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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Drug Bust Involving Franklin MI Makes Me Wonder About A Criminal Opportunist Posing As A TI There
"tamtaylor318 flag as inappropriate/spam Feds accuse 15 Metro Detroiters of running drug ring By George Hunter The Detroit News 5Comments Detroit � An alleged drug ring that sold thousands of pounds of cocaine and marijuana was broken up by multiple federal agencies, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday in U.S District Court. Federal officials allege that the drug ring sold more than 2,200 pounds of marijuana, 11 pounds of cocaine, and 280 grams of crack cocaine dating to 2008. More than $500,000 in cash was seized from a Franklin home as part of the investigation, which involved multiple federal agencies. Police in Detroit, Franklin, Troy, Novi and Warren, along with Michigan State Police, also were involved in the case. "Large-scale drug trafficking and accompanying gun crimes create danger and fear in our neighborhoods," said U.S. Attorney Barb McQuade in a statement. Charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and cocaine were: Orlando Gordon, 32, of Franklin Vince Shivers, 42, of Southfield Derrick Terry, 51, of Detroit Danta Shamu-Parker Johnson, 34, of Detroit Darren Terry, 35, of Detroit Trenton Obamwonyi, 27, of Detroit Tamiko Mel-Lang Hodo, 36, of Detroit Anthony Hall, 46, of Detroit Anton Harris, 32, of Detroit Ervin Kenneth Vincent, 24, of Inkster Darnell Easterling, 48, of Detroit Courtney Shafi Strickland, 36, of Detroit Benjamin Carter, 39, of Detroit Erik Ross, 34, of Sterling Heights Allen Terry, 47, of Farmington Hills Some of the defendants were also charged with being felons illegally possessing firearms. The narcotics trafficking charges carry sentences of 10 years to life in prison and a $10 million fine; the felon in possession charges carry possible sentences of up to 10 years. Most of the defendants were arraigned in federal court Tuesday and released on $10,000 unsecured bond. Harris was ordered held pending a detention hearing today."

There was this woman named Mary Holiday from I think Franklin MI. A street named Tudor Lane if I recall. I met her on a TI conference call where after months she got me to come to her house to stay.

 This area of MI was where I was harassed by alot of perps, weird happenings with my atm card not working in Jedo I think was the town and I recall local cops in suv's were in on the harassment and with Mary basically keeping me there like a slave. There were always weirdos around in stores and in public when I was there. People who worked in motels after I got away from her were totally terrified of me and my situation. You could tell they were complying with the GS out fear only.

The area where Mary lived was rural and had farms and woods around it but when I finally was able to get away from her I was surprised how close all these little townships were Detroit. I think I left her house, then went to a shelter with a program in it in Port Huron MI which is north of Franklin. There I was harassed again and this time it was really nasty. I got out of there and hitched somehow getting a ride to Detroit where I took a bus out. Even the ride I got hitching was...suspect. Like it was set up by the perps but I cant be sure. Alot of the rides I get are set up by the same system that harasses me. These people are connected to or are pedophiles themselves. They know that a person like me is going to try to keep running away. I have met so many pedo types along the way in this traveling. In the beginning and even today they always try to keep playing mind games. One couple compared me to thier daughter who "makes bad decisions" by running away. You could totally tell they were child molesters especially the guy driving. You could tell they were trying to mind fuck me into equating my actions with that of this supposed daughter of the woman in the couple.

These child molesters know about programming and they know that a Targeted Survivor can be controlled as if they themselves were a child. In fact that is the main point of gang stalking. In fact, alot of Cameron's work-wiping the human mind in order to be able to reformat it, is essential to erasing memories of RA, working as a spy or courier or information for important people as well as working in the sex industry. Grown up Survivors are treated like children after they break free of the system in place around them and thier internal programming. The point is to harass them and confine and isolate Survivors so they regress into children then the behavior modification part of it is used. Getting rid of memories and trying to make the person into something else which is NOT who they really are or were.

Its strange to see that such gang related drug dealing was in this rural little area. But looking back at the activity I encountered in Franklin, Jedo and Port Huron it doesnt surprise me that these areas are all connected to the drug and pedo and sex rings coming out of Detroit. Also Romney is from MI as well as my ex Jake's childhood friend Tiberius (Ty) who is has a blonde wealthy mother and obviously a black father but would never reveal who he was. Ty is the person who was going out with Romney's relative named Laura, and Laura was present in that Hostel a while later where I was harassed badly and attacked viciously with technologies. The hostel I later realized was owned by a client known to me ( to my alter who isnt ME really so I wounldnt recognize clients in my current mindset. It took a while to break through this. This is why I refuse to give in to harassment to talk about my other life in adult entertainment. By doing so I only assist the system in trying to force integrate my alter systems. That should have been done in safety with a therapist. It was done being isolated by this system becuz they want to break down Survivors, make sure no information is documented by therapists, and behavior modify and integrate the Survivors so that they seem perfectly normal and of course without memories.)

