines, with all these advanced technologies. It seems they are using the theatrics of Satanism to cover up for advancements have been reached due to what came out of Nazi Germany and that area of Europe generally.

For Americans to believe we are the true ruling class of the world and these ancient, highly intelligent, focused civilizations and cultures are just as they seem is a typical American mistake of egotism and patriotism.

There seems to be alot of documentation then again could this also be bs and disinformation? There certainly is something going on using Satanism to freak people out as a diversion away from legitimate investigation of Paper Clip related issues.

As a person who's experienced RA in childhood and during Bush, I can attest to its existence however, alot of what was done could be falsely implanted as well as done with technologies. Im not saying it isnt real, I am saying that its used to freak victims out so badly that they become embroiled in spiritual matters and cannot focus on lawsuits, advocacy, gathering evidence etc. THIS MIGHT BE WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT TO GET THE TARGET TO CHOOSE CHRISTIANITY OR SATANISM JUST AS LONG AS THEY BECOME SUPERSTITIOUS AND RELIGIOUS AND ABANDON REASON, LOGIC, INTELLIGENCE AND FACT. And specifically any research on whats really out there not just the obvious stuff put before us.


Anonymous said...

I think they take the whole "mark of the beast" way too seriously. In fact, isn't the first reference that that number being "evil" in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13? I wouldn't totally discount Biblical prophesies, however, as the author may have had true psychic ability. There is WAY too much fear in our society over "certain" numbers.

Anonymous said...

Couple of relatives are full-blown perps. Not the nice kind, either.

Anonymous said...

It seems it's more about the psychological effect of certain colors than it is about evil and satan. There have been all kinds of experiments doing testing on subjects using colors in the past, so I imagine it's being used in these situations to convey power.