So this client was connected to my old associate who's friends were under investigation during early 2000's. Everyone involved must have known about my being programmed becuz Laura tried to pass herself off as my never having met her or known of her. She tried to claim that she was never in MA yet she was dating my ex boyfriend's childhood friend from Detroit MI. I know it was here becuz while at the hostel she celebrated her birthday which brought back a memory about how Jake once mentioned he was going to celebrate his birthday with hers years ago becuz they were on the same date. Love conquers all and I would never forget Jake's birthday of all things. There are some memories they cant destroy.
That brought back foggy memories of my meeting her prior.

Its probable that these people who would include my ex, Romney and his family members who I can connect to my ex and his friends, who all hail from MI had alot to do with what happened to me there. I was treated badly by the local hospital when my finger got bitten off during a dog fight and my tendons had to be lasered back on. All the results of my running off to live with Mary Holiday who claimed to be a TI, I met her on the FFCHs conference calls and was so desperate I would try anything.

I had had enough of the horror shows and abuse by entire groups on Greyhound buses.I was non stop harassment by primarily groups of blacks.

Mary Holiday claimed to be a Christian woman with no criminal record. A woman working at the shelter I went to afterwards had limited access to crime databases having worked at a prison prior and I had done Mary's horoscope for amusement so had her dob in my head. She came up with that dob and address as being a multiple felon. The felony descriptions were locked so we couldnt see anything else.

I heard Mary one day say something to someone in the kitchen about getting a reduced sentence for her part in what was being done to me by isolating me there and her being abusive. Her home was far from what I knew as civilization being a city girl.

She would have conversations with this old light skinned black woman and claim to not like some local person due to they being racist and making racial slurs yet she would at other times privately claim that I was better off staying there with her becuz "at least you wont be being chased around the country by a bunch of n*ggers". Actually I couldnt agree more. I'd rather there be some presence of rivaling White Supremacy groups involved becuz, obviously by the article linked above, I can plainly see where the connections to black gangs are coming from with drugs, prostitution etc.

Being a real criminal and not some jerk off like alot of perps are, she genuinely felt at times badly for me as what was happening to me was obviously out of my league. Ive had a few bank robbers and people like that who would drop information. Real criminals, no matter how fucked up, still have some strange sense of not picking on the weak, even though they themselves might victimize people. Its something they have about them you will NOT find among the run of the mill perps who only are wannabe criminals or are fulfilling fantasies of being military, police or other cops and robbers obsessions.

She also once said "Its not many women who can perform sex acts and not remember them." Which means that she obviously was not just another Target she knew more than she was supposed to about my case and about me. Way more. She was always doing things to make me appear to be crazy or a perp or doing dumb shit on purpose. She would get on the phone with others from the conference calls who I didnt trust either.

I often wonder if she wasnt a Target but sold out. Other people she was trying to get to come live with her kept saying to me 'if she's genuine then why isnt anyone living there already?'. I just couldnt be realistic about what was happening to me or what had happened. This was AFTER I had been involved in a MILAB and other mind blowing things connected to GS.

Another thing that happened to me while I was there was she was serving this pitcher of extremely sweet milk creamer. As usual I was very lucky with my understanding of my own body. I started to get all the symptoms of being poisoned with antifreeze after I looked up the symptoms. There was no charcoal available so I went into her liquor cabinet as this kind of alchohol was supposed to help. I started to improve and poured out the pitcher of creamer telling her it was bad.

Thats when I started to try to get away from her and out of there.

So this article doesnt surprise me. I have experienced many times people who are involved in gang stalking being connected to primarily African American organized crime centralized in surrounding black areas. They have thier people working in 'white' neighborhoods or establishments as covers. Its usually in 'white' areas that are in close proximity to the bad areas where the gangs are centralized.

Many times I have been told that I was being harassed in one area or another due to it being a major drug route, like Tucson AZ.

Now I think of it, Port Huron was kinda ghetto a bit and I had blacks there harassing me in cars etc. Yeah I recall that. In fact I can see one asshole's face now, one of those flash's of memory one doesnt forget. I was singing and drumming walking down this street that one can look over a river into what is technically Canada where there's an oil refinery that lights up pretty at night. It was dusk. This perp a black male looked pissed and frustrated that I wasnt giving in to the harassment as many of them did over the years. That I was using my creativity to protect myself and keep firm my true sense of self.

Romney...he's just like all the rest. Except he hides more than Bush how criminal he is which is even creepier. Yeah, MI was always a place where some of the worst harassment came out of. In St Louis in that hostel when Laura was there I remember a group came to stay who were from MI. Turned out to be a perp group of course, hateful and evil. Laura, the little wise ass said "I think its neat they're all from MI dont you?" I hope she's drank herself to death by now. I really do.

You would not believe the amount of rich kids involved in this from wealthy families and of course their house slaves. All kinds of people. The USA is too damn big and people dont know whats going on here under thier noses is the problem.

Look whats happened to someone like me who gets isolated by this organized interlocking system of networks nationwide. I have no civil or human rights at all as a citizen of the USA. And all they have to do is keep me isolated becuz the American public have no idea whats going on using covert activity right in thier backyards revolving around drugs, prostitution, slavery and pedophile rings. These people hide with intelligence or military like stealth. In fact much of those organizations helps them hide thier existence.

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